9 Of The Biggest Celebrity Typecast (Are These Hollywood Stars Like This In Real Life?)

9 Of The Biggest Celebrity Typecast (Are These Hollywood Stars Like This In Real Life?)

It can be a great accomplishment when an actor plays a role so well that fans often can’t see beyond that one character. Then there are celebs who seem to always take on the same type of role. We take a look at nine of the biggest typecast in Hollywood…


1. Jenifer Lewis


Jenifer Lewis has played the mother (or auntie) of darn near every black celeb in all of Hollywood. Case in point: Think Like a Man, Girlfriends, The Brothers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, What’s Love Got to Do With It, The Cookout, etc. You get the drift.

2. Angela Bassett


If you need someone to play the role of an iconic black female figure, call Ang. She has movies like Notorious, The Rosa Parks Story, Malcolm X, The Jacksons: An American Dream, and of course What’s Love Got to Do With It under her belt.

3. Morris Chestnut


Not that we’re complaining, but after Ricky got shot, Morris is almost always the suave brother with the good job in his onscreen roles. Think Like a Man, Two Can Play That Game, The Brothers, The Best Man, etc.

4. Meagan Good

She may have waited until she and her preacher husband were married before they had sex, but Megan often portrays a different type of lady in her roles. Examples: Think Like a Man (initially), The Game, Waist Deep, etc.

5. Samuel L. Jackson


Yeah, we get it. Samuel is a bad mutha***shut your mouth. But can’t they give the brother some less in-your-face roles? How about a librarian? Or a mime? Now THAT would be a sight to see.

6. Will Smith


Even big Hollywood names aren’t safe from the typecast. Will is often the “safe” Black guy cop/authority figure: Men in Black I, II, and III; I, Robot; Independence Day, Bad Boys I and II.

7. Jackie Chan

Need a martial arts aficionado? If he’s not already in production for a film where he’s playing one, call Jackie Chan. Rush Hour I, II, and III, Robin B-Hood, Shanghai Noon, Jackie Chan’s First Strike…we could go on…

8. Johnny Depp

Or maybe you need a strange, almost mythical character? Johnny is your man with films like Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III, IV, and V; Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow, and obviously Edward Scissorhands.

9. Kimberly Elise

The actress seems to find herself in roles where the character is tragically down on her luck until some force comes in and she’s renewed…or not. Check her out in For Colored Girls, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Girlfriends, John Q, and Set It Off.

  • Punkothy

    Why does the list only consist of African-Americans? Nvm, just saw Jackie Chan…

    • latasha m.

      Johnnie Depp is not AA.

  • Verylicious Virgo

    Why is it when you turn on the tv all you see is White-Amricans? Hm.. nvm, just thought i’d ask.

  • Justmyopinion

    Angela Bassett is one of the most beautiful and underrated black actresses in Hollywood. She does NOT get the recognition she deserves. She can be casted in any movie, not just a Tyler Perry movie. (That was not a jab at Tyler Perry’s movies.) I’ve seen her in many movies but of course her role as Tina Turner put her on another level. She played the mess out of that role. I really wish I could see her in more movies.

  • Ms. Blue

    Gabrielle Union should have been on the list. She always plays the Angry Black Woman.

    • I know someone that went to school with her. She’s like that for real. eew!!!

      • ILoveKeithFenton

        Why am I not surprised?

  • latasha m.

    I love Regina Hall. She can play a hoodrat but also very educated characters as well, so give her the props she deserves. She played Jamie Fox’s wife in Law Abiding Citizen & she also had a recurring role as a District Attorney on Law & Order: LA

  • olivia

    Um… Jackie Chan is a martial arts expert so what do you expect?

    also, Kimberly Elise owns this list, I have been saying this about her for years.

  • KnowYourRole

    Missing Vivica A. Fox. How did you guys miss her?

  • TheFireThisTime

    What about Thandie Newton…just about every movie she is in, she has to be rescued or something close to it Lol

  • Michelle Washington

    why is 80% of the list african american? lets forget people like michelle rodrigez, who not only plays the same character but even wears the same damn white tank top and black pants in EVERY movie shes in,jim carry, harrison ford, gary oldman, etc.

  • Reality

    How about you do more than search Tyler Perry’s IMBD related actors when you post an “article”?

    Your journalism skills are quite simply appalling. You shouldn’t be allowed to use the English language.

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