"How I Made It" Season 3: Episode 1 - Robin Givhan

Fashion Critic Robin Givhan: “How I Made It” Season 3 – Episode 1

Hey StyleBlazers, welcome to Season 3 – Episode 1 of our exclusive web series, How I Made It.

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About This Episode

Before obtaining notable positions in the world of newspapers Robin Givhan started off as a general assignment reporter for the Detroit Free Press.  She ultimately worked her way up to becoming a feature writer. In 1995 she became fashion editor of The Washington Post were she sought to infuse her fashion writing with D.C. politics. Having a strong writing voice is something that Givhan prides herself with, “I think I found my voice as a fashion writer and I found a sensibility that I think really spoke to, specifically to the Washington audience but I think also to a broader audience that is not necessarily the same kind of person that is going to be reading vogue magazine”.

Robin Givhan is currently the fashion correspondent and fashion critic for Newsweek/The Daily Beast. In 2009 she began to cover Michelle Obama.  She is notorious for being blunt and not holding back when it comes to critiquing fashion. Due to her bold fashion coverages, she has won the pulitzer prize in criticism.
In this episode, award winning Fashion Critic Robin Givhan candidly tells us how she made it.

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