The Top 11 Stunts KimYe Have Pulled Since They Started Dating (Can You Believe Kim & Kanye Are Still Going Strong?!)

  • JanaInSendera

    These two (kim and kanye) are equally disgusting. May they live happily after with each other.

    • m_k

      could not agree more

    • PaulaD


    • Marlenny De La Cruz

      lol! hahahahaha amen

    • Kp

      Janaln Sendera,
      I am by no means fans of either of them, but strong words. And in my opinion, what is more disgusting is the attention everyone seems to love to give them. If people cared a little less about people like Kim and Kanye and a little more about, say the economic state of our country and our presidents inability to reduce spending, everyone would be better off.

      • Pablo Cervantes

        And yet, here you are; the barking yapping self-appointed guardian of all that is wrong with celebrity bashing.

  • queeniamonster

    I have reasons to believe kanye ig getting paid…

  • RAQ.

    Amber and Kanye already did that Kim. Try again.

  • Taunya73

    I would really like to know what was going on with him having his pants down.

    • carrie

      it’s a fake(photoshop)

      • Taunya73

        u think so, huh

  • taytay

    man i think the ish is a fake i mean come on now why she can’t talk about beyonce and baby blue what’s there to hide and i personally think their childish and looking for attention who are they trying to impress in kim k she makes her own life a living hell all those good men she had in she ruined it she ruins everything that she touches ……….

  • Sunshine234

    She’s allways eating

  • gigglegal215

    Kim and Kanye were either late because Kim knew that dress which is a Stephane Rolland original is ugly or they are still thinking the world revolves around them. Fashionably late to a fashion show. In the words of Gordon Ramsey…PISS OFF!!!

  • se7en

    They are enjoying and living their lives…time I did the same and stop giving them any attention!

  • Janey

    Get a real job, honest Americans are suffering because they can’t save their homes our American Brothers and Sisters, , are dying overseas in war, -In Syria people are dying
    and these people are walking around oblivious.
    So self centered and conceited.
    Volunteer some time in a childrens hospital and get some perspective in your life.

    • Daniel Joseph

      Most Americans are oblivious to the worlds suffering not counting their own. That is not the province of celebrity’s. As for her getting a job she has one. Or did you think they just give her money for nothing. You haters keep her in business just as much as her fans do!

  • Ervette

    Get it right!! that is not Kim and Beyonce dancer that is Beyonce’s board artist Brittni Washington

  • Ervette

    i mean Keyboard player Brittni Washigton and she is FAB!!! get your facts straight

  • LAscreenwriter_1

    Uh…I hate to point this out, but someone with Editorial control messed up.
    HEADLINE: “The top 11 stunts KimYe have pulled since…”
    ARTICLE: “We have picked the top 9 stunts KimYe have pulled since they started dating.”


  • Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

    she bought it for him, but it sits at her house. hummm

    • Daniel Joseph

      Are you neighbors? If not then how do you know how often the car sits at her house?

  • fukim

    who keeps the car when they separate in a few weeks?

    • Marlenny De La Cruz


    • Meg Larson

      If someone buys me that car, I’m keeping it!

  • Daniel Joseph

    This article is crap. It’s literally attempting to make a story out of nothing. Just another piece to give Kim haters a place to spew venom. None of these things are different that what any other couple does. As for the car it’s not like she can’t afford it. As for people saying who would buy that for someone they just started dating,they must forget that Kim and Kanye have been good friends for YEARS before they decided to date.

  • anuk

    These two are perfect for each other but their egos might get the best of them. I can see them trying to out do one another. They both love attention of any kind then cry when they get for being stupid. I find this a comical match made in heaven.

  • vanila

    hope they both find love…with or knowing kim without kanye.

  • justsaying

    It’s funny how people waste so much energy hating and dogging someone they think little of…..whatever. Nothing Kim does affects me so I wish that gorgeous woman the best.

  • JulieandBob Wiley

    So thats not lip gloss on her lips!!!

  • Bullwinkle1976

    It’s about time for somebody to take the trash out.

  • KelKel

    lmao at equally disgusting! you’ve made my day :)

  • hollywoodnc

    Kanye just finished getting a BJ!

  • Gege

    If they are going to live happily ever after, can we just make sure they can’t reproduce. I hate to think of the awful show-off brats they would produce… The opportunist pricks are probably planning a kid anyway… A photo-op is a photo-op

  • Valaria Duckworth

    Does she ever look happy, or like anything but a spoiled brat who crashed the party. When Kayne has all* the talent in the relationship, you should crawl in a corner.

  • abbas

    these children ((kimya) were not properly brought up by their parents. most be a case of a missing parent (divorce) ,my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cger

    I’m sorry these two are disgusting!

  • James Clements

    Attention all UFO’s… We, The people of Earth enthusiastically submit (Kanyim Kimye whatever….) These two fine specimens for permanent abduction and examination…
    Please return my cow

  • MyNameIsFerrer

    Was I the only one expecting, ‘having a baby for publicity’ to be listed here? I mean, isn’t it the biggest ‘stunt’ they both have pulled?

  • Shirley Robertson

    Kimi and kanye they both have love all righ!!! but not for each other they have love for money.That’s why the get along

  • Pablo Cervantes

    Well, at least it isn’t an article about the 9 largest peters she’s pulled.

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