9 Hollywood Stars With Signature Styles (See Who Loves to Wear What!)

9 Hollywood Stars With Signature Styles (See Who Loves to Wear What!)

As a fashion site, we’re always on star style watch.  With certain celebrities we never know what to expect, other than to expect the unexpected. Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki, and Katy Perry, all give Madonna a run for her money when it comes to moda transformations.  But with other stars whose styles are more subdued, and…well…normal, we know what we’re getting.  And with a select few, we know what to expect with predictability down to the last thread.  For some it’s their statement; for others, it’s their uniform.  Either way, check out 9 celeb women who wear certain styles as their signature.



Jessica Alba


Signature Style: Colorblocking

We’ve called her the queen of colorblocking countless times, and it’s with just cause.  Jessica Alba loves to stack and pair her solids during the daytime, nighttime, or anytime!  No wonder she’s mastered it.

Freida Pinto


Signature Style: Green

This one surprised us.  Frieda Pinto has maintained a steady presence in Hollywood, though relatively low-key.  So we didn’t notice until we really took a closer look that Freida is a fanatic for green!   Many of her red carpet looks feature the hue in one shade or another.

Michelle Obama


Signature Style: Cardigan + Dress Combo

If you have eyes you know that Michelle Obama is usually in some stylish form of a cardigan and dress combination. As a First Lady, the pairing gives her the perfect balance of femininity and conservativeness.

Amber Rose


Signature Style: Bodycon Dress

Amber Rose‘s style is breathtaking—mostly because she usually looks like she has to gasp for air.  The coca-cola bottle shape celebrity is famous for her curves, so she always makes sure she’s showing them off in body-concsious dresses.  And that seems to be the only requirement.

Keri Hilson


Signature Style: Long Bottoms

Keri-Baby told us herself that she hates wearing dresses and skirts.  And if you’ve paid attention to her red carpet style over the years, you’ll find she’s usually in a pair of long-bottoms; be they pants or leggings.

Solange Knowles


Signature Style: Print Panache

We couldn’t have this list without Solange-the print princess.  Print mixing—a most feared fashion feat and one of the hottest recent trends—has helped put Solange on the map as a fashion “It” girl because she wears it well.  So she wears it a lot!

Eva Longoria


Signature Style: Sheath Dress

We originally thought Eva Longoria‘s thing was tailoring, but the petite celeb definitely takes to the town with sheath dresses, specifically.  The sheath dress frames her small figure in a nice way while giving her the illusion of length. We’re on to you Eva!

Kim Kardashian


Signature Style: Blazer + Long-Bottom Combo

Kim Kardashian never met a blazer she didn’t buy.  The reality star has blazers in long, cropped, boyfriend-fit, tapered, pink, white, and the list goes on!  While she spices it up on the red carpet, her daywear pretty much consists of a blazer, blouse, and pants or leggings.



Signature Style: Black & White

Black and white is the chicest color combination—ever.  Maybe that’s why it’s Ciara‘s color palette of choice.  When Ci-Ci steps out it’s either all-black-everything; head-to-toe haute white; or both.  But unless you’re Karl Lagerfeld, as a celebrity it can get a bit boring, no?

Which celeb’s style has gone from signature to uniform?



-Tameika Lawrence


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