9 Hollywood Parents Who Pimp Their Kids (Kris Jenner Leads the Pack of “Momagers” in Overdrive!)

  • thomjohn3

    The Palin family is included because Sarah Palin “…played out the drama of her daughter’s teenage pregnancy on the campaign trail.” I seem to remember the MEDIA making a big deal out of it…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tidho-Tidho/624156376 Tidho Tidho

      Exactly. Her opponents were trying to damage her politically with a constant focus on her daughter’s pregnancy. The way this article is worded is either ignorance or more of the same.

  • Me

    with regards to the pageant mom/kid – sorry kid, you can’t escape genetics. Look to your left – you’re screwed.

  • Styleblazersux

    I hate this site…too many effing ads! If it’s not taking me to a page that my internet security finds risky, it’s playing some video ad or popping up another video. Never coming here again, ugh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.stevens.9235 Linda Stevens

    I can’t stand the judgmental tone of the wording that Oprah chose when asking Kris Jenner if she feels she pimps her kids out. Oprah, having no kids, certainly can’t relate to a mother of six who is trying to ensure her children are able to live comfortable lives without the stress, worries, & lack of necessities that not being well off engenders. It doesn’t take much to throw a person for a loop, financially. Fortunately for Kris Jenner’s kids, their Mom is a go-getter. I don’t think she is perfect, but why on earth do people feel the need to criticize everyone who is different from them or not the norm?

    • http://twitter.com/siriusmagic9 Elizabeth

      What you don’t know about Oprah is she raised her niece. Her sister passed away a. In fact, her niece works as a reporter in the entertainment industry.

      • http://twitter.com/divalicioushott LaQuanda Hollins

        And?????????………………..Nonthing like ACTUALLY giving birth and raising your own kids!!! Nothing against Oprah…..JS…….

        • SonnyB

          So parents of adopted kids aren’t real parents? Only if you give birth to them are you a parent? Give me a break!

          • Mzmm

            Well said SonnyB!!! The ignorance of some of these folks on here is unbelievable…. I happened on this page and will probably never come this way again….but as for your comment…well phrased, only sensible one I’ve read…Bye

        • Mom

          LaQuandra Hollis. You are ignorant. I have raised 4 foster children and you had better believe that they are my kids.

    • Grace

      another wonderful reply. People who criticize others on blogs, have no life. I mean it when I say, I am so much more entertained reading these idiotic comments than watching idiotic television.

  • Bea

    Who doesn’t want a successful child! Pimp is too strong!

    • Esther Berakhot

      You are absolutely right! I call it LOVE not pimping. Unfortunately not everybody have the capacity of getting something right!!! I love Kris she’s a good mother.

  • whocaresanyway

    Kate Gosselin has a set of twins and sextuplets, not octoplets…if you’re going to trash someone at least get the story straight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/winnie.campbell Winnie Campbell

    Where to begin? The Kardashian gang is too obscene looking to even comment on…how does Bruce even fit into this drama? He just inherited this overload of female hormones…
    Baby pageant moms are obviously nuts…Kate Gosselin…I already forgot her name…Bristol
    will go down in history as when this country sunk to new lows…

  • Lee

    Honey Boo Boo need to be taken away from her overbearing mother for exploitation of a child and child abuse for letting her act like she does. This child will have no life as all the kidsher age will make fun of her

  • Millie D

    I guess then Shirley Temple’s mother
    pimped her out, as did Judy Garland’s, Ron Howard’s, Natalie Wood’s, Jody
    Foster’s, and Margaret O’Brian’s, etc, etc. The list is endless and goes way
    back check out silent movies or advertising in newspapers and magazines. There
    is and always be a need for child models, singers, actors and entertainers. If
    my child had talent I would want to help them as well.

  • Chris

    Kate Gosselin is the mother of twins and sextuplets, not octuplets. Someone needs to check their facts.

  • pearl87

    You people are shameless. Bristol Palin was an adult when she became a public figure and it was sensationalists and exploiters like this RAG that dragged her into the spotlight against her will when her unwed pregnancy came to light. Accusing Sarah Palin of “pimping” her children is a completely unfounded smear and worthy of the corrupt, leftist media. Reminds me why I never read this B.S.

    • wondering

      If you don’t read it, Sweetie, why are you responding to it? Just to have an excuse to blame the left for something? Weak.

  • kevin kelly

    I agree partly; in cases where the “pimping” started when the child was just that- a child. But not in the cases of the Kardashians. They are all adults and could stop any time they wanted to.

  • Angie

    Kate Gosselin has sextuplets (six babies at once) not octuplets. Whoever did the fact checking here is an idiot. She’s still milking those kids for all they’re worth.

  • Gina

    Umm, I think you could have left out Jada Pinkett Smith and Shirley Temple’s mother and added the Simpson mother instead. Jessica’s parents invented the word pimping. It’s just not as outward as the Kardashians but the Simpson’s would put their name on anything in order to make a buck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RTCastleberry R.T. Castleberry

    In no way, shape, matter or form does Jada Pinkett Smith belong on this list. The Smiths (you conveniently forget father Will who has acted with their son) have children who want to be in show business and they are carefully working with them to foster their careers. Not pimping them, as Jenner or Lohan do. It’s disgusting that you would include her.

  • cheryl

    You go Kate, don’t ever be a shamed of wanting to give your’e chidern the best in life! I truly belive you so those childern and and area great mom. God Bless your famlly

  • Grace

    I loved your answer. Thank you for having the patience to actually put into words, the pettiness of people. I’ve wanted to say this on so many blogs where the judgement, and hate comments multiply one after another. Makes one think, “Can anyone do anything right anymore”?

  • http://imlostinbooks.blogspot.com/ Becca

    These pages are nearly impossible to view without getting frustrated. Between the videos that play and you have to pause every single page, and the ad that floats on the bottom it is annoying. It is already annoying I have to go to a new page for every single new photo. I don’t care enough to do that. So I stopped halfway through. It might be a good idea for you to stop annoying the readers with this stuff.

  • B S

    jada smith is not “an A-list celeb” and never HAS been, just a has-been who’s never had anything more than minor co-starring roles or short-lived, failed leading roles. her and her kids all ride daddy’s bland, generic acting coat-tails.

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