The Sticky Finger Stars Hall Of Shame: 9 Celebs Who’ve Been Caught Stealing (They Bagged It & Said ‘No Backsies!’)

Celebrities have access to one-of-a-kind threads and baubles that most of us would die for.  But in spite of having it so easy, some of them choose to resort to a life of crime.  Why have your assistant or stylist cop goods for you when you can just throw it in the bag and not pay for it?  Maybe they do it just for kicks.  Maybe they believe they’re above the law.  Or maybe they’re just kleptomaniacs.  Whatever the reason, some of our top celebs suffer from serious sticky fingers.  Some of them just walked off with items while others failed to return them, either way, they took goods that they never paid for.
Check out 9 celebs who suffer from serious sticky fingers.


Lindsay Lohan

Last year the troubled former child star was sentenced to 120 days in jail after pleading no contest to stealing a gold necklace.  And narrowly escaped charges when she stole a fellow club-goers vintage fur coat right from the venue.  That’s low Lindsay; even for you.


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  • michelle knight

    Sadly certain ones of these celebrities didn’t have to serve their full sentence, although certain others will. The fact that they have more than enough money to cover the cost of whatever they feel they need or want is, ALL the More REASON to make their FULL SENTENCES MANDATORY!!!!! Not to mention the fact that their sheer STUPIDITY warrants arrest!!!!!!!!!!