5 Short Hairstyles to Try this Summer (Keep Cool with One of These Cuts!)

In summer, just like how people cut back on the amount of clothes they wear, some of us cut off some of the length we wear on our strands.  Looking for a cute new cropped style to beat the summer heat?  We picked out five hot short hair looks that will have you immediately hitting print and sashaying down to your stylist for an appointment. Check them out below!



 1. The Faux Hawk

Show off those awesome cheekbones with this fun and sassy cut.  Add texture and wear it flipped up (using a touch of Tancho Tique Stick to get the hair to stay put); or comb it down for the office.  This cut is all about versatility.

  • Savvy843

    I’m wearing my hair in the Faux Hawk now and its easy to maintain n style!….

  • trulysnooty

    pooooooooor estelle long or short she’s just NOT attractive @ all

  • roque

    I thought this was more of a pixie cut than a faux hawk. I have been looking at a lot of styles lately because I am embarking on a make-over and I am starting by going short.

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