Career, Money & Family: 8 Celebrity Women Who Have It All (This Can Be You Too!)

Career, Money & Family: 8 Celebrity Women Who Have It All (This Can Be You Too!)

Who said having it all is impossible? As time progresses, more and more women (of substance) are not settling to just be someone’s arm candy. Women are looking to build empires and make money all while doing it with a life partner and having children. “Having it all” is definitely defined by who you are as a person but these women are great examples of how to do it!


Lala Anthony



Lala and Carmelo Anthony balance their work and family lives and even let us watch while they face challenges. Their commitment to their family and individual careers radiates more than any storm they may face.


  • Cairo5

    i will say this time and time again, most people, especially in western societies base ‘having it all’ by a persons finances/career. Don’t get me wrong being successful is a great thing, however, to describe that as having it all is a fallacy. Having it all is good health, loving family and being happy with who u are. Go ask a person who is suffering a terminal illness if they considered their career and money they made, to be important to them, or go walk in the shoes of someone with genetic disability. I guarantee every person who had good health would come away with the mindset of ‘I have it all’, regardless of their career or how much money they had

  • RedButterfly81

    So I have fame, money, a husband and kids I would be happier? What about good health, a place to live, food in the fridge, a job,  positive support system from family and friends and loving yourself make you happy?

    • Melee

      I agree with a lot you said but Money will get you a place to live and put food in your fridge. Money can’t buy you health but probably makes some illnesses e.g. the flu less likely to happen to you (i.e. heating and good food), and if you get something worse e.g. cancer, you  were probably going to get it regardless of whether you rich or poor.