Questionable Kimmy!: 15 Hmm-Worthy Styles Kim Kardashian Has Rocked Since Dating Kanye West (Stylin’, Or In Need Of A New Stylist?)

  • Sheila Reagan Ladner

    I think she looks terrible…when she usually looks great!

  • Mary

    I think the best part of this relationship is Kim is starting to look young and dressing like she is youthful instead of dressing like the age of her mother. She also need to stay out of outfits like that ugly long black dress with that swirl to the side it made her look old like she was going to a senior citizen affair. Plus I hope she stays away from those old puffed up shoulder pads. Kim is young and has been under her mother’s influence long enough I say she should go for the the youthful look before she gets old and then starts trying to dress like a 30 yr old.

    • Bev

      She was dressing younger before. Wearing monotone colors age a person. You don’t now what you’re talking about, Kim is looking older than 30.

    • DottieF

      There’s nothing youthful about kim k , she looks older than 30

  • Andrea Miles

    She’s trying to hard to fit in. Lately she’s looked a mess from her hair to her attire. Kim’s style is typically always on point. She’s a classy chick. She’s not just trendy, she’s defintiely not street or chic. Her look is always polished. At thimes thigns are to tight. But, she looks good. Gotta give her that. I dont like her and Kanye together. He still needs to mature and a jerk she needs sometime to herself and just stop dating for awhile. But, what do I know? LOL!

    • rockypocky

      She’s a classy chick? Really? Please elaborate…

      • KimK

        She is in her dressing. I dont get why people make a big deal about her dating a few men. People break up date other people everyday what makes hers a bigger issue because they are rich? peeeelz

  • James’s Wife

    I don’t think that she’s been using her regular stylists since travelling with him.

  • Kissmyfeet

    This chick doesn’t have a mind of her own. She molds her self to whomever she’s with. Her grown arse needs to stop doing that nonsense.

    • chaka1

      I honestly can’t take much more of this over exposure. Chick is so worn out.

    • Mi

      Maybe she’s just growing up.

  • e.

    but khloe looks fine with in the background with that bakwards snapback and boots?.

    • sheane

      Which pic was that? I missed it. Or was that supposed to be a joke.

  • Fanciime

    I think he’s dressing her. ya’ll know he thinks he’s a real designer.

  • Courtney Price

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention now that she is with Kanye she is no longer wearing her extensions, I imagine at his request. It’s cool she is rocking her natural hair, but I liked her bombshell hair before.

    • K_as_in_K

      I thought the same thing. Guys seem to like you to flaunt your natural hair if you got it and I’ve been thinking Kanyes influence was written all over that. After all, Beyonce seems to always wear her ‘natural hair’ nowadays too.

  • Vee

    She’s a beaut

  • Allegra Williams

    I think she is wearing what Kanye wants her to wear or the stylist he suggested.

  • Jay

    Kim’s style use to be on point, but since she has gotten with Kanye I have been horrified at the clothes she has been wearing. She use to be my style idol, but now she is slipping. I like that she has stopped wearing her extensions so much though

  • deannej21

    She’s probably trying to cover a psoriasis flare up…You know how self conscious she is about it and thats around the same area it was when she had it on the show.

  • Nehemiah53

    Kanye West is proof that it do not matter how much money and career success
    you may have you can still have self-esteem problem, how else can you explain a
    man of his status knowing, willing and proud to be swimming in a cesspool.

  • tubaman

    what a pig!!!!

  • Kendra

    I feel sorry for her. No amount of money in the world is going to ever give her the self-confidence she needs to just be herself.

  • Alexis Morris

    I like her without the extensions. and I did like the black dress with the big bow, but she needs to have her hair pulled back in a tight bun.

  • derbygate

    She should dump the jerk. He cant be the best she can do.He is bringing down the image she has worked hard tocreated. Two looser types in a row????

  • DottieF

    I am not going to say anything bad about this chick, because it’s already been said by other people on here,

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Kanye did a much better job dressing Amber Rose. Now that Amber is with Wiz she looks a hot mess. Some of these looks that Kim is rocking need some work and tailoring.

  • Santianna Oglesby


  • Black Moses

    I think that Kanye is giving her a more relaxed style of dressing that her UPTIGHT polished and overly tight clothes that she wore before…Wearing comfortable and relaxed clothes does wonders for one’s psychological well being…..

  • Jennifer L Westbrooks

    that green dress did NOTHING for her body lol. Yikes

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