9 Celebrity Men With Pretty Feet (Yes, Dudes Get Pedis Too!) Who Owns The Cutest Toes?

9 Celebrity Men With Pretty Feet (Yes, Dudes Get Pedis Too!) Who Owns The Cutest Toes?

Nice feet are usually associated with women. We unabashedly take care of our toes with regular pedis and dress them up in the latest lacquers. And we normally associate big, crusty, bunion ridden feet with men. But we know that’s not always true. Some fellas do a good job at keeping their toes fresh and clean. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of them have regular pedi appointments or maybe they’re just naturally blessed with cute toes.

Whatever the case, peep 9 men with toes we wouldn’t mind rubbing up against us in bed.


Idris Elba

Benjamin Bratt

Denzel Washington

Rob Kardashian

President Obama

Tom Cruise


Paul Walker

  • duh

    This is the dumbest post ever! If you are going to have an article about mens feet, then post pictures of their feet you idiots! SMH

    • NegraGata

      I agree with your comment 100% – I didn’t see one foot close enough to judge this post.

      Sidenote: I did have a dream about Idris a couple of nights back, and I loved that dream – LOL!!!

  • wlknluv

    idris, denzel and benjiman…..yes lawd.

  • wlknluv

    oh, I forgot potus

  • Feistylatina5

    I didnt see any close ups -_- but Benjamin bratt and Paul walker >>>> hands down the best!

  • Tommy M.

    Chris Brown has the nicest feet! I have seen quite a few pics of his feet and I must say…Chris’ feet beat anyone mentioned here IMHO!

  • Nicole

    Idris I love yr feet. One night with me and you will never want to miss a session with me

  • 0_0

    Chris Brown looks like a monkey and has ugly monkey feet.

    • Tommy1111

      That’s a “rich” comment coming from a CLOWN! Chris Brown is handsome and has nice feet! You are way off in your post and must be talking about someone other than Chris Brown! He has the nicest looking feet than anyone mentioned in this article for sure!

      • 0_0

        Nope, I am not talking about anyone but monkeyface Brown.

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