Nene Leakes is Reported to Make $1 Million Next Season (Look Back at the Highest Paid Housewife’s Style Evolution)

It’s being reported that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes makes a reported $750,000 a season and is expected to pull in $1 million for the upcoming season. Whether you love her or hate her, Nene gets the people going, and is now the highest paid “housewife” in the Bravo franchise. She’s come a long way from her former stripper past, and we’ve watched her transform from a wife to a businesswoman and even score a role on Glee. We’ve also seen her go through style changes, from her strawberry brown locks to a short platinum do, and even her nose sure is smaller thanks to plastic surgery. She’s clearly used her hefty paychecks to step her fashion game up, as Herve Leger, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti are her favorites.
Check out Nene’s style evolution.


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  1. says:

    Money has truly helped her – but it’s time to lose the blond hair.

  2. says:

    stripper heaux’s from athens, ga be winning chile……..

  3. says:

    Its sad that y’all would rather hate on her for doing her thing! , rather then just giving her for props for doing her.. Y’all sound like haters to me

  4. says:

    I honestly thins that she looked better in season one!!!

  5. says:

    I don’t care how much money she makes. She is still a classless bully who needs to spend more time raising her troubled children.

  6. says:

    she looks a thousand times better with long hair,I still love to hate her

  7. says:

    YUK….she looks a MESS! how did this uneducated person have the ability to make 1 million $? she is dumb as a rock! I really don’t like her at all!!!!

    • says:

      There’s a lot of people in entertainment who have little to no education. Although Nene did not finish college, she did go.

  8. says:

    I love nene and she looks good with that short blonde. that last pics is gorgeous!!!!

  9. says:

    Im not even mad at her nose job, it was sooo needed. Did you guys see the nose in the first pic?

  10. says:

    Does anyone else notice this but she seems to be getting lighter in complexion hmm

    • says:

      The reason NeNe looks lighter is because her hair is blonde…nothing wrong with it! LOVE HER……hummm….just do it!

  11. says:

    In NENE’s voice…BOOM…lol. Can’t hate, you took an opportunity on the reality show and branched out…Congrats.

  12. says:

    She look real good love nene nd marlo

  13. says:

    The more ignorant and loud you are and the more of a bully you are the more money you get. Talk about your shuck and jiver…big arse wildebeest brontosauraus wreck!

  14. says:

    Good for her. I like to see other people doing well.

  15. says:

    she’s indeed a very rich Beyotch.. lol

  16. says:

    Dang Sheree, I guess NeNe is rich…HaHa. Maybe she can loan you some money to finish your imaginamansion…

  17. says:

    Get it nene 1$ million and counting you are on your way to the big payday don’t stop no matter what people say about you or to you words never hurt anyone they just make you stronger.

  18. says:

    after taxes u cut that just about in half and then wa-la bam……………… iam broke; i hope that money wont burn a hole in her pocket. give arsenio hall a holler and he’ll tell u how to stack ur money.

  19. says:

    Yay Nene. I’m happy for her. However, I think she looks better with the darker hair.

  20. says:

    Her body is SICK, Smoking HAWT!!!!

  21. says:

    She is definitely doing her thin……love the evolution..LOVE the figure… well TWERK then Miss Ne Ne show us how rich girls do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. says:

    She is giving us FACE…straight Covergirl beauty campaign !!! That face is Beautiful and Flawless..I think she is a natural toe head…maybe she ways dying her black..Nonetheless Miss Leaks continue to Glisten!!!

    • says:

      How in the world can she be a “natural,” when she has had the following done:
      1. Breast implants
      2. Nose reduction surgery
      3. Teeth implants
      4. Tummy Tuck
      * Sure I’m leaving something out.

      Do you REALLY want to continue using the word–“NATURAL?” Methinks NOT!!!

  23. says:

    Hope that she continues to succeed in business and with her honesty, fashion sense and public appeal, that she can transition into more television opportunities. I would rather watch her on a talk show than some of the other hosts out now. A more current Oprah, than Oprah – and much more down to earth. Stay humble Ms. Leakes, you are an inspiration to me and you encourage me to reach for my dreams.

  24. says:

    I knew that Nene was gonna be a STAR!!!!! She has what they call “IT”!!! She just knows how to get ahead in life.. I’m not puting her down but Karrine Steffans was the same way.. They just aren’t gonna be held back!!

  25. says:

    Looking Good Ne Ne. Keep up the GREAT work. And continue to attract these haters….

  26. says:

    When I watched the first couple of episodes of Atlanta Housewives, I told everyone that NeNe was going to make a fool out of all of them, because she’s so real, unpolished, but real, and wow, she did. I got a lot of flack when I took up for her on certain comment pages, now…I win. I was right.

  27. says:

    she definitely not the highest paid….. Kandi is

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