BLAZIN’ EYE CANDY: David Beckham Covers Elle UK, Tatted Up and All! (Behind-The-Scenes Video Inside)

Victoria Beckham knows this already, but she is one lucky lady. Her husband and international soccer player, David Beckham is the first male to cover Elle UK on this July issue. Without much trying it seems, the gorgeous man sums up himself in the article saying, “How would I sum myself up? I don’t know, I prefer other people to do that… erm… a little bit shy.” Shy, David? Really? Be that as it may, it certainly is a crime to be that attractive, be a family man, and have women (like us) swoon over you day in and day out.

Psstt… there’s a another cover for subscribers that hasn’t been released yet. Be on the prowl. 


Also, check out this behind the scenes video here:



It really is a crime, Styleblazers!




-Tunisia Z. Wilson



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  1. says:

    Eye candy hell,with that ugly pale tattoed up skin…YUCK!!!

  2. says:

    Mmmm….I’ll take him.  Yummy!

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