Did You Know They Were Once Homeless? 11 Celebs Who Hit Rock Bottom Before They Reached Fame

Unlike the overexposed child stars of the present, many of the entertainers who have become iconic in their respective fields were not born famous. Some of them had to blaze their own trails to success and overcome serious hurdles before reaching the limelight. We’ve heard a few of their stories but were shocked to discover others. Check out nine celebs who were homeless at least once before they were rich and famous.




As a rebellious teen, the rap legend lived on the streets when feuding with his mom.



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  1. says:

    This goes to show you that you should respect people of all walks of life. Never look down on those less fortunate than you. We all have highs and lows in our lives.

  2. says:

    jim carrey

  3. says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker

  4. says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker, Dr. Phil, Kelsey Grammer, Jesus

  5. says:

    Adolf Hitler was also homeless

  6. says:

    I only see 4 not nine?

  7. says:

    This just goes to show you that it IS UP TO YOU to make SECOND (and third) CHANCE happen in YOUR life. We all hold the key to our lives in our hands.

  8. says:

    What an irritating website!! Getting the same ad every time you click to the next person who was homeless! I’m not coming back to this website!

  9. says:

    lighten up Francis!

  10. says:

    Hello People???? No one noticed that Kurt Cobain’s name was spelled wrong. This whole feature is junk.

  11. says:

    Tom Waits supposedly lived in his car. Most likely enjoyed it, too.

  12. says:

    Michael Clarke Duncan

  13. says:

    Regarding the ads: Get Firefox and then get the add-on “AdBlock Plus”. Bingo! No ads….

  14. says:

    Who is this Kurt Kobain? He looks an awful lot like Kurt Cobain? Maybe they know each other. T

  15. says:

    Who is this Kurt Kobain? Maybe he knows Kurt Cobain. To the people at Styleblazer, stick with what you know. The Kardashians.

  16. says:

    Jewel lived in car after moving here from Canada

  17. says:

    Donald Driver

  18. says:

    You missed NoNo Nevada. Her and her father live in a car with their five dogs because her mother left them for another man and kidnapped her handicapped sister and left them with no money and no job as they were being evicted from their mold infested apartment. they live in a parking lot in their land rover

  19. says:

    What’s to understand is that there weren’t even a million ‘jews’ ALIVE in Germany when they lied and told you about their wanna-be holocaust. Hitler had a favorite black athlete btw, and never “murdered” them.

    People are such idiots, easily molded by the the lies of the victors in history who are thankful that you never do your research and accept only what society tells you.

  20. says:

    This is one of the worst websites I’ve seen in years. I’m on DSL, but the page carries so much crap with it that it takes forever to load. Sure, you want to turn a profit but you’ve turned the informational end of your business into garbage. Very amateurish.

  21. says:

    This reminds me of the 25-year old lie of Madona eating out of a dumpster. Hollywood promoters are as honest used car salesmen. Go figure.

  22. says:

    i’d say Jewel, but she only lived that way because her father wanted to “live off the land”

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