Our Favorite 15 Quirky Celeb Cuties (These Ladies Were Front of the Line When God Gave Out Personality!)

Quirksters boast a style that is all their own.  Whether it's ever-changing hair, or a unique signature look, these know what works best for them and are unfazed by flash in the pan trends.  And when celebrity women do it, despite pressures coming from all directions to look and dress a certain way, we appreciate it even more.  We've rounded up so of our favorite famous quirky girls.  Each one is true to their personal style and unafraid to step outside the box.

Check out our top 15 favorite quirky celeb cuties.



Zooey Deschanel

From movies to music this lady has become the queen of quirky cuteness.


Janelle Monae

Sticking her staid uniform of black and white, Janelle plays by her own rules.


Rashida Jones

The quirky queen of romantic comedies and buddy flicks, Rashida is a perfect mash-up of brains and beauty.


Nora Jones

Jazzy songstress and musician Nora Jones has a vintage sound and style that's become her signature.


Elle Varner

Elle is new R&B girl on the block who is not afraid to accessorize and play with bold colors.


Willow Smith

Willow, the youngest of the Smiths, holds the title of the most daring and adorable Hollywood tween around.


Rachel Roy

Rachel is the A-list designer that stays true to her personal style of classic trousers, sleek buns and understated chic.



This UK songstress loves a chic turban and a strong red lip—both winners in our book.


Solange Knowles

Solange is the lil sister that stepped all the way out of big sister Bey's shadow with bold style and ever changing hair.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Sim's says the darndest things, which is why she's one of our favorite quirksters.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry can't be anything other than quirky with that colorful personality and equally colorful fashion.


Tyra Banks

You've gotta have serious quirkiness to challenge fans to a "big forehead" contest.


Sofia Vergara

Quirk is often a symptom for funny girls, and Sofia is definitely a funny girl.


Lana Del Rey

The singer's love of vintage Americana style with a twist of morbidness is pretty quirky.


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