10 Celebs Leading The Natural Hair Movement: These Hollywood Heroines Traded Creamy Crack for Twist Outs

  • Marco

    Here’s to you, sistas …I applaud you!! Looking forward to the day weaves are put out to pasture with the Jhery Curl.

  • OoBrownSugaroO

    You guys forgot about Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown. Her Natural hair is beautiful!

  • http://twitter.com/msbusy DA LADY LUV

    Happy to she seems to have matured I hope……TIFFANY seems to be a strong woman now……NEW YORK a child who needed to grow up and have better choices in men. …..LUV the look…..

  • zap

    why is hair so important to this society?

    • Corduroy

      Amen to the truth! That’s one reason why I find natural hair more attractive. Most times it speaks to the woman’s pride, confidence, and love for her blackness. Weaves don’t get a second look from me

  • chibi

    I recently chopped all of my past the shoulder length relaxed hair. I can’t wait to start growing out my hair and thoroughly enjoying my own texture.
    These women inspired me but Tiffany Pollard was the biggest surprise of them all. Beautiful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.payne.3192 Denise Payne

    I just went natural and LUV IT!

  • Pat

    Wendy Williams stated that Viola Davis natural look wasn’t appropriate for the red carpet. Will someone tell her that her total look isn’t appropriate. She looks like a man in drag!!

    • trina

      Ooohh, you sound like my husband! He said Wendy Williams looks like RuPaul’s sister, lol!!

  • 2guns

    Yeah but. These aren’t major celebrities trying to compete in any market. Basically old women who have nothing to lose. Let’s be realistic. Black women
    in general aren’t in any real competition. When you’re own men run away every chance they get, you’re basically road kill. Something you could go to
    if there is absolutely nothing else to get you by.

    • Enoughsenough

      Someone scarred you bad!!!

    • B Please

      We ARE competition, and that’s why you made that unnecessary, rude comment. When one feels like someone is not competition, they keep moving because they are confident in themselves and don’t feel the need to make ugly comments to make themselves feel ‘better’. Some white people envy our bountiful melanin and it’s benefits (of course most would never openly admit it). Most of us have very versatile hair that many others do not. I’ve heard white women say that they want kids with black men because they don’t want “plain looking” white children their words, not mine). Black men as a whole aren’t running from us because most (the majority) of them are with black women, and the few who do “run”, let them go to white women, because most of the black men who hate black women are damaged goods who have self-esteem issues, self-hate, and mommy/daddy issues.

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