A Rose In Spanish Harlem: Amber Rose Shoots Uptown Inspired Editorial For “Blackbook” Magazine (Boricua Salute!)

There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem. In lieu of Sunday’s Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC, Amber Rose shot an editorial for Blackbookthat nods to Latino Harlemites. Amber’s androgynous look lets her slink between the roles a card playing man to a sultry vixen on a bicycle. We love the theme, and Mrs. Khalifa looks amazing.

Check out photos from the Latin-tinged editorial here. 



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  • Kirksey

    i dont care what anyone says: Amber Rose is freakin gorgeous!

  • Isaidit

    Yes. Amber is GORGEOUS! Period.

  • skibunny

    I thot it was boy george at first. bahaaa

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Don’t get why my initial post is hidden it doesn’t say anything negative.

  • Jane

    Amber doesn’t know what race she wants to be.