Natural Beauty: Photographer Glenford Nunez Shoots Black Women's Natural Hair for "The Coiffure Project"

Natural Beauty: Photographer Glenford Nunez Shoots Black Women’s Natural Hair for “The Coiffure Project”

Black women have the most versatile hairstyles on the planet. They come in all shades, textures, and lengths, ranging from wavy curls to tight twists. Such natural beauty inspired photographer Glenford Nunez‘s latest collection, “The Coiffure Project.”  Nunez noticed an absence of natural hairstyles being celebrated through art, and decided to shine a light: “I realized there were no real quality portraits of women with natural hair. I was looking to do something different and thought I could have something really special with this project.” The stunning portraits showcase gorgeous women of color, displaying their tresses and individual styles.

Check out the refreshingly beautiful collection here.

  • Aquenda83

    She looks like an older version of Willow Smith!!

  • EarthIsASac

    nice-is this the full collection

  • CB3

    I’ve never seen vitiligo look so beautiful. Groundbreaking.

  • Unico

    I like seeing pics like this, because I am in the stages of growing out my natural hair in an attempt to cut off the processed part. I am hoping it will at least be long enough to cut by September.

  • dman27

    Incredibly beautiful woman, even more so with what god blessed her with.