7 Double Duty Beauty Items (Milk of Magnesia as Face Primer, Lipstick as Creme Blush & More!)

Wouldn’t it be great to get some serious mileage out of your severely modest makeup stash? We certainly think so—imagine opening your cosmetic bag and getting a full face done with just a few products. Hey, it’s possible! So to help you get your multitasking beauty on, here’s seven double duty beauty items you need in your life.



1. Eyeshadow as Blush


Remember those bold orange and pink shadows you bought that you swore you were going to break out for a “runway-inspired” look? Break those babies out and use them as blush! Two quick rouge tips you should know: 1. the darker your skintone, the brighter the blush (don’t be scared) and 2. if you overdo the blush, that’s nothing a dusting of powder can’t tone down.


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