Hip Hop Honeys: The 10 Sexiest Rappers Alive Vol. 3 (We Can't Get Enough!)

Hip Hop Honeys: The 10 Best Looking Rappers Alive Vol. 3 (We Can’t Get Enough!)

We previously brought you Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the best looking rappers alive, and we had to present you with Volume 3. There are some hot emcees out there, and it’s just way too hard to narrow the list down to ten. Every woman has her own flavor, so we made sure to have enough honey to satisfy every appetite. New emcees like Waka Flocka Flame make the cut, but we’ve also got love for a godfather like Big Daddy Kane. Maybe a chiseled body like LL Cool J’s makes your heart flutter, or you prefer ’em a bit chunkier like David Banner.  Whatever your preference, sit back and indulge in the assorted goodness.

Click through to see if your honey made the list. And tell us who should be in the top 10.


LL Cool J

Big Daddy Kane

Young Jeezy

Waka Flocka Flame

David Banner

Bow Wow


50 Cent

Big Sean

Joe Budden

  • autumnbreeze

    Ummmm…helloooo???? What about T.I.?

    • roque

      Thank you.

  • chanice

    Nas, juelz santana, shyne (before prison), nelly! Eve!

  • ladyrl


  • Roque

    This list sucks. Get Nikki off, Jeezy is questionable. He just got cute. Bow wow really??????? What about Tupac.

  • JADA-R

    I took the liberty to fix this list because it was obviously WRONG so here it goes in no particular order ……. Nelly, LL Cool J, Waka Flocka, Wale, Big Sean, 50 Cent, Pharrell, Drake, Common, T.I

  • michezulu

    This list is wrong. Here the correct list in no partiular order.

    1. Method Man
    2. NAS
    3. Big Daddy Kane
    4. Lil Reese (GBE Chicago)
    5. Fredo Santana (GBE Chicago)
    6. Common
    7. Fifty Cent (body only)
    8. Waka Flaka (mouth closed)
    9. Julez Santana (not blunted up)
    10. Langston Higgans (ThemRangers LA)

  • justmyopinion

    HA HA HA! Fuuunnny!?! This is the best April Fools day list ever!!!… oh…wait… it is not April….

  • repaermirgeht

    This is Volume 3. At this point they’re just grasping at straws.

  • kn_logic

    you forgot Juelz Santana



    David Banner


    David Banner

  • marrvviinn

    my sisters always raved about Nas, Nelly, Mr Meth, Camron, Juelz Santana, Prodigy, Mase, Loon, DMX the one from slum village and others. No Homo but this is largely bums. I’ll give these cats a run for their money.



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