StyleBlazer Survey: Kim Kardashian vs. Gwyneth Paltrow in Sheer Pucci Dress (Who Blazed It Better?)

Gwyneth Paltrow caused quite a stir last year when she presented at the 2011 Emmys in a midriff baring Emilio Pucci dress.  Many believed the sheer, peek-a-boo number from the designer’s spring 2012 collection was a little too seductive for such a high brow event.


Well, as with any hot dress, another celeb wore it.  Kanye’s latest boo, Kim Kardashian, rocked the same Pucci dress at Diddy’s Yacht Party during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


It’s interesting to see two women with totally different body types donning the same design.  Kim filled out the Italian designer’s creation a bit more, but she didn’t reveal as much in the mid section.  And while Kimmy pulled her hair back in a sleek ponytail, Gwyneth had let her golden locks down.  Both women went simple the accessories.

But are you feeling Kim’s fuller figure or Gwyneth’s lean look in this Pucci dress?



You know the deal StyleBlazers, who Blazed it better?


-Patrice Williams




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  1. says:

    This was on Fashion Police on E! Kim wore it better because she has curves.

  2. says:

    Kim did it better

  3. says:

    Kimk rock dat dress better

  4. says:

    I don’t dislike kim Kardashian…..because I felt like her and kanye have been me$$ing around way before she got married…but didnt tell amber or kris about it until….they got caught in the medi@

    True kanye probably convince Kim to leave Kris in the first because he broke it off with amber rose!!!!!

    I can’t be mad at Kim or kanye for getting together……never know what life brings……but this was planned

  5. says:

    UMMMMM…the white lady did. Kim shoulda just wore the top like were used to seeing her.

  6. says:

    Yeah it’s plastic and Gwen is natural.

  7. says:

    I really like Kim in this dress she looks like a Bollywood Princess

  8. says:

    This isn’t the only ‘old dress’ Kim wore. In Cannes 2012 she also wore a short Balmain dress that Zoe Saldana wore before her like 5 months ago. And I believe there is a third dress she worn after.. Whats up with that all these times?? :P

  9. says:

    Gwyneth wore it better. Even fashion editors and magazines that Kim has
    under her thumb do not think she wore this outfit better. She has a
    real problem recycling outfits that real celebrities with talent (and
    better taste) wore.

  10. says:

    Gwyneth by a looooooooooooong shot!

  11. says:

    I am no Kim Kardashian fan, but it fits her better. Gwen is always so fashionable but her body is too athletic. The pic of Kim walking high lights the outfit and she looks really curvy and nice

  12. says:

    im guessing kim likes wearing whatever an A-list wears so she can still be relevant in the media. Of course theyre gonna say something about her wearing it. All for publicity. NExt.

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