Baby Love: Kanye West Stops By Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Shower (Peep The Adorable Photo Album With Big Brother Mason!)

Baby Love: Kanye West Stops By Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Shower (Peep The Adorable Photo Album With Big Brother Mason!)

Keeping up with Kanye and Kim… Yeezy was on hand to celebrate Kourtney‘s baby shower with the rest of the Kardashian Krew. He was all smiles for the occasion, cuddling with Kim and even giving daps to cutie pie Mason. Big cakes, cotton candy, and Kourtney masks kept the party sweet and femme as the Kardashians prepare to welcome a baby girl to the family.

KimYe is still going strong, and we’ve got to admit, they are pretty darn cute.

Check out pics from Kourtney’s baby shower here. Adawrable.

  • @msredbonebrite

    Though the Kardashian clan has a way of getting under most of America’s skin, I will say that Kourtney looks absolutely RADIANT in these pictures! She has a beautiful glow around her! And I love that pic of her & her mom!

    • DILLIGAF98

      The thing is, I think most of America likes Kourtney and Khloe it’s just the rest of the family that they could live without- especially Kim.

      • Summer

        Good point! Kim gets on people’s nerves, I get it. She’s in the spotlight way too much and it turns people off. What gets on my nerves about her is the makeup. OMG, it’s like is she is always wearing full makeup, the other girls are more natural & I think as a woman we can relate to that. Sometimes we’re dolled up sometimes we’re not. Kim however, will be filming lying in bed supposedly at night & she’s wearing false eyelashes and lipstick, whereas her sisters that may be sitting next to her are wearing nothing..That’s whats cool about them to me..

  • The one

    people who hate the Kardashians, are just jealous wish they could be like them, or the want the life they have.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

       i am not jealous of them, i would never want their ill-gotten money, they all are lairs, cheaters and full of their fake plastic surgery looking selves..

      • The one

         why dont u post a pic of ur ugly self, u may do good with some of there plastic surgery so u wont be so bitter.

    • DILLIGAF98

      Yes, I’m sure there are no more reasons at all left on earth for you to hate them.


    I love Kim and Kanye together!! Dont listen to the HATERS!

    • Truth


  • Kim and Kanye are so cute! the entire family looks nice.

  • MsCamms

    Kourtney looks cute pregnant.

  • Qb

    Does anyone find it ODD that Kourt is sitting more on Lamar’s lap than khloe..but maybe thats there family bond and every family IS different.

    • Lisha

      I found it odd too.. I was thinking why is she sitting on her sister’s husband’s lap?? But maybe that’s how they love…..(shrugs)

      • DILLIGAF98

        I was thinking why is she sitting on his lap being as though Khloe just said that Lamar had a crush on Kourtney. That’s weird.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      I find it very strange, and its not that serious for kourtney to be on Lamars lap.. those people are weird and next threy ccant get mad when he starts sexing her.. its some lives you dont craoss.. have some respect!

  • nico

    who gives a phuque

  • ctbabydoll

    Mason is a cutie pie and I’m sure his baby sister will be too Mason kind of Reminds me of photos I’ve seen of Scott Newman or Jamie Redford when they were his age granted Scott looks nothing like either of their  fathers but Kourtney kind of resembles Jamie’s mom  Lola Vanwagenen though she’s 39 years younger than Lola right Lola was born in 1940 while Kourt K was born April 18th 1979. as for Kanye showing up it was nice of him

    • Guest

      Lola was blond and golden how can you compare the dark beauty Kourtney K ?
      Each a beauty but quite opposite. Jamie R had red hair and freckles, looked sort of like his dad but not even that really. His dad Robert Reford looked so much like his own Dad! Little Mason is a fine mix of Kourtney K & his father, you can see Robert Kardashian in all the kids & Gkids except….oh well.

  • Rainhobbs

    SO CUTIE!:)

  • Mspellegrino27

    Wow, another out of wed lock, baby momma having another basterd kid. Yeeeaa! IDIOTS

    • Do yourself a favor and STOP making EVERY single little thing a racial thing!!

    • Alora

      And so was your mother when she had YOU!

  • being a keeping up with the kardashians fan is my biggest shame…

  • be real



  • be real

    kourtney is the cutest why she has the ugly man?

     Kanye deserves a woman like Kim.  Nothing better.

  • Yep

    Good men deserve good women.  not much good about Kanye

     he has money nothing more he deserves KIm.  Kanye gonna make kim more of a lady than Kris ever did!!!

  • Truth

    He looks dumb!

  • iReezy

    Aww nice pictures, beautiful cake! Based on the pics, everyone seemed like they had a genuinely good time. Although I hate that such a big fuss was made over the fact that Kanye showed up, but whatevs. Kourtney is by far the “kutest” Kardashian.

  • Angela Ingram

    Kourtney looks beautiful but where is the daddy?

  • K

    Cute pic

  • Sabrina

    Kim has made mistakes,she’s not perfect just like none of you are…let her live her kim and kanye together

  • Well, Kim has her own roller coasters life. So, I don’t judge her personal life but she will one day to find a good person!!

  • Kanye may be the flavor of the month for little Kimmy. They all look very different when they’re not all made up for the camera

  • Shaunizzle

    Stuck up people get along with the same kind so I guess that answers it