Beyoncé Reveals, “I Lost 60 Pounds!” (How Did She Lose the Baby Weight? Treadmill Sessions and Lots of Lettuce!)

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  • ctbabydoll

    Liar Liar dress on fire Bey didn’t even gain 60lbs when she was pregnant she gained about 45 why can’t she just fess up. it’s not like she needed the money from those hastily aranged concerts she should’ve been Spending time with her so-called daughter. the first few months in a babies life are the most crucial to establish a bond between mother and child besides that most of the weight a pregnant woman gains isn’t her child or children it’s fat muscle tissue and water. look for example at Mariah Carey who gained 70lbs when she was pregnant with her twins who when born at 8 months gestation were 6lbs 5oz and 6lbs 8oz respectively due to her having been among other things gestational diabetic. remember the pics when she gave Life & Style Magazine a tour of the twins Los Angeles nursery 2 weeks before they were born she wanted to smile widely for the camera when she felt one of them kick but she wasn’t able to because her face was so swollen from the complications of pregnancy and being on daily betameprisone shots to keep the twins in because she had been hospitalized in premature labor so many times. Bey can’t keep her story straight and thankfully she didn’t have to go through that hell with Blue like Mariah did with Roc & Roe

    • Dinnyq

      You can work and be a mom at the same time. Why does no one get upset when dads work after their wives give birth?

  • Hallie

    Beyonce did not lose 60 lbs!! She did not even gain 60 lbs. 

  • Dinnyq

    She looks like she only gained 40 pounds. But she is much thinner now than she was before she got pregnant.

  • ctbabydoll

    @Dinnyg I wasn’t saying mothers can’t work right after they have a child I was saying that most mothers want to stay home and be with their baby and that when your as rich as Bey & Jay are you don’t need to go back to work so quick after you have a child Joanne Woodward for example didn’t go back to work until her eldest daughter was 8 months old or her first film after her middle daughter was born wasn’t released until 21 months later in June 1963