Happy Birthday, Prince! (9 Moments in His New Power Style Evolution!)

Happy Birthday, Prince! (9 Moments in His New Power Style Evolution!)

Prince Rogers Nelson. We’ve lusted a man with heels, a doobi, and a mean press and curl for decades. And he’s still got it. His Purple Majesty celebrates his 54th birthday today, and we couldn’t let the moment pass by without saluting one of the greatest musicians and style icons of our time. From his Purple Rain days, to his need to show us his undies, gifts of “Diamonds and Pearls,” and every guitar stroke and falsetto note, we have loved every second.

Yes, we understand, Sherri.

Here’s to an endless purple reign, rock king. Check out Prince’s flawless style through the years.

The flowing mane and the funky guitar had us at hello.

The shy genius rocked an afro when he hit the scene in the late ‘70s.

But he wasn’t too shy to give us a peek of his briefs. No complaints here.

A man and a guitar always gets the girl. In Prince’s case, millions of girls.

He covered himself in very lucky strands of pearls.

When he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, his perfect press and curl did all the talking.

After a long hiatus, he returned to his rocker roots with a very lucky Beyoncé!

Prince is back on the scene in tailored suits and swag for days.

  • pnh

    Wonderfully done Style Blazer. Happy B-day Prince!!!!

  • Roni

    Yaaay! Happy Birthday Prince!!

  • bjcain3870

    Talented musician/writer Happy B’day Prince!!!!

  • Nmj2twin

    Happy Birthday~Prince u r truly 1 of the best and talented artist~genius

  • Sassynhot

    Happy b/day PR Nelson. Have a fab-u-lous day with your baaad self.

  • Carma

    Happy Birthday Prince. You are still the man!!!!

  • Tres

    Happy Birthday Prince …… From Tres

  • gingerthree

    PHICK- sister. . don’t you find it strange that BILLY BOARD ( i.e. MAGAZINE) put PRINCE’s birthday with MICHAEL JACKSON’S AUGUST 29th BIRTHDAY ? . . . wasn’t he born in JUNE?

    MEOW- i guess it is PROBABLY a DEEP rooted sin nature in HUMANS . . . ALL BLACK MALE SINGERS ARE ALIKE !

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