Rihanna’s Web: 9 Men Linked To Heartbreak Rih Rih (Who’s Next To Fall Hard?)

  • Marie

    Jay z?! I must have missed that one. Lol

  • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

    the irish boxer was just her video lead, they rumored her with meek mill after she said she like his song House Party, that ryan phillipe was just an actor she was standing next to at an event and then they rumored them, they only ones for sure was chris and matt. drake liked rihanna but rihanna talked about drake 2 years ago and the sing they did and was single, drake just thought she could be with her, he said it on 106&park but they never dated. all these rumors, i thik media just likes to tag things on because its something for the to writw about now,

    • RocknDork

      Seriously look before you post!

    • lol-at-haterz

      well you know people are gullible they assume too quick and drake has been stuck on that friend zone for ages. for all the dumb people out there whenever your read an article and its say “”SOURCES” or “”A FRIEND CLOSE TO THE STAR” says. it means made up party just to get the story going. do all your homework before anything because i’m sure you wouldnt like reading or hearing rumors about yourselves that arent true either..where’s the proof right?

  • Amber

    Anit nobody worried about her we all know that Chris Brown is a good person and drake umm i could really kare less about him its all about Team Brezzy.

  • CriticXtreme

    If she keeps on, she will be known as the “bridge” because everyone has been on it.

  • Rani

    Funny because the only man she wants of this entire list is the one she cannot have, Chris Brown! I don’t think she has dated/sleep with all of these guys. I mean if she slept with Meek Mill I have LOST ALL RESPECT FOR HER1 He is straight up and down trash!

  • miss c

    rihanna is OVEREXPOSED!!!!

    • GuestRocker

      Rihanna’s not over exposed compared to Young Money. Turn on the radio and you’ll here something by a member of Young Money.

  • guest

    crazy thing about it is that Rihanna isn’t even cute. Just a regular face and some weave. And she’s not talented. The thing she does have though is personality and relatability. It’s because she doesn’t try to be perfect and she just is herself that she succeeds.

  • Tazz

    It may be just a headline, but the “spell” may be more than meets the eye. As far as her “fling” with Jay-Z, this was an indoctrination. Do a little research and you will quickly start to see the truth. Tupac and many others died because of it.

  • destiny’slovechild

    Why are all the white men mentioned first, especially when Rihanna is rumored to only have had ONE date with all of them? Her actual confirmed boyfriends (Chris and Matt Kemp) should be listed first, then everyone else in order of credibility.

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