9 Celebs Who Came Out Exposing Too Much (These Outfits Were Sheer Fails!)

In an industry where it seems less is more when it comes to fashion, many celebs attempt various degrees of undress in order to get attention. They do it because you’re so bored with the usual, and have short attention spans—it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Just kidding. But seriously, sometimes a low plunging neckline means headlines a la Jennifer Lopez in her infamous green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys. Then sometimes it’s just one huge FAIL. And in recent years, those number of fails have skyrocketed! 

Check out our gallery for 9 celebs who showed way too much and completely and utterly failed.


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  1. says:

    who cares what people wear, i hope more celebs just be themselves and not follow trends-

  2. says:

    OMG u mean that they are showing more of what our creator gave them. Keep it up girls, u all look great to me.

      • says:

        do not be deceived. GOD will not be mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap. This rampant exhibitionism is foolish, ungodly and ugly-where is the fear of GOD in your lives? I sadly see your demise

        • says:

          I don’t believe in God >.>

          • says:

            HE believes in you-whether you believe or not is the single MOST IMPORTANT DECISION you will ever make and i am praying for those like you for it is the”will of GOD that all repent” but GOD gave us free will-neither HE nor i will force you to believe. I would ask you to do this:look at the beauty and interdependence of the world in which we live…does its complexity and perfection not speak to your soul?

          • says:

            Don’t bring God, when you also enjoy looking at these pics. So hypocrite!! Relax and enjoy the view and be glad that someone is willing to entertain you.

          • says:

            He can say whatever he want — just as I can. I’ll bet your life that you won’t keep me from doing so.

          • says:


          • says:

            your presumption that I “enjoyed” these pix is folly. JESUS calls us all where ever you maybe. I was curious as to what people think of GOD here and I was not surprised by the vitriol or the personal attacks see Matthew 5:11 for you bless me when you curse me..thank you

          • says:

            “If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as male servants do Exodus 21:7………….. you are a horrible person and i hope u die soon.

          • says:

            seriously I think you have just cursed yourself… I would go to God with this comment of yours.. this is a serious matter

          • says:

            Probably rubbing yourself raw looking at these pictures. There are no greater sexual deviants or hypocrites than the ones in the church.

          • says:

            we all go to church don’t we??? what has church got to do with it when most of us attend even now and then???

          • says:

            No we all don’t go to church. We ALL don’t do anything except live and breathe air and use the bathroom.

            Whenever laws that govern behavior or morals are pushed in this country or discriminate against other citizens/people invariably some churchy people are in the picture–the thing is the church crowd tends to be a lot more judgmental than everyone else or at least tend to be so judgmental that they want to enforce/impose their version of beliefs on others through laws,

            It usually follows that the ones judging the most (and holding themselves up as Christians) are often just as guilty of the SAME SINS as the ones they are condemning others for –hence the term HYPOCRITE.

          • says:

            Let’s be straight up. Matthew lived 400 years after Jesus,so did the other 3 authors of the new testament books, which might I add all contradict each other. So it all whittles down to people before you filtering out the ‘good stuff’ and fun stories just for important little you. Thomas Jefferson even wrote a version of the bible eliminating all the outlandish events to include only teachings. This shies away from it all being divinely orchestrated and turns it into a philosophy book (the Jeffersonian Bible, as it’s called is actually distributed to every member of the senate to this day). But yes, lets quote passages out of context without analyzing the numerous contradictions involved in the whole. Great politician you will be (Yoda voice).

          • says:

            ditto……….I was just as curious to see how people still view sin and if they realize it .. gives us a platform to share that sin has consequences…and eternity has no open door!

          • says:

            Those words were not written by any god, No one has ever seen anything that god has written. They were writings by an ordinary men.

          • says:

            The *holy spirit*

          • says:

            No one has seen the holy spirit either.

          • says:

            STFU he wasn’t the one who started it anyways you’re the hypocrite

          • says:

            Curious as to what a bible-thumper such as yourself is doing on a page like this?

          • says:

            Even Jesus walked amongst the Gentiles……

          • says:

            just like me was wondering what people really think of this world system and its sin

          • says:

            Why do you worry about others? Worry about yourself

          • says:

            Go away grown ups are talking

          • says:

            You wouldn’t know a “grown-up” if one was shoved up your rectum. However, please practice your recognition skills by shoving your comment.

          • says:

            Now there’s that good Christian love we’ve come to expect from your sort.

          • says:

            depends on how you use the word love…its not always giddy and romantic.. it can be used in many different ways depending on the emotion and the text of the conversation or even warningl..

          • says:

            So, are we getting pizza, or no?

          • says:

            probably will make us do the moon walk , CRAY PIZZA… OMG- I laughed, Lord forgive me for I have sinned.

          • says:

            Phok you and Phok god, retard.

          • says:

            Now that was not even right!!!!!

          • says:

            Ole Don sniffs little boys bicycle seats. js

          • says:

            your comments merely highlight your ignorance see Matthew 5:11 for when you disparage a servant of GOD you curse yourself. I forgive you

          • says:

            “If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as male servants do Exodus 21:7………….. you are still a horrible person and i hope u die soon.

          • says:

            kill yourself.

          • says:

            Ummmm… you apparently haven’t been to the ghetto areas.. where’s the beauty there? Does god just pick and choose where to spread beauty? Why does he hate his children so much that he allows them to suffer like that? Suffer not little children, yet, god does not help them in any way. So, please take your preaching elsewhere. Oh wait.. you can’t do that, you like what you see here!!

          • says:

            There is beauty in every person, including in ghetto areas in all parts of the world.

          • says:

            That’s YOUR problem MooCatz

          • says:

            Then you are crazy…and those women still look horrid, no matter WHO believes in God…who wants to see their trampy bodies…we’ve all seen just as good, and better in some cases…

          • says:

            I don’t discriminate. I like trampy bodies just as well as untrampy ones. And, what would God have to do with it?

          • says:

            its called sin and God has everything to do with it at the end of the day.// life…..

          • says:

            Then why did you look ????? Bet you have some skeleton’s in your closet. He who is without sin cast the first stone……

          • says:

            Whether you believe in him or not is completely irrelevant — his existence is in no way dependent on your belief.

          • says:

            Actually it is entirely based on people’s imagination.

          • says:

            Kibosh, What qualifies you as a Religion expert, if you do not believe. No you are a soothsayer who can read the minds of everyone in the world and say they are imaging him who gives you life. Well I will share a secret, it would not be imagination when you stand before him someday.

          • says:

            Well, I guess we’ll have legs then. I wonder what we’ll be walking on.

          • says:

            yeah just like the imagination of the doctors , the paramedics and the nurses who saw the demon possessed child gliding up a wall backwards to the ceiling an flipping over …..as well as witness of other horrific scenes .. the evidence for God is shown thru the demonic activity of demons thruout history as they try to thwart Gods purposes… they however have a short time left and this is why the activity of demons working behind the scenes has stepped up big time in these last days.

          • says:

            And your “belief” is only dependent on what the people in your life tell you. That’s what a belief usually is.

          • says:

            no one had to convince me.. God in his gracious mercy seeked me out and showed me who He Is.. this time I listened and my life has never been the same ive been redeemed…..halleluah!!

          • says:

            and your opinion makes mine no less either, GET OFF THIS SINFULL SITE THEN ???? WHY DID YOU LOOK, I ‘m Curious and killing time, who cares I knew when I looked it might have some things I don’t like….. Get your bible out and do something like PRAY& SEND LOVE OUT THERE…..

          • says:

            God created you MooCatz and He loved you and your soul just as much as those of us who do believe. He said “it is appointed ONCE for man to die,” and LOOK He has not reneged Once on that promise. Every one must die; He said so. Inside that body you live in is a Soul. Two choices: Heaven or Hell?

          • says:

            well said short and to the point .the truth will set you free

          • says:

            I think he said that he will be returning “soon”. Wonder what the definition of soon was back then.

          • says:

            to God 2000 quickly passes…soon is anytime.. we are living the bible revelations now as never before .. as evil gets worse.. as man shows more hatred for God.. when good is touted as evil and evil as good when climates do crazy things.. we are closer than we have ever been to his return…. so close….

          • says:

            “If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as male servants do Exodus 21:7………….. you are a horrible person and i hope u die soon.

          • says:

            i feel sorry for you .your life must be so empty .

          • says:

            HE believes in you

          • says:

            sorry Don scripturally speaking God doesn not believe in this person or any person for he knows the hearts of man. it is wicked continuously … what he does believe in is the person indwelt with the HS thereby no longer seeing the sin within….so therefore God believes in the work of the HS within that person…
            Jesus meant it when he stated not once but twice… YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN….

          • says:

            that is ok. He believes in you.

          • says:

            Weather we do or don’t, that isn’t even the point, who are we to hate and judge, just because someone doesn’t believe in GOD, should not give them permission to judge and hate. agnostic s what many really are, unsure, because that is where they are now, not really knowing if they believe, or what and people spewing hate only brings hate. People can still be loving and not believe or are unsure but hate wins nothing but breeds hate and ignorance.

          • says:

            What is it you believe in, then??

          • says:

            You will believe in God, at judgement day when it is too late to do anything about your belief, as you are condemned to hell (Hebrews 10:27).

        • says:

          I seem to remember something about “judge not lest ye shall be judged”. Or didn’t you read that passage in the Bible? And then there’s the whole text of what Jesus had to say, and it wasn’t about fearing God, His Father, it was about loving and being kind to each other. Meditate on those points for a while and you’ll have less time to beat up on what others find acceptable to wear.

          • says:

            Its, very strange how some people can quote parts of scripture, and think others do not know that what they are actuallysiting is not in the Bible . The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to avoid the snares of death. Proverbs 14:27. Look if up!

          • says:

            And the fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom. We know the truth and no matter how it dissembled and misinterpreted it stands because it is the WORD of GOD.r

          • says:

            @disqus_JMPBJK6e07:disqus. You should know your Bible and not just quote a verse or two out of context like the other Christian-haters. Yes, Jesus clearly states to fear God. One example of this is Matthew 10:28. The judgement you refer to is eternal judgement, and no one here is condemning you to hell as we do not have that authority. Yes, we are to love each other and we are trying to save lost souls from eternal damnation. We are commanded to spread the Gospel, the good news, and what good are we if we only speak to those who are saved. Even Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus even states in Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”
            I just want to leave you with a point to ponder….If Jesus did not come from the Father, and there is no God, then why, after 2000 years, is His still the most powerful name in history, stirring more emotion than any other? Could it be that Jesus is who He claims, and if He is not, then can you explain how the number of revelations, historically, were fulfilled?

          • says:

            “… stirring more emotion than any other …”


            The evangelical con artists stir up the emotion.

        • says:

          This is the craziest comment I’ve ever seen and I appreciate that.

        • says:

          Amen brother. We fervently pray that God would help us take our nation back, then we see this filth, kinda makes you wonder if God hasn’t a reason for not answering our prayers. Yes, we will reap!

        • says:

          Good Job Don.
          People think that God accepts such foolishness, no. He may have walked among the sinners, but it doesn’t make the sinners any less than what they are. He walked among them to teach them what was right and how to change their ways.

          • says:

            Well, we’re ALL sinners. Why do you criticize other peoples sins when you know that you are a sinner yourself?

          • says:

            Keep making it up as you go, it’s much more meaningful that way.

          • says:

            There are many good people who walk among “sinners” and teach them what is right and how to change their ways. Does that make them descendants of Jesus Christ?

        • says:

          Youre right god should have made us all in 3 piece suits at birth. That would make idiots like us more godly.

        • says:

          Any god that is necessary to fear is no god of mine.

        • says:

          So, you’re saying that what god created is ungodly and ugly? Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction? Why would someone have to fear God? I thought he was supposed to be the good guy! He is, according to the good book, the father of all of us and I certainly wouldn’t fear my father. I wouldn’t want a father that made me live in fear.

        • says:

          Whatsoever you sow ,you shall reap !!!! REALY !!!!! You don’t sadly see any ones demise you love it, you are the opposite of your thumping judgmental spirit. YOU ARE A HATER and people like you RUN others away from the light, to TRUTH , YOUR TRUTH!!!!!!!!. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU AND YOUR HATE …………….. You do not judge ANYONE. Wake up every day and ask yourself what YOU can do to be better person to serve man !!!!! Pull in light, not darkness .

        • says:

          How can anybody look at a beautiful body and say it is ugly? That has nothing to do with fearing God, just an appreciation of what God can create.

    • says:

      umm you mean your imaginary god?? cmon that disgusting imaginary skypappy couldn’t make anything this good

      • says:

        Skypappy—I like that.

      • says:

        Nauseating piece of human crap. Do the world a favor — reach up out of the commode & pull the “flush” handle.

      • says:

        Hey Carson Just want to add in that even if you guys are right and there is no god than what ever we all have the same fate then, but if we Christians are right and you’re wrong than you go to hell for all eternity and burn forever in a lake of fire. So here is your chance repent, I’m praying for you Carson;)
        God Bless

        • says:

          Yeah, I think I’d rather believe in my skypappy, a.k.a. God, and live eternity in heaven vs. not believing and burning in hell forever and ever. Amen!

          • says:

            WHATever you believe is your business. Count me out. I worry
            not one whit about the hereafter. No one has ever come back to discuss it — irrelevant.

          • says:

            naoma, plenty of people came back, just search youtube for testimonies, people who died and came back to tell what they saw.

          • says:

            its lies and propaganda. ur an idiot for believing the internet dumbass

          • says:

            yeah that’s a happy thought. thousands of people burning forever just for asking for a little proof or committing suicide because of bullies. ur a horrible person for cheering that on

          • says:

            You have no idea about what kind of person I am and we all have a personal choice. I do not celebrate anyone’s pain and your ignorance is getting the best of you so maybe you should reach up and flush as well. Now, maybe I am being horrible :).

        • says:

          me too well done brother

        • says:

          You’re only right for you. And your Hell is made up anyway.
          Learn your own book, not just the lies they tell you.
          Here is a hint, start by going to Rabbis and asking them about the Torah, you know, the book your old testament was stolen from, and take it from there.

        • says:

          So your reasoning behind believing in God is because if you don’t you will go to hell for eternity and burn forever in a lake of fire? That’s why you believe in God? Wow.

    • says:

      You mean what a plastic surgeon sold them?

    • says:

      ….says your daughter.

    • says:

      What didn’t “our creator” give them? Maybe we should Poop in public too? Our creator gave us that little ditty too! Lol!

    • says:

      So out of curiosity what religion are you?

    • says:

      actually they really don’t

  3. says:

    Cher, did not wear this outfit in 2011. She worn it around the late 80’s or early 90’s.

    • says:

      Wake up! she pulled it out of the closet and showed off her awesome body in the same ol’ suit for the 2011 VMAs. I admire her and wish I still had the body to do the same!

    • says:

      Cher DID where the outfit in 2011, she wore it and still looks hella good at 60 sumthing… yes! 60 sumthing… she is Armenian and a fab body is just natural for her! just look at Kim K!!!

    • says:

      Just look at her face and you can tell it was more recent. Ugh!

      • says:

        She is beautiful !!! and her clothing is tasteful. How many women can show off their bodies at that age and look great like that…. ok, well I can but I have no one to show off to. And, well, God did make our bodies….. and our bodies are sacred…. ok, maybe we women should show them only to OUR OWN men and not to the whole world. It’s crazy, but everyone enjoys looking at a beautiful bare body….. bravo to Cher!

  4. says:

    Ice-T, first wife looks a Hell a lot better than Coco. Ice-T must be getting old because back in the day he wouldn’t NEVER had put up what Coco did to him with another man.

  5. says:

    Ashanti – OMG!!!

  6. says:

    Lil Kim is a freak show.

  7. says:

    Somebody should tell Ashanti she’s too fat to reveal so much.

    • says:

      You have to remember that Ashanti’s African-American fans are a bit more forgiving of a full figure than her white audience is (actually, many Black men prefer some weight on a woman.) I would venture that she’s playing to her strength, and that if her white audience don’t like it, well… she won’t lose any sleep over it.

      • says:

        Point well taken, Star Thrower. Difference perspectives.

      • says:

        Throw some love stars ,, love your spirit……

      • says:

        When I saw “not-so-fit” I thought that’s ridiculous! Ashanti is fit, she’s just thick. And you’re right about the cultural perspective.

        • says:

          She’s not even very thick when you take her out of Hollywood. Look at the everyday woman on the street. The terms of fat and thick are just getting ridiculous now, even Jennifer Lawrence is now “FAT!” how skinny do women have to be to be acceptable now?

      • says:

        So true. I love her figure and i’m white when i seen not-so-fit i was thinking not so fit compared to those stick size women

    • says:

      You man feel ashamed and hide because KatRob Likeit ha way…

      • says:

        What the hell language are you speaking, Moonglow? Go get an education and come back and try to post again. And ebonics is not a language, it’s a lazy man’s way of talking. Geez! You should be ashamed at how stupid you sound.

    • says:

      Seriously, grow up. Calling skinny girls fat is why there are so many eating disorders now

    • says:

      that’s fat to you???…..interesting

  8. says:

    I’m just pissed they blocked it all out.

  9. says:

    Didn’t these used to be called “wardrobe malfunctions”?

    • says:

      Wardrobe malfunction at least implies that something happened to expose more skin than they intended, something like Janet Jackson’s ‘nip slip’ when part of her costume either ripped or came undone… something anyway. When she came out on the stage, she was covered. That’s more than you can say for these celebs. They MEANT to have their girly-parts seen by everyone who wanted to and even some who didn’t.

  10. says:

    Sad. Showing your intimate body is the best you’ve got? That’s not talent or even interesting to me.Only creeps are interested and if that is who you want to interest, then you succeeded.

  11. says:

    What is the problem. It is their money, their choice, their opportunity to blow their marketability to remain “flush”.
    When they are not desirable for ANY market, other than selling their body…

  12. says:

    WOW …. and this is what our kids are looking up to……..were is this world going…….

  13. says:

    It is far more sad that you censor photos that do not even contain nudity, you suggest impropriety where none exists. As for God, he created the human body, I don’t believe that nudity is ‘ungodly’ I believe that you are a troll trying to get people annoyed. Consider yourself now ignored.

  14. says:

    miley cyrus almost all of her outfits are showing way too much

  15. says:

    What do you expect from high paid prostitutes, chastity and modesty?

  16. says:

    Can’t even show a buncha nipples? Get outta here! I’ll just look at my own in the mirror then.

  17. says:

    She looks awesome!

  18. says:

    The worse thing about Cher’s outfit is the hair

  19. says:

    where did they ordered these exposing dress?

  20. says:

    Fail is a verb. What morons decided to make it a noun? The same crowd that puts an apostrophe before every “s”?

  21. says:

    Melody Thornton has no figure, she’s a stick. Nothing to see there folks, she needs a heavy duty pushup bra to even look like she has boobs.

  22. says:

    Rihanna and Lil Kim look like street girls.

  23. says:

    Ashanti has a flat chest and a big bottom. No way should she be in a sheer catsuit. Yuck!

  24. says:

    Coco, you not only look like you belong on the street but your face looks frozen.

  25. says:

    Well Gaga always looks trashy.

  26. says:

    Does anyone beside me see a pattern here? Here’s a hint: It’s NOT the color of the outfit…

  27. says:

    God did not give women vaginas to show, they were ment to bear a child, He gave us breasts to feed that child and all u celebs do is mock and disgrace these parts and expose your ignorance of intelligence just for the sake of that rout to all evil thing called money. God are we in trouble i can just see Moses coming down out of the mountains again and seeing what the people are doing while he was gone. History repeating it’s self.

  28. says:

    I would like the dress better without that big ruffle in the front.

  29. says:

    Are the graphic artists that edit these pix so lazy or lacking in creativity that they can’t think of anything to use for cover-ups except ugly black squares? Good grief! There’s a wealth of dingbats that would make these photos worlds more creative! They’re just plain ugly as they are now… hearts, stars, even circles, but not squares and rectangles!

  30. says:

    You blacked out Jessica White’s black undies? C’mon now, even children know what underwear looks like. No surprises there! How provincial can you get!

  31. says:

    Your censorship SUCKS!!!

  32. says:

    Your censorship SUCKS big time!!!

  33. says:

    Most of these so-called stars cannot even read a contract. Some are functionally illiterate. The only thing they know is exposing themselves to enhance their “stardom.”

  34. says:

    It’s sad when a woman feels all she has to offer is her body. It is sad that they don’t even realize their full worth or recognize their gifts. They feel like crap inside so they act like crap outside.

  35. says:

    Cher looks get

  36. says:

    What are those stupid black squares?

  37. says:

    What a phaggot site blocking it out.

  38. says:


  39. says:

    Do these high paid HO’s think we have never seen boobs or a vagina? Most of their bodies should be covered up from head to toe, from the looks o them. Maybe it’s to distract from some of their faces I have never spent one dime on any of their so called entertainment business. If that’s what they call it.!!!!!!!!

  40. says:

    Why are you blocking half the pictures?? If these idiots are stupid enough to go out in public looking like this, the least you could is let us see without censorship …

  41. says:

    I came to see ***** and boobs not a black bar. wtf? Everyone came here to see the ***** and you all know it. Tee hee

  42. says:

    When will censorship end!??

  43. says:

    Thank goodness for those little black squares or I’d be offended. :)

  44. says:

    I am SO very grateful to the censors for saving me from this terrible nudity. NOT. The offensive thing is the censorship, not the ladies clothing choices.

  45. says:

    What is the meaning of those black squares on the spots that are supposed to demonstrate that too much skin was showing….. You put the squares and I don’t know whether too much skin was actually showing or not.. so the main purpose of the article becomes meaningless..

  46. says:

    Cher was born in 1946, which in 2010 would make her 64. She’s a bit “long in the tooth” to be wearing these types of outfits. I can say this because I’m only a year younger.

  47. says:

    CocoT’s husband doesn’t seem to mind.

  48. says:


  49. says:

    The problem is YAHOO showing way too little of Celebs showing way too much! The Church of Yahoo is way too uptight!

  50. says:

    Is this site run by some Mormons or puricanical Christians? what is up with the black boxes over UNDERWEAR? Geez…people.

  51. says:

    WTF. When you don’t want to see Britney’s vagina they put it in your face. When you want to see these they black box it out. I WANT JUSTICE!

  52. says:

    I can understand censoring a vagina, but come now: There is no shame or vulgarity in nipples. Such weakness in people.

  53. says:

    How the heck did this become about God? I thought we were talking about fashion mistakes.

  54. says:

    Just goes to show that no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class!

  55. says:

    Some of these women have NOTHING to be proud of. Just saying!

  56. says:

    People always act like this is scandalous, ignorant of the fact that it is the high watt camera flashes that make the dress transparent. They probably looked fine in normal light and had no idea that photos would look like this.

  57. says:

    Only thing worse to look at is ms bo. She has made a comeback for the no see through bag.

  58. says:

    That shirt is just “tits” man!

  59. says:

    Maybe she just doesn’t have a full length mirror.

  60. says:

    “Baby got back!” or is it “junk in the trunk” I guess I am just not hip.

  61. says:

    Well, her name is share you know.

  62. says:

    What do you say to that other than gaga gaga

  63. says:

    Rose McGowan at the Video Music Awards. Yikes. They all just come across as incredibly, pathetically desperate for attention.

  64. says:

    Not-so-fit figure? Ashanti looks alright to me in that catsuit. Even Cher looks good in her pic too.

  65. says:

    Lady Gaga use to wear the craziest dresses, but now idk what’s happening to her. I really liked her when she did that.

  66. says:

    show men the fur !!

  67. says:

    I don’t know who half of these people are, which most likely explains why they’re wearing this stuff–a desperate bid for attention.

  68. says:

    Note to SB this is the internet no need to block anything out .

  69. says:

    garbage story reporting by StyleBlazer…

  70. says:

    Pleased that Cher still looks so good! even if this fashionista doesn’t approve.

  71. says:

    Dad, Mom….when I grow up I want to be just another skank.

  72. says:

    Ashante’s butt and thighs are the size of Kansas!

  73. says:

    Nothing worse than a black box….

  74. says:


  75. says:

    Slightly less than Kim Kardashian

  76. says:

    All these women look trashy and simple minded. What’s the point?

  77. says:

    Another simpleton

  78. says:

    Who are these people?

  79. says:

    They are insecure and is looking for more attention. The more self-absorb they are the more insecure they will be.

  80. says:

    are black boxes the new black?

  81. says:

    They are beginning to bore the whole lot of us. Its like going to a buffet, seeing so much food and losing one’s appetite…its saturating already. And that Cyrus chic…she tried way way too hard…

  82. says:

    I wish they’d have some guys pictures. C’mon boys! Where’s your spirit of exhibitionism??

  83. says:

    If you can’t act, sing, dance, or have no talent: show your tits.

  84. says:

    if I was a womn movi star and had the body I would go to events with nearly nothing on just sheer or seethrough with pasties just barely covering up certain parts on me

  85. says:

    If I looked like Lil Kim; I would dress the same way she does.

  86. says:

    Why does Style Blazer, along with a few others, insist that every time we view a photo, we have to readjust the screen! EXTREMELY ANNOYING and will not view anything where this has to be done!

  87. says:

    I’m of the opinion the critics are just mad because they don’t look as good as these ladies do.

  88. says:

    While I don’t love the dress, I think it’s problematic to refer to her figure as “not-so-fit” because she is not rail thin and hence the eurocentric ideal. This is why so many women have self image issues today. African-American or not… this woman is not obese. She has a normal body. The author should keep their cultural prejudice out….

  89. says:

    I’ve only ever heard of 3 of those woman. it’s funny the more skin a woman shows the more the media claim their a star. no talent but they show their talent.

  90. says:

    When you don’t have talent show skin.

  91. says:

    Where do they find the prudes to write these articles. Are they from a convent or are they so ugly and fat that all they can do is mock others.

  92. says:

    I’m less offended by the outfits than by the comments on them. “OH NO, THEY’RE NOT SUFFICIENTLY ASHAMED OF THEIR BODIES AND EXPOSE SOME OF THEM! QUICKLY, SHAME THEM!”

    And you call Ashanti “not so fit”!? She’s gorgeous!

  93. says:

    Uncensored pics?

  94. says:

    There is nothing wrong with Ashanti’s body!

  95. says:

    Fine unless you’re one of those people with a black oblong fetish

  96. says:

    Excuse you, “not so fit” ? Ashanti’s body looks fantastic.

  97. says:

    “NOT SO FIT” ughhh are people dumb? she is your beautiful average sized woman! it’s people who like this who cause problems in young girls, telling them “average” isn’t good enough, that is just BS Ashanti ooks amazing so does her body!

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