We Say Happy 65th Birthday To The Bikini With 15 Of The Most Memorable Bikini Movie Moments Of All Time!

The bikini turned 65 years old this month, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share some of the most iconic bikini movie moments of all time!  From adventurous James Bond flicks to teen comedies, the bikini has been unforgettable and irreplaceable.  Get your summer swim inspiration while we take you down memory lane.  Go full throttle femme fatale like Halle Berry or vintage beach beautiful like Pam Grier!

Check out 15 of the most memorable movie moments with the bikini.

Ursula Andress in 007: Dr. No, 1962


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  1. says:

    From DUSK till Dawn. Not Dust.

  2. says:

    Fast Times in 1992?? FAIL. Try 1982.

  3. says:

    Yes, that is Angie in Lara Croft : Cradle of life, but correct year is 2003, not 2001.

  4. says:

    Bo Derek in 10? How could you leave that one out?

  5. says:

    Gloria Hendry 007: Live and Let Die, 1973

    Is a frickin banger!!

  6. says:

    Where is Farah Fawcett? Pic of Angela Jolie is not a bikini shot, it’s a whole piece!

  7. says:

    LOL. Who decides who should be on these lists? FAIL.

  8. says:

    You left out Denise Perrier (uncredited) in Diamonds are Forever.
    Best bikini scene of all time.

  9. says:

    One that sticks out for me (no pun intended), is Jessica Biel in (granted a terrible movie) Summer Catch (2001).

  10. says:

    Gloria Hendry and Selma Hayek = ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

  11. says:

    Thought this was legit with Ursla and Raquel at the, top but where is Sophia Loren and the other classic beauties? Wasted my time.

  12. says:

    If any picturesyou want to were left out, you can easily google them.

  13. says:

    Halle looked amazing

  14. says:

    sooo agree how could you forget that Bo Derek shot with the bikini and Braids

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