10 Hollywood Hunks That Never Seem To Age: Ladies Grab Your Fans, These Honeys Are Hot!

In Hollywood,  a leading star’s looks can serve as his absolute best friend. It’s great to be charming, actually be talented and so forth, but its the looks that gets these actors/musicians on everyone’s radar. So shallow we know, but that’s how it goes in Tinsel town! The men on this list take it a step further because not only are they handsome, but they never age! Maybe it’s a little Botox, maybe not, but these men get better and better with time (just like fine wine). Here goes…

Nas, 38:



Nas is not only one of the best rappers alive, he happens to be the most handsome too, appealing to generations of women in Hip-Hop.


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  1. says:

    LEON is like ”fine” get better with time…he is the ”truth” LENNY has always had my ”heart” what ”about” WILL SMITH he ageless…[his wife needs to ease of the botox] she looks plastic….

  2. says:

    ALl of them are fine. Will is ageless

  3. says:

    Ideis Elba is not fine! I’m soo sorry but those razor bumps and those yellow eyes are not Fine! Cute but not grabs fan he so fine type. SMh.

  4. says:

    Some of them are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, Blair, Idris, Tom, Brad, Denzel but I know they exercise and eat right. Nas really does look young. Leon is 50? Shut ‘yo mouth!

  5. says:

    The pollster taker must have some “hots” for dark men.
    Yeah, you left out Will Smith.

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