10 Styles Kim Kardashian Stole from Other Stars (Is Kim Kardashian the Ultimate Fashion Kopy Kat?!)

Joan Rivers could do a full Fashion Police episode of “B*tch Stole My Look” starring reality star, Kimberly Kardashian.  It is safe to say that Kim is at the height of her celebrity career, with her every move and every outfit being watched by millions of people.  As a result, she has been spotted in the same looks as other stars more times than we can count on our fingers, and the “coincidences” scream copycat!   Time never lies, and at times Kim K. has been the first to wear some of those outfits.  But on many occasions she definitely stole the stole the style and flaunted the stale ensembles for all to see.

Peep 10 looks Kim Kardashian swiped from other celeb women.


Christina Aguilera’s Roland Mouret style was stolen by Kim nearly 3 weeks later.


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  1. says:

    she must have a hand-me-down stylist…. and she needs to stop stealing styles from skinny girls because sometimes it is not a good look on her frame.

  2. says:

    …and she rocks the look better than either of those ladies. lol

  3. says:

    She might be stealing peoples styles…. But she looks better in every one of those outfits!!!!

  4. says:

    Kim has no styles she is just a clothes horsey … *cant use the proper phrase because it is ‘abuse’*

  5. says:

    are those clothes designed for only one person?

  6. says:

    ______ dead at “Swiper stop Swipping” LOL

  7. says:

    All I see is the chick wearing clothes that was one to two seasons old…lol

  8. says:

    Curves rule!! Go Kim!!

  9. says:

    Funny thing is she wears every outfit displayed better than the ladies put up against her. Many dont like her but you have to admit she is a beautiful woman..

  10. says:

    First of all designer pay these stars to wear their clothes, it’s not her fault if she liked and agreed to wear what they agreed to wear as well. She looks better in the outfits than they do!!!

  11. says:

    I don’t understand…anytime a star wears a dress;NOONE can ever wear it?? or be accused of stealing a style?? I thought that is why these stars are given these clothes?????

  12. says:

    I’m no Kim K. fan but I have NO problem giving the woman her props!! The woman is ROCKING each and EVERY ONE of those outfits better than the person(s) she “stole” the look from. She is WORKING it…..I ain’t even mad at her!!

  13. says:

    She looks better in every outfit BUT that Balmain dress and the Houndstooth Ferragamo dress. Let’s be serious she looks way too boxy in them. That’s Kim’s only problem she needs to leave the dresses that accentuate a skinnier or taller frame alone.

  14. says:

    I’m no Kim K fan and I don’t often use the word hater, but the author sounds like a hater. Lol @ saying she stole the balmain dress from the previous 4 people who wore them.

  15. says:

    See, this is why I don’t trust most of the stuff fashion and beauty mags say – they tell you to steal the style of something the latest celeb is wearing, but when someone as famous (for whatever reason) as Kim is seen wearing it, suddenly she should be vindicated for the same thing fashion and beauty mags tell people to do EVERY SINGLE DAY! FFS StyleBlazer, stop drinkin’ that hatorade and publish something better!

  16. says:

    if I like it I’m gonna wear. doesn’t matter “who wore it first”

  17. says:

    Ironically enough she rocked it better than ALL those who wore the looks before her. Lol!

  18. says:

    Too many intrusive ads. Won’t be coming back anytime soon. >.<

  19. says:

    they do make more than one, and how do we kno who wore it first :/

  20. says:

    Seriously???? Where is it in the rule book that once something is worn by someone else, noone else can wear it? Please show me…. Kim looks great in all of the styles. How petty.

  21. says:

    Who Cares?!?!?!?!

  22. says:

    I don’t think “Stole” is the right word. Its not like just one of each of these dresses were made. As much as I don’t care for KK she is wearing those clothes well.

  23. says:

    is victoria beckham sick

  24. says:

    well I am not a big kk fan however they made more than one so other people could wear it…so how does one famous person have the exclusive on the outfit just because they wore it once…this seems very trivial to me

  25. says:

    how can you steal an outfit from someone that you wear the next day…does that not mean you already HAD the outfit …..and this would be the stylist fault

  26. says:

    So, she look better in everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!!! #RBS

  27. says:

    She looked beautiful in all except the Balmain, but the Balmain looked AWful on everyone who wore it. Why are fugly clothes so popular? WAY too much going on in that outfit…

  28. says:

    Funny thing is, she looks way much better than the others on these same outfit…

  29. says:


  30. says:

    So no one is ever allowed to wear the same outfit because another famous person wore it. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

  31. says:

    Kim puts all those other women to utter shame!!

  32. says:

    Kim K can’t touch Tyra Banks though! Sorry…

  33. says:

    It’s true Kim K. may be stealing styles but she look 100 times better in ALL of them…go figure.

  34. says:

    All this means if that designers need to stop sending out freebies of the same outfits. As long as the item isn’t custom, somebody somewhere has it already. I’m no Kim K. stan, but this is a little ridiculous.

  35. says:

    All that proves is that she dosen’t have a very good stylist…It’s the stylist’s job to make sure things like this don’t happen…I mean it’s inevitable to have the same outfit sometimes but that is just too much

  36. says:

    I wish Kim and others who wear their clothes so tight, the horizontal lines make them look overweight. They look tacky!
    Some of those out fits should not be.

  37. says:

    I don’t think this should be called KIm the Kopy Kat but Kim watch me wear “your” dress so much better…She rocked the hell outta those outfits str8 up…

  38. says:

    she wore it best every single time . . sorry not sorry haters

  39. says:

    in most of them it looked better on her

  40. says:

    I’m not a fan of Kim but you can’t deny that she looks better in those dresses than all the other people she “stole” the looks from

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