15 Comparisons of Celebrities Who Are the Same Age But Don’t Look It (Part. 2!)


They don’t call it “Hollyweird” sometimes for no reason.  The wonderful world of celebrity is more mysterious and bizarre than anything Tim Burton could’ve dreamed up.  So we’re always astonished to find out new things about the same old stars that we’ve been following for—what seems—like forever.  Age is always a hot topic.  They may have the money, but they still don’t have the fountain of youth to combat biology.  Just like us, celebrities appear to age surprisingly faster or slower than what their ages actually are.  But it’s most obvious when compared to their peers.

With that said, peep 8 more celebrities who are the same age but don’t look it.



Chris Rocks vs Charlie Sheen – 47


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  1. says:

    Cocoa is 33? She has age spots on her chest and all over her body. The back of her hands are wrinkly. No way. Also just because someone says they are a certain age doesn’t make it true. I am in college and people lie about their age all the time. A african man in my class told the professor he was 20 yrs old and truly this man looks no where near 20 and the professor embarrassed him so bad. Lol

  2. says:

    whoaaa @ coco, kim zolciak, charlie sheen and fantasia…..smh rihanna looks younger than dude from 6th sense. and does brandy have liver problems? ijs…

  3. says:

    I’m sorry I demand to see Kims birth certificate!!!!!

  4. says:

    Wow, Florence!!!! That’s all I can say!

  5. says:

    Coco is only 33??? Wow!

  6. says:

    Holy cow!

  7. says:

    Kim z and coco and florence r lying about their ages. they just have to be. hillary duff used to look older than her age. fantasia looks her age to me and frieda pinto isnt that fresh faced either. charlie sheen looks like hes a breath away.

  8. says:

    I thought florence was in her 40’s and Coco and Kim look the same way. Use some sun screen people. And I am jealous of black people the age so well!

    • says:

      Haha, you realized the truth, Black don’t crack. It is good a wrinkled face, crow’s feet, liver spot infested White person who is most likely fat and looks 60 acknowledge the truth: Black don’t crack!

  9. says:

    There is no way Kim Zolciak is 34, more like 44. She’s lived a really “hard” life to look as old as she does.

  10. says:

    i am white and 45 and still get carded….

    • says:

      You just described what was special. We are the original people and quite naturally made for this earth and her atmosphere(sun).

      • says:

        I have to take issue a wee bit unless you think people with white skin are from a different planet (which is an interesting theory but quite bonkers). Yes, if mankind started in the warmer climes where they developed characteristics to help them avoid damage from the sun, then yes, dark and/or black skin is probably older on the anthropological scale but it is quite beyond scientific doubt that people with white skin moved away from these areas into colder regions and developed characteristics that helped them survive in that particular climate. We are all human. We are all of the Earth. :-)

    • says:

      I’m not mad at you for the fountain of youth you possess; but seriously don’t act as if that’s the norm for white skin. The dark skin definitely holds up longer. The melanine seems to provide this awesome blessing.

      • says:

        No it doesn`t ,it`s just dark skin

        • says:

          no really it does the melanine protects from sun damage seriously thats all it is…look it up

        • says:

          the skin is dark BECAUSE of melanin… we’re on the internet, check it out.

          • says:

            you are saying the same thing–black people’s melanocytes (melanin cells) make more melanin. That is why we are darker. Dark skin is b/c of melanin. And yes, it protects us from the sun more often than others, that is why our skin cancer rates are less than 0.05%. We are too proud to say this b/c we have been killed, butchered and demonized for this great thing called melanin on different continents for many, many years.

      • says:

        So true! I still get carded, but I exfoliate my skin, slather on sunscreen, eat healthy, and don’t smoke.

      • says:

        Yeah, except that racism, discrimination, and the assumption that one is inferior goes along with the mixed blessing of melanin. Given the choice, I’d take aging faster. – 50 and still getting carded

    • says:

      It’s because black people have melanin in their skin, it helps preserve youth better than say a white person who puts on moisturizer. It takes more work for you to upkeep your skin rather than people who have considerably a greater amount of pigment. And newsflash, the sun has a similar harshness to a person who has more melanin than you might think. Its different to a certain extinct. Know your facts before you lead others to think you are ignorant.

    • says:

      But still much smarter than you.

      • says:

        Never. The system is set up for white’s to excel but you particularly are a failure and you will never be successful.

        • says:

          Not hardly, it is set up to give you chance after chance, while I had better save my money for school because there are rare scholarships for me. Since you are female, there are even more scholarships and free money for you.

      • says:

        When it comes to IQ, Asians get that award. Don’t claim it because it’s not yours.

    • says:

      Yo sur canz write good!

    • says:

      Not me sista, last thing I want are stupid big rims,gold teefess,tribal noise cant call it music,sos pad for hair,pants down to my dingaling,stupid language,eating faces” aka canibal,”and the list goes on but i’m hungry,gday mate

      • says:

        Yet you are here on a black website. And don’t you know that according to Billboard magazine (look it up for yourself) 52 percent of hip-hop music purchase are made by white teens. Ha ha.

        • says:

          This website has a color? How stupid is that? I mean, really? Then again, people call other people who clearly have brown skin “black.” I do not understand you racialists, whatever your hue.

    • says:

      I don’t care if you’re black or white, we ALL should use a moisturizing sun protectant!!!! Don’t forget about the increase in radiation in the air and the O-zone destruction. We’re all getting nuked in the skin!

    • says:

      Lol “If we do this and that we could look just as young as you guys” LMAO!

    • says:

      I agree with you 100%

    • says:

      You will experience extreme pain. 3

    • says:

      And white skin is pale and looks light dough. Lack of color. Raw, pale and pastey. No wonder you guys like to tan so much. BTW, on of the most toxic products you can put on your skin is tanning lotion. Did you know? ‘chuckles’

    • says:

      Go slap some Olay on that mug. At least I know I’ll still be a dimepiece when I turn 30. You’ll be wrinkled up long before then.

      • says:

        If you aren’t the victim of some random, violent inner city crime before you make 30. Hopefully, you will not be.

        • says:

          Whether or not that happens, you’ll still be a wrinkled up, dried up pale ol’ bag by the time you are 30….GUARANTEED!

    • says:

      NEWSFLASH… but maybe you oughta trade your manners,because you sound like you have no class what so ever!…And I’m a white woman.

    • says:

      ms courtney believe me; us african american women would not EVERRRRR trade our beautiful naturally tanned with an enormous multiplex of vaious shades like a boquet of flowers in- for all the very shribbled and wrinkled white skin in the world …silly! NEVER! tan on!

    • says:

      What does your ethnicity have to do with racism…you are just making sure you look dumb!

      • says:

        An ethnic group is a group of people whose members identify with each other through a common heritage, consisting of a common culture, including a shared language or dialect. The group’s ethos or ideology may also stress common ancestry, religion, or race. That’s what it has to do with race. Maybe you should use a dictionary before calling someone dumb, Gina.

      • says:

        “What does your ethnicity have to do with racism…you are just making sure you look dumb!”


    • says:

      Have to see it to believe it, though there ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERY RULE

    • says:

      except we don’t go to jail as often, and get more college degrees.

    • says:

      Thanks and I totally agree as the fact that there needs to be Black based websites or companies like this one, Vibe, BET, etc always bring out the racism in it’s audience. You can spew your hate and anger with no repercussions. If there were the White equivalent, the same would probably be true. That’s why I feel that all of these Black only companies potentially breed hate and hurt America.

    • says:

      You are correct. When I read it, the first thing I said was “This is going to get ugly really quick”, and it did. That first sentence was offensive and should have been omitted.

    • says:

      Guess you have to, because they aren’t your property any longer. Shame on you.

    • says:

      good for you

    • says:

      lol Really? I have never seen a youthful looking White person at age 45 thb. They look are fat, wrinkled face with crow’s feet, liver spots and laugh lines all over their faces by age 45.
      You got to be kidding me. Black don’t crack and Black people age the best

  11. says:

    OMG Charlie this should really make you slow down!

  12. says:

    sorry but lady gaga looks way past 26

  13. says:

    please Fantasia looks young also….Ms Pinto is Indian so her looks hold up just like African Americans who take care of themselves….

  14. says:

    Jennifer Hudson looks just as young as the revenge actress. they could be BFFs. the pic made no sense.

  15. says:

    Florence Welsh looks like a tranny.

  16. says:

    Florence Welch*…keep it classy kids

  17. says:

    cant we all just get along, why does everything have to be about what color your skin is? when did the content of ones character not make a difference. We are all different in this world but hold common values and ideas. Thats what makes this world great. The applauded racism i see in some of these comments is horrendous. Stop hatin and start enjoying life.

  18. says:

    I thought Florence was in her mid to late 30’s!!

  19. says:

    I am Puertorican i still look fresh and i am 30 years old and i look like 20 buajaaaa love it none think that iam 31 has nothing to do with been black ,also my mom is 59 and she look like 42.

  20. says:

    iam 30 almost 31 in one month and still look like a 20.

  21. says:

    And commit the most violent crime percentage wise.

  22. says:

    Yes, Guest, that is what I believe, too! Notice the bosom? Fake! I’m sure he/she is in her/his forties, any way.

  23. says:

    Kim looks like she is in her late 40’s or early 50’s. HAHA

  24. says:

    fill my mind with more useless junk please…..more…more….till i cant think no mo’

  25. says:

    I can’t believe Charlie Sheen is 47. He looks at least 48 plus while Chris Rock could easily pass for 46. Amazing what good living does for you.

  26. says:

    what !!! coco’s 33

  27. says:

    there is no way Kim is in her 30’s

  28. says:

    I’m 38 years old and still get carded. I don’t have one single wrinkle on my face or anywhere else. If you take care of your skin, it looks good longer. I’ve seen black women look haggard in their 20s, too. Lifestyle, not race, makes the diffference.

  29. says:


  30. says:


  31. says:


  32. says:


  33. says:

    What kind of ignorant stuff is that..didn’t get that memo #IDIOT

  34. says:

    I’m white, almost 30 and I get carded all the time.

    • says:

      I do have to admit the lady was right they have to card you to a certain age in certain states so being carded is not the best predictor. But I am sure you do look youthful, I’m just saying

  35. says:

    That was a cute ending!

  36. says:

    COCO 33? GTFOH! At least 43. Ice T is hard on em !

  37. says:

    Kim looks more like 44 than 34. those years of sleeping with another woman’s hubby have really aged her.

  38. says:

    Stop. Just stop.

  39. says:

    Florence Welsh’s dress makes her look like she’s a burn victim. Seriously.

  40. says:

    Wow! Charlie dying slowly . . . more like quickly; we all die slowly. Notice how the heavier women look older . . . what’s with the women that look like men, are they really women or were they always women? How did some of these people become stars . . . lifestyle has a lot to with the aging process, I think there is excellent proof of that here.

  41. says:

    I am bi-racial, my mother is Japanese and my father is white European (English, German, Irish and Norwegian). my father wrinkled at a very young age and looked 40 when he was in his 20s. My mother is 81 and looks 60. I have skin more like my mothers and get carded and I am in my 50s. White skin is actually thinner while darker skin is thick. So think of it as white tissue paper skin (crumples and wrinkles easier) and dark leather (doesn’t crumple). That is why it is easier to get great results on white skin for cosmetic surgery while darker skin doesn’t do as well with cosmetic surgery.

  42. says:

    Do you seriously expect people to go thru 8 different pages for an article that can fit in a page??!!

  43. says:

    No way is Kim 34…add at least 10 years even accounting for the rode hard and put away wet part….

  44. says:

    Florence used to be a man, man….almost as ugly as Vicki Gunvalson…no thats not possible.

  45. says:

    Kim looks like she could be Tia mother.

  46. says:

    That is a terrible photo of Florence, first off. I’ve seen photos of her on tour where she looks like a teenager.

    That’s also ignoring the fact that Florence was, up until recently, not a popular artist. Unlike Hilary, who worked in the film industry and has had obvious cosmetic surgery.

    And thirdly, your research is almost laughable, because you even got her last name wrong. It’s Welch, not Welsh.

  47. says:

    these are all black vs. white. black people age wayyyy better than lighter skinned people. it’s just a fact

  48. says:

    Whoever wrote this article should be immediately and permanently banned from writing and/or publishing anything ever again. “Bazzar?” “Age: is?” Reading this was like reading something written by a high school freshman.

  49. says:

    I don’t know who almost any of these people are

  50. says:

    *Chris Rock (No ‘s’)
    *Florence Welch (Not Welsh)

  51. says:

    half of these people are lying about their age.

  52. says:

    thats because florence welsh is a man

  53. says:

    Hilary Duff is 24, not 25…

  54. says:

    Most of these people looked pretty much the same to me..

  55. says:

    Tameika, why do you always write a certain number of celebs in your titles, when the number is actually how many pages there are? You have far more than ten celebrities in this article. I mean, when the title is already factually off, it’s a sign you’re not to be taken seriously.

  56. says:

    I concur with Peter. This article is horribly written. The author’s grammar and writing style is despicable. It is truly an embarassing piece of garbage. Please either invest in an editor or hire a new writer.

  57. says:

    Disagree completely with the Joe Mangle-whatsit one. His skin tone is definitely not one of a man in his 40’s and I can’t see a whole lot of salt and pepper going on. Do you know what salt and pepper hair looks like?

  58. says:

    That’s the damage done by the sun to ‘white’ skin. The extra pigmentation in ‘black’ skin provides an extra layer of protection against UV and its aging effects.

  59. says:

    i think pharrell should be on this list. dude is seriously pushing 40 and looks 16 still

  60. says:

    At least 80% of the people posting on this page are way off topic. Cut the color rants. For all of that, you could say that overweight people age better. Gah! Now, I’m off topi too!

  61. says:

    I know others have already pointed this out, but I have to chime in: Please edit your intern’s work before posting it online! The grammar and spelling errors are eating up your credibility big time.

    One more suggestion: If you’re doing a top 10 list of anything, please don’t make us click on to the next page 10 times. Why not display the full article on one page? I bet lots of readers got tired of clicking on and abandoned the article.

  62. says:

    This is ridiculous. This mole hill has been made into a mountain!!

  63. says:

    10 Celebrities?? Try 20. Ten comparisons. I agree with most of the comments I’ve seen here. And you’re being a little harsh on Ali Lohan, or does the “writer” not know that 12×4 equals 48? I can see late 20’s or a young early 30’s but 48 is just downright rude.

  64. says:

    I’m sorry, Coco you’re a beautiful woman, but when you make one breast bigger than your head it just looks weird. Really weird!

  65. says:

    I’m more disturbed by who the author thinks is a celebrity. Maybe 4 of the twenty here have better than 10% name recognition. Some of these might as well just be people pulled off the street as I have never heard of them.

  66. says:

    What about Chuck Norris who looks nowhere near 70, or Jason Earles, who continues to portray teenagers on The Disney Channel despite being 35? This article missed so many obvious examples that I fear it was written in literally minutes.

  67. says:

    HEY, Joe Mangianello DOES not look “well into his 40’s” he is GORGEOUS. Also, agree with readers below that this article is written terribly.

  68. says:

    um,no one goes to the tanning salon or beach to become black…no one desires to be that color…a tan is a different look than black skin.

    • says:

      i’m half black and half white and your right, a tan in’t black -it’s a beautiful golden color like ME! but the point is your still trying to look exotic and not like what you are naturally-PALE!

  69. says:

    Definitely proves it’s the stops you’ve made, not the miles. Sheen has had more stops than a NY bus.

  70. says:

    Wow, Ali Lohan looks like a young George Harrison in this picture.

  71. says:

    “10 Celebrities”? Weren’t there 10 pages featuring two celebs each? 10×2=20 Celebrities.

  72. says:

    Quick, Quick!! Somebody give Rooney Mara a sandwich before she drops dead from malnutrition!

  73. says:

    Is Florence Welsh really a guy? S/he looks like a tranny

  74. says:

    What is this? The comparison seems totally stupid. The website should take credibility of what content it publishes. The authenticity of the pictures matters as to what date and time they were taken. Were they sent to the publisher of this stupid article by the celebrities on their birthdays? Also, has the publisher made sure that the celebrity age are genuine? Just picking up pictures from the internet and creating something like this is fantastic, also let us know which celebrity used what amount of surgery or other treatment at that time. What a bum!

  75. says:

    A hastily constructed article. Almost every pair merits no age distinction.

  76. says:

    This website is so SLOOOOOW I’m giving up trying to see the pictures. What’s worse, I think the ad servers are the hangup!!!!

  77. says:

    Isn’t Orlando Brown of the Baltimore Raven’s Dead?

  78. says:

    eminem, no way he’s 40

  79. says:

    Wow, I had no idea that Eminem was my age. Totally looks way younger.

  80. says:

    I agree with aghast and Peter, but would also like to add that half of these people aren’t even real celebrities and there wasn’t an appreciable difference in age between quite a few of them. Some are more pretty/handsome than their counterpart, but that has nothing to do with age. Whomever wrote this needs to seek a new line of work.

  81. says:

    Eminem is not 40. He’s 38 or 39.

  82. says:

    it’s almost frighteneing how fast whites age. look at chris rock. i have never in my life seen a white man that looks like that with NO wrinkles whatsoever at almost 50 years old. and if there is one, it’s a very, very rare occurence. sucks to say, but its the truth.

  83. says:

    I have not looked over all the pictures. Usually blacks tend to have better skin than whites for some reason. When they get to be 30 or something, they don’t age as much as the whites. While we are on the subject , I am the same age as LaToya Jackson and when I saw her on Celebrity Apprentice last year, I found it amazing she had held up so well. I think she is doing better than I am.

  84. says:

    Tahj Mowry knows that a guy just needs a little black dress and a string of pearls to go out at night.

  85. says:

    black people ruin this planet, when black people get together in a town and take over its ruined. and i know that for a fact. i live in chicago and see the suburbs getting taken over as well as the city. sadness

  86. says:

    Some of these comparisons are really stupid. In some of the pictures, I’m not sure who’s supposed to look like the older one and the younger one.

  87. says:

    It’s Florence Welch, not Welsh.

  88. says:

    The first 10 or so are great. Then it goes downhill.

  89. says:

    Who are these people??? I recognize about 1/2 of them. I dare say the benchmark for “celebrity” has dropped off the face of the earth.

  90. says:

    Honestly i could care less about any of these people.

  91. says:

    Florence Welsh 25? Yuk, poor thing, maybe 45!

  92. says:

    Florence Welch….that’s not a woman…that’s a MAN BABY!!!!!

  93. says:

    The darker the tone of skin, the longer it takes to age lol.

  94. says:

    they all not look the same how you can tell someone look the same when they are black an white helll no they are not looking the same

  95. says:

    Trashy Journalism

  96. says:

    Chris Rock takes better care of himself and it shows. He looks amazing!!!!

  97. says:

    Chris “Rocks”? Was this written by a 13-year-old?

  98. says:

    All things aside, Coco Austin looks terrible for 33. Even if this is a bad shot, from what I’ve seen from E! and other places, I thought she was MUCH older.

  99. says:

    Who are all these awful-looking people?
    Does anyone care about them?

  100. says:

    Is it just me or all most of these pictures Black vs.White?

  101. says:

    Charlie Sheen looks 60 because of drug abuse. I agree that black skin is the best because it doesn’t wrinkle as quickly. Weight also makes a lot of them seem older than they are. Genetics is a factor too. So is exposure to the sun, smoking and eating habits.

  102. says:

    How cute is Chris Rock?? :) He still looks like he’s in his 30s.

  103. says:

    uummm milk and honey/1 tahj and Drake both look yummy :) and oh what a handsome 36 Joe Manganiello is

  104. says:

    DAMN, charlie sheen is only 47? wow, drugs mess you up good. i wouldve guessed he was in his mid to late 50s

  105. says:

    Fantasia went overboard on the plastic surgery.

  106. says:

    Charlie Sheen looks like he’s 57, drugs and lifstyle makes a person lose their looks faster. Too bad.

  107. says:

    Can’t tell how Lady Gaga looks behind all those gimmicks. She is talented don’t know why she needs the distraction. Oh well….

  108. says:

    OMG! I thought Kim was in her 40s, wow! She should cover the veins in her twin puppies up. I’m just say’n…..

  109. says:

    Most of these are: “OhEmGee! It’s hard to tell the age of black people!!” lawlz…

  110. says:

    color ppl dont show aging

  111. says:

    Coco’s juggs are much younger than Brandy.

  112. says:

    Fantasia .. or Fatasia? Who cares about any of these people. Charlie Sheen looks like he’s 68, and Chris Rock’s massive drug use doesn’t show because he’s so dark. So …. what? Comparing apples to coconuts is useless.

  113. says:

    Florence Welsh … fire your stylist .. then sue them.

  114. says:

    You cant compare caucasions to african americans they age diffrently. So its not a fare comparison.

  115. says:

    I thought you said celebrities. I’ve never heard of a solid 2/3 of the people in this list.

  116. says:

    I can’t even see that. In some of the comparisons, they just look young. Neither Freida nor Fantasia looks old for her age (though I wonder where Fantasia’s bra is hiding).

  117. says:

    I don’t know who Florence Welsh is, but she looks really rough. Geez.

  118. says:

    Orlando Brown is 25? More like 45.

  119. says:

    Ok I though Coco was in her 40’s she looks real bad for her age geesh

  120. says:

    That’s what I noticed it really isn’t a fair comparison for the fair to be compare to the genetically superior!

    • says:

      “Genetically superior”? You mean the race that is responsible for virtually all of the inventions and ideas from which we all benefit? The race that represents the small minority in America’s prisons? Ummm….yeah.

      • says:

        Don’t believe everything you’ve been fed. A lot of “inventors” were really total plagiarists who just had the power to bulldoze the real geniuses. By the way do you know how many Arabic and Chinese inventions you use every day? ;-) XO

      • says:

        Ummm… No. Get your facts straight sweety. There are PLENTY inventions created by blacks and other non whites that we here in the western hemisphere benefit from on a regular basis. From the traffic light to agricultural inventions to even our concept of modern day democracy( America’s founding fathers actually borrowed the idea of voting in leaders from a Native American tribe) no one group can take credit for the myriad of recent advancements and innovatiobs that affect our lives today. As far as prisons go, I don’t know what stereotype you’re stuck on but whites make up about 1/3 of the prison population. I would hardly call that a small minority.

    • says:

      According to genetics, Black people are genetically superior. Sorry, cave man, you have recessive genes. No wonder you don’t want your cave children to date out and have mixed kids. Your phenotype would be less likely to show up when you mix your genes with Blacks, Latinos and Asians.

  121. says:

    Most of them look the same age as each other in the photos. Some look really young. A few look older than their age at least in the photos that are shown..

  122. says:

    Get a better connection or computer – took me a second to load each page.

  123. says:

    who ever wrote this, needs to be fired. The writer didn’t pick out very good comparisons, only a few actually showed a difference and I need this person to get their facts straight, Eminem is 39yrs old, he won’t turn 40 until october 17.

  124. says:

    well first off, Charlie’s white and a former drug user (we hope). Secondly, Charlie would look even older without that rug hanging on the front of his head. For most white men, the premier reason they look older than some of their peers is the balding and fattening up issues. Or getting too skinny. Older actor/actresses who stay too thin will always look older. It does the opposite of what they would like for it to. Shaving the head is risky, because most men don’t have the right features and proportion for the bald look.

  125. says:

    Remember how good George Clooney looked before he got too thin?

  126. says:

    Hillary Duff was actually born in 87 and Florence Welsh in 86…. still close, but they’re not the same age.

  127. says:

    wait…. Eminem is 40?!

  128. says:

    That’s not true. I think a lot of black people looks older than whites. Look at Fantasia. She looks kinda old for 28.

    • says:

      Look at Britney Spears. She is 32 years old yet she looks 52! Haha beat you to it, White people age so fast and so badly

  129. says:

    You should of put the rapper Nas up there. He’s 39 but looks like he’s still in his 20’s. Also Jennfier Lopez (44) looks way younger than Coco and Kim Z. IN fact there’s no way Kim Z isn’t in her 40’s!

  130. says:

    no way is kim 34! SHENNIGANS

  131. says:

    comparing Maya Rudolf and eminem? WTF??

  132. says:

    most of these comparisons are of people of different races. so. offensive.

  133. says:

    I can believe Zolciak is only 34, she looks more like a burned out 48. Not good 48 but burned out old hag 48.

  134. says:

    lmao!!!….I was just thinking why is every other pics some white and someone black

  135. says:

    Race has nothing to do with aging… its genetic’s who has good genes and who doesn’t along with life style choices…My moms 51 has no wrinkles, extremly thick hair and looks like she is in her late 30’s, & has never done anything cosmeticly no botox no face lift etc she has never smoked a cigg in her life, never done a drug even weed, and only has glass of wine with dinner a couple days a week… along with taking after my grandfather aging wise/genetically who when he passed at 71 didn’t look a day over 60 and he battled a long fight of bladder and lung cancer. & We are Italian Americans.. but some of the woman who work at the hospital with her of all races who are her age look like there hitting almost 65, and some of the girls my age that work with her 26 look like they could be older then her and have worn faces… and thats white, spanish, black, asain etc.. Its Genes fact, and this is coming from someone whos in my final year of Nursing school becoming a RN and I Also studied Genetic’s for 2 years prior to Nursing school, so before any of you say I don’t know what I’m talking about I do know.

    • says:

      Yes, you have an excellent foundation. Good luck in your future career and try to stay away from the night shift and more importantly, rotating shifts. It’s better to take a cut in pay and live longer. Best wishes to you.

  136. says:

    These photos were not well chosen. In many cases, I could not tell which photo of a pair was supposed to look younger.

  137. says:

    The 40 year olds look better than the 19 year olds!

  138. says:

    Rihanna is quite grotesque…looks like she needs an exorcist.

    Charlie Sheen looks 77, not 47. That’s what drugs will do to you.

  139. says:

    What a stupid slideshow. Other than a few glaring examples (like Charlie Sheen) I can’t tell the difference between any of them. And yeah, what’s up with the insinuation that the white people look older? I think that’s a matter of perspective. In a lot of the cases I know they were trying to insinuate that the white person looked older but to me they both looked about the same age.

  140. says:

    Is it just me that thinks half of them actually look about the same age? Can’t believe Florence is 25 though, thought she was bout 40!

  141. says:

    Was this article written by a Black Woman?

  142. says:

    You’re right. I couldn’t agree more!

  143. says:

    I love Fantasia’s overflowing….hair? LOL

  144. says:

    I’ll take Coco Austin every time!

  145. says:

    I love Fantasia overflowing…hair? LOL

  146. says:

    Kim Zolciak definitely!

  147. says:

    Amazing how whites are upset with this article. Where is their outrage at the millions of articles that constantly point out so called statistics of blacks that show us to be lacking? By the way, all of those articles are written by whites. Bottom line is, no matter what we as a people go through, whether self inflicted or racism, WE AGE BETTER THAN WHITES OR ASIANS, PERIOD!!

    • says:

      That black skin may not crack “brother man” but that hate and bitterness you choose to carry around inside yourself will give you heart disease and cancer. Health statistics aren’t a character judgment–they’re not saying you’re not good as a person, and the statistics are shared in an effort to educate and help prevent diabetes, hypertension and other issues you are more at risk for. That is showing CONCERN, not pointing out how anyone “lacks”. I have fair skin and got a lot of sunburns. I’m more likely to get skin cancer. That doesn’t mean I LACK anything but what you have plenty of, melanin. We’re all just people trying to get by and no one has a perfect time of it. You wouldn’t want to live in my skin either.

      • says:

        Research “The Hate that Hate Produced” and you soon find out why that bitterness exists. The hate that is thrown is eventually returned.

      • says:

        Shut up, idiot! MOST White people age so fast and badly, it is the damn truth! The average White person looks 23 at age 16. Looks age 45 at age 25. Looks age 50 at age 30 and looks age 60 at age 40.
        Most White people age so fast and so badly like Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan etc. Only a few of them age well like Christie Brinkley and Ralph Macchio.
        MOST Asians look young until they are about 40/50 years old and they look so old and wrinkly overnight.
        Black people age THE BEST! MOST Black people have beautiful skin and our skin upholds so we don’t have wrinkles like a White person. Look at Naomi Campbell, Vanessa Williams, Janet Jackson, etc. They are in their forties but they look way younger than their White counterparts.
        Thank God, I am Black so that I have beautiful skin and age well

  148. says:

    I do not se any age difference. I would gues they are the same age.

  149. says:

    I agree, not because that’s true, but because I also got the impression that this article was trying to send that message with all the interracial comparisons. Truthfully, though, white people only age badly when they deliberately sun-damage their skin. I mean, take Gwen Stefani for example. Her skin is like porcelain, and she looks incredible for 42.

    • says:

      Wrong. On average white people age worse, period. Think of the average people you know. Gwen is the exception that proves the rule.

      • says:

        So true. They look age 50 at age 30 and age 60 at age 40. White people age so fast and so badly

        The average middle aged White woman has wrinkles all over her face, liver spots, crow’s feet and laugh lines and not to mention they are fat too.
        My mother is almost fifty and looks 35. Black don’t crack!

  150. says:

    sheen looks 60 because he does drugs duh!

  151. says:

    Charlie Sheen is only 47? I honestly thought he was well into his 50s. He looks like CRAP

  152. says:

    This ‘article’ is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  153. says:

    This is not about black vs. white. If you’ll look, it’s obvious that Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson are the ones who look the oldest in their comparisons. So, some of these comments don’t make sense. Some people just look younger, regardless of their race.

  154. says:

    I agree. It’s really not a fair comparison AT ALL. People of color almost invariably look younger at the same age as white folks.

  155. says:

    So you compare 30 “Slebz”. I recognise maybe 10 of them. So where are the other 20???? And who are these nobodies anyway????

  156. says:

    with a few exceptions the age comparisons do not work as advertised, FAIL. waste of time

  157. says:

    Black people (generally) age better than white people so some of these aren’t fair comparisions

  158. says:

    - Being in a relationship or married make a lot of women older than their age because they’re unfortunately so hell-bent on complying with society’s ideas of what a mature woman should look like. There’s a saying in my country which goes by: if wisdom was to be measured by the length of the beard, the goat would always be wiser than the ox. Stop trying to look mature or strong by wearing on too much make-up and behaving like 5 years old girls who steal their mom’s clothes! Just be yourself and you’ll just age gracefully! Also stop sleeping around: promiscuity makes you look old, used, abused ergo disposable!
    – Men, stop partying and also spreading your seeds around: that also makes you look old too soon, used and absolutely non-recyclable.

  159. says:

    I thought I was the only one. I thought my computer was screwing up.

  160. says:

    Black don’t crack.

  161. says:

    My daughter had a baby at the age of 22.How people (all Japanese) said to her?”A child should not have a child””You look as if a child hugs a king salmon.”Looking young is not always good in Japan.Could you tell me how you can look older than your real age?And adding one thing. she is thin and little.She didn’t eat a lot.I arranged many dishes in front of her.She usually told that she had no appetite.And also she has high-pitched voice.I asked her to make voice low in vain.Some said “Your daughter look like 13.”and recommended,”why not to paint face brown partially.”

    • says:

      Looking TOO young isn’t good for a reason. A good friend of mine in my 20s (an indian woman) was 26 and could EASILY pass for an 8 year old. She said that she was freaked out and disgusted when men tried to make a pass at her. Looking young is ok, but being an adult and looking like you aren’t yet old enough to date shouldn’t be considered a good thing.

  162. says:

    Hillary Duff Vs Florence Welsh??
    Hillary is cute.
    I don’t know who Florence Welsh is? I’m not sure I believe she is 25 or even that she is a woman. To be honest, I think (s)he looks like she should be on her back in a casket.

  163. says:

    I don’t think it is that hard to look younger than Charlie Sheen at his age. I don’t even want to imagine what drugs he has popped, and the excessive drinking will do anybody in. Sheen really looks more like 60 than 47. Some people only look older because of terrible make-up. None of those people was without make-up and if you have a bad make-up artist he/she can make you look like a hag even when you’re only 25. Show them ALL without make-up and we will see and judge for ourselves. Avril Levigne has very terrible hair.

  164. says:

    Black people don’t age better, they just have more fat under their skin, that’s all. I’ve seen black people that look heinous for their age – really terrible, but those are mostly them skinny beans.

  165. says:

    No duh, we do age better than cave people! They look so old so fast!

  166. says:

    Agreed but Black still doesn’t crack while Whites look 60 at age 40 and look even worse after that.

  167. says:

    No duh! Whites look 23 at age 16. Looks 45 at age 25. Looks 50 at age 30 and Looks 60 at age 40 and Looks 70 at age 50.
    Britney Spears, Pam Anderson, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna etc are a perfect example of this

  168. says:

    Black don’t crack . I’m sure white people will drink to that, while dining at the yacht club ,lol

  169. says:

    I agree. It has nothing to do with race.. although the darker or mixed you are the slower you will age. Blonde women are the worst at aging no offense to blonde white women im white… but im also olive skin toned and havnt lived a crazy lifestyle like other girls my age. I didnt start sleeping around in highschool or going to bars everynight once i turned 21… ive only been to 1 bar my whole 25 yrs of living how many girls my age can say that.?

  170. says:

    Most of those pairs actually *do* look the same age. In the others, age is added by extreme circumstances, such as carrying more weight, or heavy drug use (Sheen).

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