11 Disney Princesses Gone Very Bad (Cinderella with Blades? Disney Chicks Ain’t Nothing to Mess With!)

We all know the fairy tales. Belle was the sweet bookworm who warmed the heart of the misunderstood Beast. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were two poor damsels who waited for their respective Prince Charmings to awaken them from deep slumber. It seems like they all had to rely on a big strong man to save them from the wicked witch. Well, those days of humming “Some Day My Prince Will Come” in the misty meadow are over. Thanks to the imagination of deviantart user joshwmc,  our favorite Disney girls have transformed into gritty knife toting, machete slinging bad gyals. We don’t think any goons want to rumble with these ladies.  

Something’s gotten into our Disney princesses, and we love it!  From Princess Jasmine to Belle, check out 9 Disney Princesses gone oh so bad. 

Princess Jasmine


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  1. says:

    all of them!!

  2. says:

    Seen a better one

  3. says:

    the rose on Belle’s arm, lol and Tiana had to be the one with the gun huh? Also Mulan was already a bad bitty, she didn’t need a makeover

  4. says:

    If this were in a movie I would watch it! I love Disney!

  5. says:

    This basically was a movie…SuckerPunch

  6. says:

    princess tiana and pocahontas is a bad azz..love them out of the rest

  7. says:

    Belle hands down

  8. says:

    Mulan, Rapuznel, and Pocahontas look the same. Snow White looks scary and demonic

  9. says:

    Before I clicked the ‘next’ button, I knew Tiana would have a gun. Lol. Smh

  10. says:

    No sleeping beauty?

  11. says:

    I never thought to make Belle look like a gladiator.

  12. says:

    They forgot Ariel….

  13. says:

    Snow White, Tiana and Pocahontas were the top three but have seen a better one of them. Still they’re all badasses in my book =)

  14. says:

    Was this made because of disney buying marvel?

  15. says:

    why did Jasmine change races? and someone should tell them all about pants.

  16. says:

    Wasn’t Princess Jasmine already suited with a Whip for a weapon in one of the episodes of Aladdin?

  17. says:

    So regular Mulan has a sword and “bad” Mulan has a fan?

  18. says:

    Ariel is already bad enough?

  19. says:

    Have you guys noticed how the “bad” Tiara sort of looks like Laura craft from tomb raider.

  20. says:

    Clearly these people have never heard of Jim C. Hines and his Princess series. Very similar except everyone’s wearing practical clothing.

  21. says:

    Rapunzel should of had a frying pan.

  22. says:

    Well, not all the time….

  23. says:

    why are they all fat?

  24. says:

    This so called “article” was obviously made as a favor to a friend. The art is mediocre at best and real terrible at it’s worst.

  25. says:

    It did in the days of the gladiators. But, seriously, too much clothing is much worse than none at all. The less there is, the more freedom of movement.

  26. says:

    Cause they’re probably being styled after comicbook heroines.

  27. says:

    Very nnice, but honestly, you couldn’t find something a little different on dA? There’s plenty of stuff like this if you just search disney princesses.

  28. says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t think these were very good. At least not good enough to warrant their own article.

  29. says:

    Pocahontas looks more badass in the original.

  30. says:

    Great art here. They may not have skimpy clothes but the artist definitely didn’t rip them off in the cleavage department.

  31. says:

    I have seen better, but this is decent. As an aside, a lady friend and I were thinking of going as a modern version of Belle and the Beast for Halloween. Might have to changeour gameplan a bit…

  32. says:

    -_- Please…. you should see the “Twisted Princess” ones. Besides these sorts of pictures are all over dA and not all are “gone bad” princesses…..

  33. says:

    whats up with minnie n ariel?

  34. says:

    Am I the only one who looked at Tiana’s ‘new look’ and thought of Lara Croft?

  35. says:

    The Snow, Cindy, and arguably Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty and Beauty/Belle from the “Fables” comics are already more bad-ass than these versions.

  36. says:

    i really..really..dont think MULAN needs a tough makeover… i think anyone who’s actually seen..mulan… agrees…

  37. says:

    this is more like Disney princesses join Tekken

  38. says:

    kinda like how they put pants on pocahontas

  39. says:

    This was absolutely awful

  40. says:

    I love this comment… AGREED!

  41. says:

    These are great drawings but just a question: why does ‘bad’ automatically equal significantly less clothing?

  42. says:

    So what, Ariel and Minnie were already badass enough on their own?

  43. says:

    These were terrible. their faces looked awful. Why did most of these look like they pasted crappy faces over Street Fighter bodies?

  44. says:

    Pocahontas never wore head feathers. They’re a privilege item in American aboriginal culture, and only worn by certain chiefs. This is offensive.

  45. says:

    This what happens when you cross Disney with Mortal Kombat.

  46. says:

    I think less clothes would be more practical actually. I mean it would be a lot easier to roundhouse kick someone in the face if you were wearing shorts, than if you were wearing a dress.

  47. says:

    Not necessarily bad art, but how on earth does “badass princesses that don’t need no prince charming” somehow turn into skimpily clad princesses with huge breasts? Is their ability to defend themselves directly related to the amount of coverage their bodies get?

  48. says:

    Artwork kind of sucks. No, I can’t do any better, but I’m not submitting my crap anywhere either.

  49. says:

    What the hell is up with the Ariel and Minnie Mouse ones? They only showed them in their regular forms!

  50. says:

    In the movie, Mulan is depicted as being unskilled with weapons. The “real” Mulan, on the other hand, was said to have practiced with many different weapons. The area in which she was believed to have lived was known for practicing martial arts such as Kung Fu and for being skilled with the sword. In the legend, the real Mulan (whose name was actually Hua Mulan) rode horses and shooting arrows.

    Korean Fighting fans and Chinese Fighting Fans are just about exactly the same. Consider that while Koreans were making their fans, the korean leaders were outlawing them, practically forcing them to be only sold and bought in neighboring countries.

  51. says:

    Why was Minnie Mouse ‘bringing up the rear’?

    And Ariel was just a frame from original Disney?!

  52. says:

    You guys should read a play titled “Snow White Zombie” by Brenton Lengel. It SO matches up with this article.

  53. says:

    They all looked great!! now lets get some dolls made and I would buy em.

  54. says:

    Mulan was already a warrior a fighter before unlike other princesses she didn’t like being made up waiting for a man . She went out and battled with the men .

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