Is All Press Good Press? See 9 Of The Biggest Stunts Celebs Pulled To Get Put On (OR Stay Relevant)

Is All Press Good Press? See 9 Of The Biggest Stunts Celebs Pulled To Get Put On (OR Stay Relevant)

“All press is good press.” This seems to be the motto some A, B and C-list celebs live by. As long as people are talking, tweeting and blogging about them, they’re as happy as can be. And some people know how to use publicity stunts to their best advantage. If you’re not a household name but want to be, just release a dirty tape. If your album sales suck, just change your name or expose a body part. As ridiculous as these stunts are, they seem to work.

Check out 9 celebs who pulled stunts to get put on or regain popularity.

Kim Kardashian’s adult tape

Once upon a time, Kim K was known as Paris Hilton’s big booty friend. But after her tape with Ray J was “accidentally” leaked, she’s became a certified business.

Liz Hurley’s safety-pin Versace dress

The day before the 1994 premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” the world had no idea who Liz Hurley was. The day after the premiere, everyone had her name on their lips. Think it had something to do with the dress she chose?

Madonna flashes her boob

Madonna doesn’t need to do anything to be put on, she’s been on the scene for decades. But after 20-plus years in the biz, maybe that’s why she intentionally flashed her breast. She loves to get the people going.

Paris Hilton’s sex tape

Just like her pal Kim, Paris saw the benefits of a tape. Kinda’ convenient it was released right around the time her reality show was set to debut.

Ron Artest becomes Metta World Peace

Artest had an image as a bad boy, so naturally changing his name to Metta (meaning friendship or love) would garner attention. Too bad he’s still throwing ‘bows on the court.

Amerie becomes Ameriie

She hasn’t been hot for years, but Amerie finally got people talking when she added an extra “i” to her name, as she said it reflects positivity. So far the slight change hasn’t resulted in album sales.

Mobb Deep Twitter beef

Celebs rarely admit their stunts are in fact stunts, but Mobb Deep admitted to just that. The duo used a faux Twitter feud to drum up press over upcoming projects.

Raz B’s accusations

Omarion was clearly the most well known member of B2K, but not one to be upstaged, Raz B has released a series of accusations (mostly surrounding molestation, etc.) towards Omarion, Marques Houston and others. We think he just needs attention.

  • JBuck

    People with REAL talent don’t need to pull stunts. It’s the stupid ppl who watch these endless reality shows that give credit to these desperate and thirsty idiots all for the sake of $1. The devil is having a FIELD DAY. WE NEED TO DO BETTER PEOPLE AND STOP MAKING RICH PEOPLE RICHER WHILE WE LIVE CHECK TO CHECK. Someone please explain how this makes sense…..??????????

  • youdontnomyname

    If you gotta do stupid stuff to stay “relevant”, then it’s time to make an exit.

  • Anonymous

    When was Kim known as Paris’ big bootied friend? She had no booty in those days. You’ve seen the pictures, lets stop.

  • Sheila Brown

    You missed Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn Lozada, fifty cents

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