10 Celebrity Women Who Love Short Men! (Tina Fey, Chanel Iman, & Katie Holmes Snagged Pint-Size Cuties!)

10 Celebrity Women Who Love Short Men! (Tina Fey, Chanel Iman, & Katie Holmes Snagged Pint-Size Cuties!)

Celebrity women are some of the most gorgeous and desired women in the world. Their looks, along with their success and fame, give them the ability to choose just about any man they could ever want. While some choose tall, dark, and handsome, others go for a much smaller package.

Is height a big factor in your dating life? Check out 10 celebrity women who seem to be just fine towering over their men.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri didn’t let their height difference get in the way of love.

Los Angeles natives, Chanel Iman and Tyga, made it work. We actually thought they were a cute pair.

Mick Jagger‘s swagger is more than enough for his wife, L’Wren Scott.

Kevin Hart‘s beautiful girlfriend, Emiko, can’t get enough of her funny man.

Katie Holmes fell madly in love with husband Tom Cruise.

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks both measure in at 6 feet, which doesn’t make him shorter. But things get tricky when heels are added to the equation.

Ciara, has no problem dating a shorter man. She dated Bow Wow.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio snagged a hot shortie with husband Jamie Mazur.

Russell Simmons may be shorter than Kimora Lee, but they became one of history’s biggest power couples!

  • I use to not mind, but I’ve found that short men have short tempers…

    • They probably have it due to being story. I bet they’re mad a the world. How short are you talking?

  • Inglewood Hustle

    They love their money, not them…..except for Janet, she has her own money!

  • lynn

    Celebrity Women Who Love Short Men! Katie Holmes??? Not so much.

  • PuffPuffPass

    the money makes up for the height

  • I want a tall man.

  • anonymous

    your an idiot!….

  • Nancy

    I don’t think the height thing was what drove the divorce thing…..

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