Daphne Guinness Auctions Off 100 Pieces of Her Awing Fashion (But It's for A Good Cause!)

Daphne Guinness Auctions Off 100 Pieces of Her Awing Fashion (But It’s for A Good Cause!)

Beer heiress, fashion icon and collaborator, artist, model, and muse, Daphne Guinness, spent two years mounting an exhibition of over 100 pieces of her clothing, staged within the context of her other projects.  For the woman who was close friends with Alexander McQueen, and served as inspiration to pop phenom Gaga, the collection was nothing short of awing.  The exhibit Daphne Guinness, which was thought and encouraged by Fashion Institute of Technology Director Valerie Steele, was on display at the FIT Museum from September 16, 2011 to January 7th of this year.


However, the cutting-edge fashion icon’s pieces will go from installation blocks to the closet rods of the highest bidder, come Wednesday.  On June 27th, Guinness’ collection of 100 items will be sold to one owner in an evening auction dubbed The Daphne Guinness Collection; Sold to Benefit the Isabella Blow Foundation.  Blow, who as also friend to McQueen and another of fashion’s biggest icons, committed suicide in 2007—three years before the designer.


The Isabella Blow Foundation was established to “honour the memory of Isabella Blow, to support aspiring art and fashion students and to facilitate further research in the fields of depression and mental health” — The Isabella Blow Foundation.  The pieces—which include dresses, coats, skirts, tops and jackets, signature shoes, and selected photographs belonging to Guinness—were made available to the public as of June 23rd until the 27th in South Kensington, London.

Check them out below.