14 Of The Most Talented But Troubled Celebs

14 Of The Most Talented But Troubled Celebs (Is Insanity a Requirement for Superstar Status?)

Nowadays it seems like talent and fame come with a heavy dose of trouble. Actors, singers and designers are under the microscope for every false move they take, making headlines more than they get to make their respective arts. Check out our gallery of 14 talented but troubled celebs.

Angelina Jolie

From being obsessed with knives, walking around with an amulet of her husband’s blood to now being UN Peace Ambassador and a mom of six, Angelina Jolie has come a long way from her dark and disturbed early years.


Robert Downey Jr.

This Iron Man actor once had a very long and public battle with drug abuse that included frequent arrests, court appearances and ultimately jail time. Since cleaning up his act, Downey Jr. has become box office gold, adding numerous awards and record-breaking sales to his Hollywood rap sheet.


R. Kelly

The pied piper of R&B has become a very polarizing figure in music today. Either you love him for his endless catalogue of hits and baby making music, or you hate him for his much publicized sex tape and penchant for dating underage girls. Take it or leave it.


John Galliano

This once prolific and highly lauded designer ran not one but two fashion houses, Dior and his own John Galliano label, showing multiple collections each year. Galliano came to rely on drugs, prescription pills and booze to make it through. All of his drug abuse came to light in 2011 when he launched into an anti-Semitic tirade in a Paris cafe, that was captured on film. Galliano has since been replaced as creative designer at Dior.


Karl Lagerfeld

Designer Karl Lagerfeld is constantly making headlines, not for his ethereal designs as creative director at the quintessentially French luxury label Chanel, but rather for his constant stream of off-color comments. From bad mouthing the founder of Chanel, Coco, to calling international music star Adele fat, Karl seems to suffer from diarrhea of the mouth and has clearly forgotten his chubby phase.


Lindsay Lohan

Once the star of many Disney’s VHS classics, actress Lindsay Lohan’s disturbing spiral has been public and seemingly unending. Frequent car crashes, to DUIs to posing for Playboy, Lohan just can’t seem to get it together and get back to actually acting on camera. Her latest stunt includes a controversial photoshoot with Terry Richardson, where she holds a gun in her mouth.


Chris Brown

Many are the woes of pop star, actor and dancing phenom Chris Brown. After the domestic violence incident with Rihanna, lately Chris was seen causing a ruckus and fighting in a club with rapper/singer Drake. Most recently a boxing promoter offered each star a 1 million dollars to duke it out in the ring.


Halle Berry

This gorgeous A-lister has a box office queen since the 90s, unfortunately Halle’s luck with love has been quite the opposite. From abusive relationships, being married to a sex addict to now a messy custody battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry. Halle has been ordered by the family courts to pay up $20,000 a month in child support and is currently engaged to actor Olivier Martinez.


Gary Dourdan

Once known as Shazza Zulu, Freddie’s rasta boyfriend on a Different World, actor Gary Dourdan has made a name for himself on hit drama series CSI. Sadly his run-ins with the law include more than just playing a detective on TV. Dourdan has faced numerous drug possession charges, car crashes and is in talks for a plea deal in an assault and battery case with his ex-girlfriend from last year.


Demi Lovato

Singer Demi Lovato almost followed the path of many young stars. In 2010, she had to cancel a concert tour with the Jonas Brothers because of questionable incidents including hitting a back up dancer for the Jonas brothers. After entering a treatment facility, Lovato discovered that she had a nervous breakdown and suffered from bi-poloar depression. Thankfully, she used her experience to speak up about mental health and later became a writer for Seventeen magazine.


Lil Wayne 


Lil Wayne may not have the rap sheet to prove that he’s a seriously troubled person by rap-music standards but all you gotta do is look at his body, which is coated in tattoos and his odes to cough syrup and other drugs to know that Weezy has a serious problem with reality and security. We just hope that creative energy can conquer all in the end.


Charlie Sheen 


Charlie Sheen is synonymous with the Hollywood Bad Boy and it seems to be an image that he likes. Why wouldn’t he? He’s been capitalizing off his edgy and racy identity ever since he was outed as one of madame Heidi Fleiss’ clients in 1995. He’s had several public meltdowns since then, including a cocaine overdose, a 2010 arrest at the Plaza hotel, and then some. But Sheen is #winning these days with a new show Anger Management.



Many would say that DMX’s amazing musical gifts easily have been eclipsed by his personal problems. The father of 10 has made headlines for stepping out on his wife, stabbing, sexual assault, possession of drugs and weapons possession.  His stint on Couples Therapy this year unveiled the roots of much of DMX’s instability, which involves a mother who abandoned him and growing up in the foster care system. We’ll keep praying for this musical genius.


  • getagrip

    most of these people aren’t – by any stretch of the imagination – “superstars”

  • Randy

    It strikes me as sort of unfair to lump Downey in with these others since he’s largely cleaned up his act.

  • Anonymouse

    I’d be flagging some of the above for possible trauma based mind control. It explains apparent “insanity” and the fact they’re celebrities (even when their talent is dubious or non-existent). Lohan is almost definitely MK’d.

  • Wendypuddin

    Charlie Sheen should have been #1 and he wasn’t even mentioned…..what about Tom Cruise?….he has over the past few years been going off the deep end with Scientology, got married & had a kid & totally blew it, all over his off kilter obsession!….there are so many who ought to be on this list….Johnny Depp….Mike Tyson…..Britney Spears…..it might be easier to have a list of 10 NORMAL actors who haven’t went crazy after making it in Hollywood!!!

    • Ronald

      I honestly don’t know why the use of the term “talented ” would even be applied to this article, considering that only Robert Downey, Jr. would actually be considered “talented” in regards to the list presented. Charlie Sheen should have been on this list, actually.

    • justafan

      That’s so funny but true! It would be easier to put a list of 10 normal actors together, and the same might be true for regular people too!

    • JewelryJunkie65

      WOW! Can somebody say amen to that comment. I always thought I was a little “different” but these guys make me look simply boring,lol. As far as Johnny Depp is concerned, “I’d still jump his bones”.

  • jh

    Charlie Sheen is the poster child for celeb “insanity”. Where is he?


    Lindsay has so much talent, she’s a great actress….I hope she pulls it together.

  • kahoni

    lindsay lohan is without a doubt unstable, insane, and attention hungry. however, in regards to her being talented i would have to disagree.

    many of the people in this list aren’t the most talented. and many of the most talented are missing off the list.

  • 00kla the M0k

    Jolie talented?? Can’t read anything beyond that. This is a joke.

    • Chelle Eastman

      …and you’ve been obsessed with Jennifer Anniston for how long?

  • 00kla the M0k

    Jolie is not talented at anything other than a decent British accent and vogue’ing for the camera like she is in a Saturday Night Live skit. Her “humanitarian” work is little more than limp wristed self promotion and empty, self-soothing actions to “raise awareness”

    She is lips and boobs. That’s it. That wacky dame has the most hideous legs in Hollywood.

    • ___

      Haters gonna hate. She’s still making plenty of money.

  • Horus Mazinga

    You are easy to please.

  • that last one seems rather unfair to Lil Kim.

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