2012 BET Awards Recap: 12 Style Winners (Beyoncé, Kim K., Nicki Minaj, & More!)

The stars of Black Hollywood were aligned last night in Los Angeles at the 2012 BET Awards. With Samuel L. Jackson at the helm, the best in the business got to party on one of music’s biggest nights. Kanye West took the stage, D’Angelo returned sounding better than ever, and Cissy Houston delivered an emotional gospel tribute to her fallen star, Whitney Houston. Glam gowns like Bey‘s and Mariah‘s seemed to be the look of the night, but La La Anthony and Monica rocked out in pants just as lovely.

Not only was the show one of the most enjoyable nights in BET Awards history, it was also one of the most stylish.

Check out 9 of our favorite fashionistas who rocked it best.


The view from The Throne. Now that’s a rock star double date.


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  1. says:

    Nicki Minaj a style winner?? wow.

  2. says:

    Beyonce looked beautiful!! I admire her success and I like that smile of hers.

  3. says:

    she is still the Best !

  4. says:

    beyonce look so amazing beautiful and classy i love her so much bey and jay always look good

  5. says:

    Beyonce and Jay need to have Kim sign a hush agreement now so that once she and Kanye break up she doesn’t go rambling to the media about their respectably private lives.

  6. says:

    The Only Winner was Angela ” 53 going 54 Next Month” Bassett. She crushed everyone.

  7. says:

    This list is extremely questionable. Elle Varner’s dress was a paisley disaster, Mariah’s was too tight as usual, Nicki Minaj ALWAYS looks like she’s heading for a costume contest, LaLa’s pantsuit was ill-fitting, and Melanie Fiona should’ve opted out of that layer of tulle. Everyone else looked good, with Bey and Monica as leaders. #JustMyOpinion

  8. says:

    This site does not want to hear the truth. Get someone with some style to pick style winners because this list is a joke.

  9. says:

    Will someone tell Mariah Carey she doesn’t have curves and should try and dress for her shape, please?

  10. says:

    how is this a style site but you don’t list the designer of the pieces they are wearing???!!!!

  11. says:

    Beyonce looked like a Goddess.. KIm k.. come on now… just a plain ole white dress with fake body parts… she shouldnt even be on the same page as Bey, or not even standing next to her.. Beyonce.. get away from that woman.. you have class .. she is trash~!

  12. says:

    Are you serious? Did you just feel like these women are style winners just because you turned on the television and remember who was at the awards show? This list is a fashion joke! Did anyone else review your article before it was approved. #DeadWithLaughter

  13. says:

    Kim K should have some shanme in her jacked up game, she should have felt like a fool sitting up there in that front row with all those talented people..and there she sat looking like a lost diaper booty dunce… she is so irrelevant and worthless.. flouncing around with her fake booty around all those real bootys.. even brandy got the donk going on over kim k..that front row seat was not for her…only for people who earned their way there thru blood, sweat and hard work.. not laying on your back for althelics.

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