StyleBlazer Survey: Queen-To-Be Kate vs. Queen of Reality TV Kim in Red Hot McQueen Dress (Who Blazed It Better?!)

We’ve seen some interesting “Who Blazed It Better?”  But, one that we’re really scratching our heads over is the battle between Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.  One’s the Duchess of Cambridge and the other is famous for…being famous.  Regardless of their differing occupations and lifestyles, both ladies chose to don the same fire engine red Alexander McQueen dress.

Kate kept it tame by pairing her McQueen dress with her usual nude pumps, matching fascinator hat and dainty clutch for sailing down the Thames River.

And where did Kimmy wear hers last year?  To the grocery store!  In her typical over-the-top style, she removed the sleeves, and threw on a statement necklace and sky-high python pumps to stroll down the supermarket aisles.


It’s time to weigh in: do you prefer Kim’s glam supermarket style or Kate’s chic look?

-Patrice J. Williams


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  • Stephen Hallquist

    Kate by far. The submariner’s broach is a real tribute to the armed forces and one appreciated by we who have served.

  • Rhiannon Carter

    Definately Kate!!!

  • Mack

    It’s definitely Kimmy Cakes!! Forget everything that people say about her. The woman is undeniably beautiful. And she makes that dress look good!

  • Cheryl Dotson McCartney


  • Revolted

    Kate because Kim Kardashian is fat and managed to make herself look more so by mutilating the dress.

  • EMM47Dr

    Kim….of course….beautiful as ever..