Packing Heat: Criminally Cool Bags From Vlieger & Vandam (Who’s In?)

The husband and wife duo of Hein van Dam and Carolien Vlieger have created the bad-a$$ handbags of our fantasies. Spotted on the likes of Rihanna and featured in European mags like Grazia and Netherlands Cosmopolitan, Vlieger and Vandam’s bags marry the function of sumptuous durable leather with the avant garde, almost surrealist design.


The raised outline of pistols, handcuffs and butcher knives will definitely raise a few brows and call for a double take. Though you might have a hard time getting through security at the airport, these daring purses will stylishly hold all the weaponry you’ll need. The criminally cool accessories range from $218 for a leather clutch to $420 for the Guardian Angel tote, with a little contraband chic at every price level. Shop the collection online at Vlieger & Vandam


Deidre Dyer


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  • risa

    love the concept and design. soo good x

  • SayItAintSo

    this bag’ll get you kilt…but u’ll b kill’n ’em.