StyleBlazer Beauty: Learn How To Apply False Lashes (Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial Via Nasty Gal!)

StyleBlazer Beauty: Learn How To Apply False Lashes (Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial Via Nasty Gal!)

False lashes can be a pain, especially when attempting to apply them yourself. Even when you finally get them onto your lids, they never seem to be quite right. Well, the amazing staff at Nasty Gal decided to share tips “From The Pros” on how to take your lashes to the max and apply falsies the right way. Here goes…

Step 1:

The Tools You’ll Need

1) Clear glue to hide any mistakes

2) Scissors to trim the lashes

3) Tweezers for placement

4) And of course, a pair of lashes

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  • CriticXtreme

    Broads are already fake enough, please promote being natural.

    • raysfirst wife

      booo. stop being afraid to be more of you. You cant bring out beauty where there is none. I am sooo tired of broads who hide behind “being natural” to be beautiful becasue they are afraid of being condemned in their circles for trying something new, making you feel desirable. If losing 20 lbs makes you feel special but others feel you look like a bobblehead, you wont lode the weight? Beauty starts within and which ever form youy take your beauty the whole point is how you feel about yourself. Maybe we need to start there and then the “natural thing will be more natural and stop casting a side eye at others who choose to display their beauty different from your views. I bet a dollar to a donut that a chisled man that stays in the gym 8 hours a day 6 days a week wont get passed by you but you dont see that as another form of being fake. I never saw a six pack on any kid on the playrground. Makeup and accents enhance a womans beauty everything be it drink, excercise, etc has to be done in moderation and so it is with accentuating what you “naturally” have.

      • Hallie

        Lol. That was kind of true. When someone loses weight they always say that person looks like a bobble head. I’ve seen extremely ugly women who says they don’t wear makeup because they have natural beauty, which is crazy.