15 of The Cutest & Shortest Celebrity Men (Did You Know They Were This Short?!)

Camera angles and elongating clothes can make a vertically challenged celebrity look much taller.  We know for certain that some of our favorite male celeb cuties are short.  In some cases, just how short was the surprise!  In other cases, we had absolutely no idea we’d tower over them in our stilettos!  And you’ll never believe who is taller than whom.  As you read on, keep in mind that T.I. is allegedly 5’9”. Yah, carry on.

Peep 9 of our favorite male celebrities under 5’9 (in size order).

T.I. – 5’9

I know, we thought the same thing. T.I. looks like he averages about 5’6, but he’s reportedly taller than we expected. The King comes in at 5’9.


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  1. says:

    I didn’t know D’Angelo was so short.  It’s okay, baby, you could still get it!

  2. says:

    In one of his goodie mob raps, cee-lo says “first of all, I stand a little more than five feet tall”.  I HIGHLY doubt his is as tall as 5 ft. 6.  Whis is fine with me, the man in an awesomely bad caricature of himself, and I love it!

  3. says:

    lmao if he’s shorter than you, that means you can have a decent conversation without him glancing down at your chest.

  4. says:

    I remember when Nicole Kidman went on Letterman right after the divorce.  She said, “Now I can wear heals” – still, he’s still making millions playing action dudes on Mission Impossible movies and where has she been except wearing ugly outfits and going out with her country crooner husband.

  5. says:

    Why are they so heavily focusing on African American men? Tom Cruise was the only white guy.

  6. says:

    So I guess the only short celebrities are black men? except Tom Cruise, of course.

  7. says:

    The was Tom Cruise and 8 other “I don’t know who that is” pictures

  8. says:

    What about Anthony Hamilton? I think he’s only 5’4″.

  9. says:

    The only one that really surprises, and disappoints me is D’Angelo.

  10. says:

    What is Jermaine doing wearing those Purple girly flip flops?,anyone peep that? lol

  11. says:


  12. says:

    Since this is show biz, we should probably subtract another 2 inches from each person’s “height.” ;)

  13. says:

    Should I be relieved I don’t recognize the names of more than a couple of these “celebrities”?

  14. says:

    How about wrestler Rey Mysterio – no more than 5’3 I’m guessing.

  15. says:

    I never thought I’d see the day where Tom Cruise was the token white man in a list. Wow. The writer (Tameika, mind you) should have just called it the “Nine cutest and shortest BLACK celebrities” and left Tom off this list. Or maybe “Nine cutest and shortest celebrities that this writer would sleep with” and leave him on it. Jermain Dupri? He hasn’t done anything in years…and you call him a celebrity? Please. This article embarasses me…and should embarass Ms. Lawrence…and I am a black male.

  16. says:

    I am 5’1″, Joined the Navy at 17. Placed in the inactive reserve and drafted for korea.
    to add to this I started racing downhill carts at 12, Roller skates at 15, horses at 17, Motorcycles at 24, Hydroplanes (48’s, 266,280 and 7 leter) at 27, cars on and off in between, bought a racing air plane but crashed before the first race. At that time I had 3 children so I quit racing. Being short is only limited by your mind.

    • says:

      There are definitely some “short guy” sports. Check the heights in bicycle racing, and the NHL.

    • says:

      Right on! Short people seem to overcompensate in the desire to succeed. Look to history starting with Napolean.

    • says:

      classic short guy syndrome..trying to overcompensate for how you feel the world perceives your stature.

      • says:

        No doubt, why was that diatribe even relevant? Did the article indicate any reason to be defensive about height? Did anyone comment anything that indicates judgement about height? Sad and super transparent dude. Relax and have fun doing all that stuff and don’t worry about positive or negative perceptions.

  17. says:

    You call these people stars?? I never heard of most of them. Sheesh!

  18. says:

    I only know who 2 of these people are. And Tom Cruise hasn’t been cute since he lost his mind.

  19. says:

    This is a huge waist of time. To write and to read. The average height of a man worldwide is between 5’6 to 5’10. I’m a 5’10 male and IMO this article is useless.

    • says:

      That height may be accurate for a lot of the world but I know pockets where 5’10” is a bit on the short side.

      • says:

        In Sudan, 5’10 may be short, but not in many other places. Anyone claiming otherwise doesn’t know the real stats and is just speculating. Average height for a male in the U.S. is actually just below 5’9. The average has never been as tall as 5’10, although it is likely to creep up there in the next 20 years.

        Hence, 5’10 is technically considered on the “tall” side for a male, believe it or not, especially since the average height for a U.S. female is only 5’3-5’4.

        Women often state that their ideal mate is 6’0-6’2; the basis for this requirement is their belief that they should be shorter than their mates even if they’re wearing heels. A 5’4 woman is only 5’7 in 3″ heels (which most women rarely wear, if ever), and still 3″ shorter than a 5’10, barefoot U.S. male.

        • says:

          No, there’s millions of stats online saying it’s between 5’9 and 5’10”, do your damn research.

          • says:

            Average hasn’t below 5’9″ in the US since before 1980, unless you’ve been frozen in ice since the 70s only to have been unfrozen now, you need to check your stats before spreading your info.

    • says:

      Where are people getting 5’6″-5’10″? That’s too small for ‘average range’ world wide, it should be from 5’0″-6’2″ or so accounting for the shortest countries like the Philippines and tallest countries like the Netherlands!!! Stop feeding people wrong information!

  20. says:

    Come on really? How could you leave Bruno Mars off of this list?! He’s only 5’6 and way cuter than any of these guys!

  21. says:

    My oldest son looks like Tom Cruise only he is 6’3″ tall. I am very lucky (and so is he).

  22. says:

    Tom Cruise is as cute as the creepy guy in high school who was always rubbing up against something or someone. And he wishes he was 5’7″.

  23. says:

    Well my men still made the Cut! Hey Idris and Chris!!

  24. says:

    There is no way Bow Wow is 5.7′ unless he grow after the age of 21, witch is nearly impossible.

    • says:

      you are so right! i’m 5’7 and when i was standing next to him at saks plaza, he was a lot shorter than 5’7… 5’4 or 5’5 maybe.

  25. says:

    LMAO @Bow Wow I thought he was way shorter than that, Cee-Lo too. D’Angelo had me fooled, I thought he was like 5’8. Usher had me fooled thought he was like 5’9, 5’10.

  26. says:

    I love tall men, probably because I’m short…hey opposites attract. D’Angelo, Omarion, and Usher are some cuties though.

  27. says:

    We’re calling Lil Wayne cute now? Oh…

  28. says:

    No, I didn’t know they were this short, but mainly because with the exception of Tom Cruise I have no idea who these people are.

  29. says:

    Whoa … what’s TC doing amongst this group of … ?

  30. says:

    Seth Green, David Faustino

  31. says:

    The average American male is 5″7 so most of these guys are average not short.

  32. says:

    A bunch of rap music nobodies?

  33. says:

    Michael J Fox – 5 ft 4 in.

    Still cute as can be at 51 yr. old. Just had a birthday 3 days ago. Far braver and more inspiring that any “thing” you have listed here.

    • says:

      Brave ???? LMFAO

      • says:

        I’d like to share something if I may.
        Sorry for the length. If you’re not interested, just disregard.

        grandmother seemed to developed Parkinson’s disease suddenly. One day
        she was her “normal” self which was that she hurt all the
        time & went to tons of drs that didn’t help. The next, she was so
        shaky she couldn’t drink on her own. She needed help getting out of a
        chair to go to bed then getting out of bed to go back to that chair.
        when this happens to u or a loved one, of course you have no choice
        but to have it. How is it brave? Its not having Parkinson’s that
        makes u brave, its what u do w/ it.

        Whats brave is deciding to
        start PT after months of laying in bed wanting to die. Its painful to
        the body and its emotionally hard as well. Some days, she can only do
        a very small amount. We can’t talk on the phone together anymore
        like we use to, b/c her voice is so faint. The best way to contact
        her in between visits is to email my grandfather so he can read it to
        her too. (They live several hours away). When I do see her in person,
        shes not rly capable of hugging back. But I’m still glad to be there.
        I just wanted you to get a small idea of what my grandmother &
        our family goes thru everyday.

        Usually, ppl in real pain
        don’t televise it. Those who do are brave b/c they are letting
        themselves be vulnerable in a way few actors have ever been. Nick
        Cannon also comes to mind. After finding out he had very serious form
        of lupus, he started posting inspirational video posts and workouts.
        The readers w/ similar forms of autoimmune diseases responded in a
        heartfelt and touching way. Demi Lovato spoke honestly about why she
        was in rehab and those w/ mental illness & eating disorders
        supported and felt supported by her. In a world where publists
        recommend “deny, deny, deny”, yes, I’d say there are quite a few
        who are very brave!

        If you’ve made it this far, thx for
        your time Peter. Best Wishes and a long, happy life to you and your
        loved ones.

    • says:

      didn’t know he was that tall, He is a cutie too. Loved his part in “Rescue Me”.

  34. says:

    Who are these people? Tom and Cruise, who everyone knows is short, and peopleI don’t know.

  35. says:

    What’s the point of saying that you don’t know who these people are? Other people do, get over it.

    • says:

      The idea of “celebrity” is that people are well known. He is questioning their celebrity status. Get over it.

      • says:

        Yeah but when you also mention “ghetto” people celebrity status is clearly not the only thing you’re questioning. I seriously doubt any of these people have seen a ghetto in a very long time.

  36. says:

    The only one I have heard of is Tom Cruise,,,don’t know who the heck the others are,

  37. says:

    I hadn’t thought about it. I do have Confessions and used to have My Way.

  38. says:

    I know that he was shorter than his wife on TV. Was Katie wearing heels in addition?

  39. says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this guy is short on height and age.,

  40. says:

    I’ve heard of him,but can’t name a thing he did.

  41. says:

    I don’t know a thing about this guy either.

  42. says:

    5″6 tall and 5″6 wide.

  43. says:

    I have a few of his songs.

  44. says:

    I can’t stand his noise.

  45. says:

    With Janet, he was short on years and age.

  46. says:

    Not only is Jermaine short on age,but on height as well.

  47. says:

    This should have been titled “8 Short Black Rappers and Tom Cruise”

  48. says:

    How are you going to have a gallery of short celebrities without including Prince?

    • says:

      excellent point. {O+> should be in this list 4 sure.

    • says:

      srsly…even at his “advanced” age, he’s still finer than that li’l wayne will ever be…

    • says:

      Who’s Prince, I know we used have a black entertainer by that name but he disappeared years ago

      • says:

        he was an entertainer?

        • says:

          He’s still an entertainer..a musician w/five octave range..sang “Purple Rain” that was also a movie he was in. Did alot of famous Rock & Pop songs you probably may have heard of even changed his name to “the artist formerly known as Prince” to boycott record labels. He has his own label which is probably why he’s not as popular now but has been in black magazines.

          • says:

            yeah but was he an entertainer and he’s broke

          • says:

            I don’t know where you get your info (prob the onion) but Prince is MOST definitely an entertainer! One of the most talented musician/singers ever. And he’s undeniably NOT broke.

    • says:

      Especially cute, short men, he’s way cuter than any of these guys :)

    • says:

      Prince is on this list, he is #15.

  49. says:

    You forgot Al Pacino. He’s a bigger celebrity than anyone there with the possible exception of Tom Cruise.

  50. says:

    Short? 5’9″ is the AVERAGE height for men in the U.S. Why are there so many black men on this list? Also, bad grammar is still rampant…”shorter than him” is incorrect. Should be shorter than “he is.”

  51. says:

    Ditto… but this is a statement heralding YOUR existence.

  52. says:

    I don’t understand this article. Celebrities? With the exception of Tom Cruise, these people are unknowns.

    • says:

      Ok, Ok, we’ll make a list just for you.
      1.) Ellie May Clampett 5″2″
      2.) Curly Howard 5’5″
      3.) Moe Howard 5’3″
      4.) Spud Webb 5’7″
      5.) Skippy the Wonder Monkey 3’3″
      6.) Homer Simpson* 0’6″
      *Simpson is listed as 6’0″, but he is only six inches tall on my TV

    • says:

      Unknown to YOU.

  53. says:

    I guess that this list plays to our need to categorize people to a negative stereotype. Lets try to find other relevant means of making ourselves feel better about ourselves with some superficial, shallow rating system. I guess that we truly lost the ability try and find the best in each of us. Kudos to the writer for spending the time to research this. Obviously, time well spent!

  54. says:

    I knew Tom Cruse was pint sized and that Celo Green was short but I never heard of the rest of these men. I’m guessing rap singers or circus performers. What’s next tallest unknown backup dancers.

  55. says:

    Ohhhh… the tiny tiny men, I’ll put them in my pocket and go skipping down the lane…la la la la la lol

  56. says:

    Most of these clowns aren’t “celebrities”…

  57. says:

    ewww short men…..yuck

  58. says:

    Cute? No. Celebritiesw? barely. At least for many of these.

  59. says:

    Tom Cruise–short, perhaps, in some people’s eyes, but soooo much is packed into the 5’7″ frame! Much more than what is packed into some famous basketball players.

  60. says:

    What about Dudley Moore, Danny DiVito ?? You missed a lot of celebrities that are a lot cuter and cuddlier, more talented, and a lot shorter. Must have been a slow “news” day at this organization for them to waste time putting together this lame list.

  61. says:

    I guess the pigmy gene must also contain the rapper gene.

  62. says:

    omarion HAS to be shorter… he is shorter than me and I’m 5’5”.. i stood next to him randomly at a graduation adn i was surprised by how short he is (this was in may of 2012)

  63. says:

    Dudley Moore, Michael J. Fox, David Faustino…

  64. says:

    If I were list the cutest, hottest shorter celeb men, Peter Dinklage would be my #1!

  65. says:

    What a stupid article. Average to below average males – with only a couple of them qualifying as celebrities.

  66. says:

    Where is Vern Troyer on this list ??? Mini me…….

  67. says:

    Verne Troyer , Mini Me…..

  68. says:

    Cee Lo Green? ewww. he has no neck, no wonder he’s short!

  69. says:

    The only one I recognized was Tom Cruise. Didn’t know any of the rest. Thought they were celebrities.

  70. says:

    hell i thought bow wow was actually shorter!

  71. says:

    How does Lil Wayne make this list? Because there’s no shortest and ugliest list?

  72. says:

    I thought this was celebrities? These are a bunch of no talent losers!

  73. says:

    I don’t even know half these people. I wouldn’t say most of them are even stars, except for Tom Cruise. *shrug* the rest are just punky looking black rapper thugs. Not a huge story in my opnion.

  74. says:

    Not only did I not know they were short, I didn’t even know but about 3 or 4 of them. I thought anyone considered a “celebrity” would have a name recongized by anyone you stopped and asked about on the streets.

  75. says:

    The only cute ones are usher and tom cruise and if you didnt already know they were short youve been living under a rock

  76. says:

    Tom Cruise does not love women of any variety, tall or short, except maybe in the platonic sense.

  77. says:

    Seriously? I’ve never lived in a “black neighborhood” (I’m white), but I’ve heard of all of these people. Maybe you’re just too old?

  78. says:

    Whats with all the monkies?

  79. says:

    This would have been better as a contest to “name any single thing these overhyped people have ever done.”

  80. says:

    They are not the cutest shortest celebrities, they are not even that short!

    Jason Marsden is 5’4″. You might remember as the “short” date with Will on Will & Grace

    Nic Novicki is 3’10”.

  81. says:

    I’ve heard Tom Cruise is more like 5’4.

  82. says:

    Usher is mighty cute. I don’t care if he’s little!

  83. says:

    I thought this article was about short celebrities? I’ve only heard of one of these guys. The rest all look like thugs or criminals.

  84. says:

    Cee Lo Green???? You said cute ….and short. Not short and ugly

  85. says:

    and Jermaine Dupree? Please stop confusing short with cute

  86. says:

    Peter Dinklage. I know that he’s not technically ‘short,’ but a dwarf, I still think that qualifies him to be on this list. Loads of talent, and very cute to boot!

  87. says:

    I don’t even get why people are so obsessed with a man’s height. Most guys I know who are 6 feet tall and above have zero personalities. I’m glad that I’m in the middle range. I treat the short guys and the tall guys all the same. Discriminating against guys who are relatively shorter shouldn’t be acceptable. Treat each person with respect, and let’s stop talking about such trivial things.

    • says:

      Good job, I can’t tell if you are a woman or a man, but if you are a woman ,then you have done something majority of women will never do, and that is not be superficial about a man’s height. remember, there are many women out there who choose a short man( men who are 5’1-5’6 ) and are very happy with that choice. if only other women could learn to do the same.

  88. says:

    Someone needs to visit their optometrist! Cute? No! Rich? yeah!

  89. says:

    That’s cool… I prefer short men… I’m short – 5’3″… I like to look him in the eye…

  90. says:

    first off rap sucks, who buys that trash anyway?….

  91. says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GREAT MOTOWN SOUND?? bring it back…and bury this rap hiphop cRAP

  92. says:

    WTS is cute about them????

  93. says:

    One of these things is not like the others…

  94. says:

    Since when is 5’8″ considered “short”?

  95. says:

    no way Tom Cruise is that tall lol…closer to 5’4

  96. says:

    Where are Elijah Wood and Darren Criss on this list? Or Seth Green? I have no idea who most of the guys on this list are, and from reading some of the other comments, it seems nobody else does either. And I agree–Tom Cruise is NOT cute. Blech.

  97. says:

    Where is Sammy Davis, Jr. on that list, now the whole “Rat Pack” crew were entertainers

  98. says:

    suprised they didn’t mention kevin hart

  99. says:

    To say that Tom Cruise “loves tall women” is to editorialize. There is no proof he loves tall women–or women at all, for that matter.

  100. says:

    Guy like that he don’t put mirrors on his shoes he just walk under a ladies skirt play peek a boo with her panties

  101. says:

    Anyone taller than Lil Wayne IS NOT SHORT, 5’6 IS NOT SHORT, 5’8 IS NOT SHORT, 5’9 IS NOT FREAKING SHORT.

  102. says:

    Come on…never heard of Usher? He’s a mega star who has done outstanding turns in movies and sells out arenas all over the world. He’s the closest thing to Michael Jackson we have left. Dude is a phenominal performer. D’Angelo was garnering comparisons to Marvin Gaye and Prince before he suddenly “retired” (recently un-retiring).

  103. says:

    I’m sorry but lil’ Wayne is NOT good looking! that boy got beat with the ugly stick!

  104. says:

    I thought the title said “cutest” — give me a break. AND Tom Cruise is only 5′ 7″ when he’s standing on a ladder!

  105. says:

    Cee Lo Green is cute???

  106. says:

    You forgot one…Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-O)

  107. says:

    What about Bruno Mars? Isn’t he like 5’5 or something? Just wondering…

  108. says:

    Whether they’re cute is subjective but you forgot about Bono (5’6″) and Iggy Pop (5’7″), both are huge alternative rock superstars.

  109. says:

    the only thing shorter than these men are the apparently short of exposure by most of the people here. Seriously? reading through the coments here I’m shocked to see so many have never heard of anyone else but T Cruise? never heard of Usher, Seth Green or Ce Lo Green? I’m far far from being a rap music fan and even I’ve heard of most names here!
    wow! you guys must live a very very sheltered lily white suburban life! It’s unfortunately the only names you know are Snookie and the names of all the desperate housewives and you call yourself educated and knowledgeble….

  110. says:

    Where’s Elijah Wood? Or Daniel Radcliff?

  111. says:

    Who the heck ARE these people? Besides Tom, I mean.

  112. says:

    exactly. There was only one celebrity in the group.

  113. says:

    You forgot Bruno Mars.

  114. says:

    Not sure where the cutest part comes in… but definitely short!

  115. says:

    don’t forget Ryan Gosling… I saw him at a party, and he’s 4’9, dripping wet.

  116. says:

    Bow Wow is not 5’7″, he’s more like 5’4″. Standing next to Brandon T. Jackson who is 5’7″, Bow Wow looks 3 inches shorter than him.

  117. says:

    What? FAIL!

    An article about cute & short famous men that *doesn’t*
    mention Takanori?!

    Failure and blasphemy!




    For the record, his officially listed height is 161cm (about
    5′ 3 ½”) but people that have seen him in person say that’s an
    exaggeration. (He’s still taller than Micro though, so there’s that. ^_~ http://www.mobypicture.com/user/TMR15/view/9997713)

  118. says:


  119. says:

    How about Robert Redford @ 5’9″?

  120. says:

    How about Prince at 5’2″?

  121. says:

    Why are all these type of lists so predominantly black rappers? It’s everything. I don’t even look at them any more because I don’t even know who most of them are. Let’s be a little more ethnically diverse, eh?

  122. says:

    Where’s Josh Hutcherson? He’s only 5’7 and he’s totally cute!

  123. says:

    Sheesh. None of them are extremely short, if the measurements are even right–and there’s nothing wrong with a guy being short.

  124. says:

    He likes tall drag queens

  125. says:

    Is there some particular reason this is Tom Cruise and a bunch of rappers?

  126. says:

    No doubt. Walk 1 minute in his shoes and feel the pain involved in those spasms (yeah… it’s not just a nuisance.. it hurts) and see how hard you laugh.

  127. says:

    Urban street culture creeps and the term “cute” are mutually exclusive regardless of size.

  128. says:

    why are women so obsessed with a guy’s height? it’s a superficial and shallow judgement. it doesn’t change who he is in the slightest.

    • says:

      I agree 100% even though my hubby is 6 5..I could care less if they are short or tall, as long as they are a good person!

    • says:

      Most women are not, but think about what you just said… now think of the myriad of things men judge women on… age, weight, boobs, butt… Now let’s speak of double standards…

      • says:

        Being superficial and having preferences are two different things. Height for example is superficial because a man cannot control it, he is born wit hit and he cannot increase with workng out . Now weight on the otherhand can be changed, you can work out , with discipline for 5-24 months and lose the fat…where is a short guy’s workout to grow taller…there is none. And regarding age, a woman is most attractive when she is young, so she should marry by the age of 33 anyways. And not all guys care about boobs and butt, most guys tolerate this, and even then, women have push up bras and can do squats to develop a fuller butt , so you can change your butt.

  129. says:

    Wow. I’m taller than most of these guys and as tall as the tallest in this group. That makes my 5’8 look even more huge. But then again when I’m in a photo with average American women I stick out like a lightning rod because I usually have about 5-6 inches on them.

  130. says:

    This story is skewed. The average American man is about 5’9″. So how is a man 5’9″ or even 5’8″ considered short by real world standards? Hollywood and Madison Avenue have drilled into our heads that anything under 6′ is short.

  131. says:

    Usher shouldn’t be on this list if he’s 5’8″. Though it may not be tall, it isn’t short. The mean height of men in the U.S. is actually between 5’8″ and 5’9″, so Usher is roughly average.

  132. says:

    It seems most of these guys are hip hop acts with silly sounding names.

  133. says:

    did anyone else notice how mind-numbingly idiotic the captions were? the writer probably sat at their desk for ten minutes and filled a list of 11 different way to say the same mean joke about a celebrity’s height

  134. says:

    I thought these were supposed to be celebrities.Never heard of anyone but Cruise.

  135. says:

    Jermain and Seth are the only true “short” guys in this list. 5’6″ really isn’t all that short. I’m 5’2″, that’s short.

  136. says:

    They missed Gael García Bernal

  137. says:

    Why is CeeLo Green and Neyo on this list???? So not cute!

  138. says:

    Its funny that guys under 5′ 9″ are considered “short.” 5′ 9″ is the average height of an American male (with America listed as among countries with taller people in the world). At my height (I’m a hair over 5′ 11″), I’m taller than 70% of American males, and more than 90% of all Americans (male and female), but still not considered particularly tall. American females, on average, are 5′ 3″, so even guys 5′ 6″ or shorter have plenty of women to choose from who aren’t near their height.

  139. says:

    You spelled “throw” wrong on the Bruno Mars slide. I know this is basically a tabloid, but come on.

  140. says:

    I’ve stood next to TI and he is not 5’9″, we were the same height and I was wearing flat sandals – I’m 5’6″

  141. says:

    those have had to been the WORST photo captions i have ever read in my life. i did better than that in my junior high yearbook. sad!

  142. says:

    I moved to GMA because of the treatment of Ann Curry- now cannot believe how SHORT George Stephanopolis is. Also tune into Today for a brief minute and noticed that they have taken away Savannah G’s high heels so she appears to be the same height as the precious Matt Laurer. LOL how insecure is he?????????????

  143. says:

    You know the story…. Short Guys…. Big (________)

  144. says:

    Let’s not forget Alan Ladd and Clark Gable for those of you who know who these two heartthrobs were in the early years of television. Ladd had to stand on a box every time he had to kiss his leading lady. Funny.

  145. says:

    This site bites ….slow downoad, viideos running the background, and errors on pages if you shut off the obnoxius vidoes

  146. says:

    Since when is 5’8 considered short??

  147. says:

    Woooah, Prince is my height…. Definitely wasn’t expecting that hahaha

  148. says:

    LOL! “Tom Cruise – This Hollywood shortie only stands 5.7 but loves tall women” — that’s because *ALL* women are taller than him!

  149. says:

    Tall is overrated. I don’t care much about anyone listed here, but the best men I’ve ever dated were 5’2″ and 5’7.” I have been with tall guys, but I prefer partners closer to my own height. I’m short and I like to kiss without calf strain.

  150. says:

    where Danny DeVito?

  151. says:

    Little Beiber belongs here.

  152. says:

    Where is Peter Dinklage? He shorter than all of em and better looking than half on this list.

  153. says:

    As a 5 foot 10 1/2 inch woman, it hurts me to hear people classified according to their height, whether man or woman. I thought i was a freak until I was 19, when I discovered that my height had its own beauty, just as my petite 5′ 2″ sister’s height has its own beauty. One of the most masculine and gorgeous men I ever knew was my 5′ 6″ boyfriend; we never even thought about height. I do know that being smaller often gives people an advantage in coordination. But there’s no reason to stereotype people or to evaluate them by anything except their own behavior, spirit and achievements. We should respect and celebrate our bodies — and be glad we are here to inhabit them for our “short” time on this planet!

  154. says:

    Lotsa dinky men in prison, too. Same big ego and need for attention.

  155. says:

    I remember that litttle plug Tom Cruise claiming he was 5″10. He looks shorter than 5’7.

  156. says:


  157. says:

    i thought ti was at less 5/9

  158. says:

    i don’t believe anything about tom cruise,, so i am assuming that he’s more like 5’3″

  159. says:

    wow. so, she must be, like, 5′ tall, then

  160. says:

    5′ 9″ isn’t short.

  161. says:

    Anyone ever hear of that amazingly talented guitar player who makes multi-platinum albums, sells out venues all over the country, is married to petite actress named Kimberly Williams, and who also happens to be kinda short? Goes by the name of Brad Paisley? Oh, wait… white guy… actually has talent…doesn’t rap… never mind…

  162. says:

    At least learn how to spell “throw” (ref. Bruno Mars photo). It’s not “through”, which in short hand would be spelled “thru” and not to be confused with the past tense of throw which would be spelled “threw”.

  163. says:

    They should have added Freddie Mercury (5’9″), David Spade, (5’6″), Thom Yorke (5’5″) and Davy Jones (5’3′).

  164. says:

    Who are these people; are they famous for being short? (Except Cruise)

  165. says:

    lil wayne on a list of “cutest” celebrities? are you kidding me…? he was beat with the ugly stick a few too many times and that crap he put in his mouth didn’t help him AT ALL.

  166. says:

    FEW ROVING GAINTS LAST LONG AT ALL OR MAKE IT REALLY BIG: Jack Nicholson, Dustin Huffman, Al PaCino,
    Danny Davito, Robert Deniro, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, Micheal
    Douglas, Robert Downey Jr. and ect. Ect. Ect..…..so I think Mr. Cruise is in
    the right company

  167. says:

    It appears as though someone needs to inform them that they are vertically challenged, as the majority seem to shop in the big and tall stores!

  168. says:

    Where’s Elijah Wood? His IMDB profile says 5’6, but he’s actually shorter than that. He’s shorter than me, and I’m 5’2! He’s still cute, though.

  169. says:

    Daniel Radcliffe isn’t on here!!! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  170. says:

    He gives me the freakin creeps.

  171. says:

    What – no Danny DeVito?

  172. says:

    It’s mislabled alright, the should have left off the ‘cutest’ part. only two out of 15 qualified as cute. Oh and anyone above 5’7″ is not short.

  173. says:

    Ah….since when is 5’8″ considered short? And who knows or cares about these black dudes that no one knows who they are.

  174. says:

    I think a better title would have been “13 Black Men Afflicted with No Talent and Shortman Syndrome, One Dangerous Cultist and Seth Green.” But I guess these hacks had to do -something- with their lives as basketball was out of the question.

  175. says:

    Who cares? But that ugly dude above with no shirt, should cover up.

  176. says:

    Half of these aren’t celebrities! Daniel Radcliffe should have been on the list, he’s a hottie and he’s 5’5”

  177. says:

    How is she self important? she was saying Shakespeare wasn’t a rapper, it’s a fact you fool! It was a comparison she wasn’t saying rappers are better than Shakespeare or anything like that. Maybe you should re-read and think before you reply next time.

  178. says:

    I think when you’re a 5’4″ high schooler, you tend to gravitate towards the drama and music departments, rather than the gridiron or hardcourts.

  179. says:

    Since when is 5’9′ short? The average mans height US is 5’9′.

  180. says:

    Where’s Peter Dinklage? He’s hotter than any of them.

  181. says:

    5’9″ is not short it’s average. I would consider any many under 5’7″ to be short. 5’4 and smaller is seriously short for a dude.

  182. says:

    You forgot Paul Newman, Charles Bronson, Jean Autry

  183. says:

    I would not consider Prince to be one of the cutest in Hollywood. Anyone else would of been a better choice. He is a great singer, but as far as looks go I just don’t know.

  184. says:

    jim rome is about 4’10”

  185. says:

    What about Scott Caan? He’s 5’5.

  186. says:

    Musiq Soulchild is definitely NOT 5’6″. I’m 5’2″ and can look him in the eye in flats. . .

  187. says:

    Sorry but Cruise is shorter than 5-7. I stood next to him and he was shorter than my shoulder and I am only 6-2. someone is padding his numbers.

  188. says:


  189. says:

    How much did Chuck Norris pay not to be on this list?

  190. says:

    True. Some play basketball.

  191. says:

    Wow, Prince is 5’2″? I don’t believe it.

  192. says:

    5’7 is short?

    most women aren’t that tall

  193. says:

    What no Jon Stewart?

  194. says:

    Since when is 5’9″ short?

  195. says:

    5’9” is not short… :P

  196. says:

    wheres kevin hart

  197. says:

    a 5 foot 9 male isn’t really short. 5’4″ now that’s short for a guy

  198. says:

    You left out Kevin Connolly, actor on Entourage, 5 ft 5

  199. says:

    oh, and Kevin Hart, 5 ft 2

  200. says:

    the descriptions are so douchy -.- underestimating because of their height

  201. says:


  202. says:

    this can’t be right cause bow wow should be at least 5’4 or 5’5 cause he really short

  203. says:

    What an idiotic article. Judge people based on their merits, not unchangeable physical traits. I’m a 5’8″ male and I’ve never come across any discrimination against short men until the Internet. Apparently I’m not the one that needs to do “growing up”.

  204. says:

    where is nelly he is 5’8 eminem p diddy

  205. says:

    So u think Omarion, ne-yo, usher, and cee-lo green are rappers. See how u just stereotyped them…because they’re black, male, and celebrities they must be rappers.

  206. says:

    Were does every keep getting this ” lil bow wow is 5’7 from ”… People he’ s 5’4 on a good day, and maybe 5’7 with those high top shoes he owns from 106 and park, not 5’7

  207. says:

    “He’ll THROUGH his hand on a Grenade for you.” Seriously? It’s THROW. Through =/= Throw. Please learn to proofread things MANUALLY before posting articles…

  208. says:

    Most of the guys I’ve never even heard of.

    and TI shouldn’t even be on that list 5’9” is not short, it’s average.

  209. says:

    LOL @ how does “that” feel?

  210. says:

    Tom Cruise, Wayne, and…….

  211. says:

    Article from a black woman. i never saw at least a third of these guys… Racist author

  212. says:

    Black people are short only one white guy odd

  213. says:

    Kevin Hart is only like 5’2″

  214. says:

    He’s 5’2″ I believe

  215. says:

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