7 Most DRASTIC Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time (There's No Question That They Looked Better Before)

7 Most DRASTIC Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time (There’s No Question That They Looked Better Before)

Plastic surgery has become a very popular choice in today’s society, especially among the rich and famous who can afford to fix and change anything they see fit.  After all, in this day and age looks mean everything.  Everyone wants to put their best face, and body, forward.  Even though plastic surgery is usually quite successful, some celebrities aren’t always blessed with the best outcome; particularly after several surgeries later.

Here are 7 celebrities that truly look worse after all their surgery.



Donatella Versace



Donatella Versace

After lip augmentation, botox, facelift, etc.


Jocelyn Wildenstein



Jocelyn Wildenstein

After facelift, lip Augmentation, facial Implants, etc.


Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley Before



Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley After

After botox, facelift, and cheek implants


Scott Thompson AKA “Carrot Top

Carrot Top Before



Scott Thompson AKA “Carrot Top”

Carrot Top After

After eyebrow lift and botox


Tara Reid

Tara Reid Before



Tara Reid

Tara Reid After

After breast implants and liposuction


Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson

After skin lightening, eyebrow shaping, several nose jobs, cheek implants, etc


Lil Kim



Lil Kim

After eyebrow shaping, cheek implants, nose job(s), etc



Is there any other celeb plastic surgery job drastic enough to make this list?

-Ashley Page

  • Jamie

    Why not post the before and after pictures on the same page instead of posting on multiple pages to get more page views and time on site? Ridiculous!

    • Juju

      What an incredible waste of time. I will never access this site again. There is no excuse for antagonizing their readership like this by……………………….making……………………….them………………………………………wait……………………………….and wait…………………………………..and wait…………………………………for ………………………………………each……………………………………………………page……………………………………………………to…………………………………………………..load.

      • NOlaGuy

        Total mess of a site. More interested in loading ads than content.

    • Must agree with Jamie. Absurd waste of time, this. Felt my life running out. I’ve an excellent memory, but by the time “after” loaded most of “before” was but a dim recollection. As for comment by Felix_the_cat… adore the underscores! Very clever use of time-honored “Duh!” There are far better ways to score hits and get viewers to linger on pages. One simple way is to make page layouts innovative and writing fresh and interesting. Most of this is “worst of” is ancient history.

    • Thank you, it was a pain having to click through all of the before and after. Not only that, they missed so many more famous people who had bad surgeries. Meg Ryan never made another film after her botched job. People were freaking out. She had a lip implant before botox injections were available. She should have been more patient.

    • fire ninja

      moreover, enough with the effing embedded videos which consume my precious bandwidth!!!!

  • Jamie

    Its a shame that we have to go to 15+ pages just to read an article

    • True, Jamie…not a very well-written article, at that! I did not feel inspired seeing pics or reading mean-spirited gloating regarding these tragic results. Oooh! Famous people spend big dollars and look absolutely terrible when they originally looked at least pleasant and human when they started. Now they appear grotesque or demolished in some way that is likely irreparable.

      We mere mortals are meant to feel consoled by the misfortune of these people, who are victims of the same damned celebrity monster that creates a fascination and an audience for their disasters. The cult of celebrity poisons its own as well as “ordinary” people who “buy in” and humiliate themselves to kiss the hem of the guy who does some Late Night Show Host’s make up. Give me and these poor, tragic souls a bloody break! This site SUCKS!

  • Karey

    Nikki Cox.

    Agreed, not even having the before and after on the same page makes the comparison hard to see. Also comparing studio shots where they’re prepared and made up with candid shots isn’t the fairest comparison either.

  • Tara Reid :(((( what happened to her skin

  • kudzu1

    poor presentation. last visit to this type of trash

  • Unfortunately, there are plastic surgeons out there who will do work against their better judgement just for the money. Many of these are foreign trained, the only medical schools they could have gotten in to. Doctors that just cater to the rich, may actually be the worst. It makes me think of Kanye West’s mother’s tragic death from a talk show circuit surgeon who operated out of a shopping mall. Many are greedy sycophantic people. History is full of stories of famous people
    succumbing by such quackery. Abe Lincoln’s doctor probed his head wound with an implement four inches. A battlefield and trauma experienced surgeon of that era would not have been that foolish. Hitler had a doctor that shot him up with amphetamines and told him it was vitamins. It may have been directly linked to his insane ideas that killed millions. Thomas Jefferson died of constipation. George Washington died from a blood letting that was to “cure” his sickness. Believe or not, the state of medicine in those times was more advanced than what was being done by these V.I.P. Quacks.

  • deedee

    vivica fox….nicki minaj….

    • I agree with you. Definitely Vivica.

  • Ckers

    You can’t really say anything bout the skin lightning on MJ cause he did have a disease which left white spots I would lighten too I don’t want lift spots randomly on my face

    • Skin lightening, cheek implants, nor eye surgery should even be brought up. He doesn’t even belong on this list. What made Michael look the most different was his skin color, which he didn’t whiten it, he blended the dark parts of his skin to match the parts that were already lightening.

  • Listen

    Mike didn’t lighten his skin he had vitaligo.

  • spiceting

    ewwww Jocelyn Wildenstein looks like a dead cat in heat ran over twice… reversed and ran over again….

  • One that didn’t make the list is Meg Ryan.

  • Stunnedinthesun

    And no one mentioned LiLo??

  • Jennifer

    Geez these people look gross. Why would anyone choose to do this to themselves? And they missed Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers, and Kenny Rogers.

  • Ummm Heidi Montag!! Lol!!

  • GoGreen

    Please leave Michael out of this.

  • eva

    michael jackson didnt make his skin lighter he had a disease and even if he did that doesnt count as plastic surgery

  • zibo

    Priscilla Presley certainly doesn’t look natural, but she looks way more attractive than most women her age. And Michael Jackson had a lot of issues with his looks (including perhaps a skin condition), it’s unfair to mock him.

  • smargo

    Jennifer Grey, Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner deserve to be on this list, too.

  • nancysid

    Fail: no Bruce Jenner, one of the first to ruin his looks.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    Beautiful here. Did she look like this right before surgery? Or was that years ago? I’d like to see right before surgery. She was on dancing witht he stars and really looked old and botched up there. Too bad as she was such a lovely lady before. And the black hair did nothing for her.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    They really messed up her mouth and to high cheeks. She isn’t cherokee or Apache and oesn’t ed cheeks that make the eyes tiny.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    If he is just sticking his tongue out and it isn’t permanently in that position, this isn’t too bad. He seemed to have a left cheek that was not right before so this may be okay except either the dark eyebrows or the red hair should go and it is too different and our hair isn’t like that. Makes me wonder if photos got switched as this is not bad at all.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    The before photo is too long before. It didn’t take into account the skin condition. I have no idea why he had his nose done at all. It was fine. The skin lightening, I do understand. I don’t understand the cheek implants either. Just did way too much but once they botched the nose he had to have more surgeries. such a shame.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    I noticed she might want a boob augment but saw nothing on her face to change. However, don’t know how long ago the before photo was. That is a trick in a way as need a directly before photo. I agreed that Bruce Jenner didn’t look as good as I remembered him but he is a lot older, too. He also has been emasculated in that home.

    • omahaandy

      not that old

  • douglas gray

    This article is misleading because the after pictures were often taken when they were considerably older, they are not “immediately before” and “Immediately after.”

  • Some of these pictures are taken 30 years ago of course the 29 yr old looked better than the 55 yr old with plastic surgery…Stupidity Sucks!!!

  • Jay

    out of all those folks, Michael Jackson turned out the best.
    and it would have been much better to put before and after side by side.

  • Kurt

    The comparison’s are not fair. These people are older in the after pictures, of course they are not going to look as good and that is why they tried plastic surgery in the first place.

  • Rho

    I agree with everyone’s remarks that they should have side-by-side photos etc. What I want to know is why we feel the need to change ourselves and do this kind of crap?? Why??

  • speeddemon

    well MJ had vitiligo and used a medicated cream, only works on people who have the disease to even out his skin and he didnt have cheek implants…

    • He did have plastic surgery. No one is saying he did not have Vitiligo. Get over it as this is in the past. I have accepted it because despite it all MJ did make changes to his appearance numerous times. Vitiligo did not make his nose pointed neither did the lightening creams. This is what happens when people decide to have plastic surgery. I would not have used plastic surgery or depigmenting to cure vitiligo or lupus.

  • After all the MUTILATION Michael had done I NEVER saw ANY pictures of him that didn’t make my stomach turn. The guy was a freaking MESS.
    Although, after some of the things I heard during his Doctor’s wrongful death trial I can’t really blame him for not wanting to look anything like the rest of his family – especially his control freak father. Getting beaten will cause any fragile personality to completely wig out.

    BTW, those “kids of his” are going to have to go through a lot of plastic surgery to EVER look ANYTHING like him (before or after). He’s no more their biological father than I’m their biological mother.

  • chitownpeter

    What a waste of time trying to read an article here. I feel like Im surfing on an Atari 2600. This is the worst, least efficient site I have ever tried to use.

  • ME

    So sorry, but..YOU ARE WRONG!!!! That is a “young” MICHAEL Jackson, not “any” of his brothers. Please do your research.

  • rusty cheeks

    check out loretta swit before and after

  • It’s about plastic surgery of which he did have. There are many pictures of him after plastic surgery, this is true, it does not matter which photo they selected. Get over it because it is now in the past.

  • MrSpork

    I am constantly confused by pages like these, because I have to search and search for the d_mn arrows, or the “NEXT” boxes! Who the hell are the dimwits who put these websites together? I want to STRANGLE them! I don’t know HOW they got their jobs, because my Pomeranian could do better!

  • Peaches

    Bruce Jenner should be added to this list.

  • Kitt

    You forgot Mickey Rourke and Jackie Stallone, both of whom look like freaks now. Joan Van Ark. Michael Learned. Joan Rivers.

  • where is brue jenner?

  • Morgan Merkel

    LaToya Jackson is trying to look like her brother with her failed surgeries.

  • Real time waster………..won’t be back.

  • Damn!!!!

    God MAde is Best- they took a chance with the Devil!!!

  • I agree!

  • To Micheal’s defense, he had a skin disease that made his skin white in plotches, so he needed to even out his tone, and he broke his nose while filming and the nose job was necessary.

  • Texas Teshia

    I have to agree with most of the comments on here about waiting for the pages to load and clicking through each page just to see the before and after shot. Just show the before and after shot on the same page.
    I just had to comment on that one lady Jocelyn Wilderstien I never knew her name I scene her mentioned on VH1 “plastic surgeries gone wrong” and man she scared me! I love the movie MASK with singer Cher, but that is what that lady look like. She looked beautiful before the surgery.

  • vish

    that little video on the side is SO ANNOYING. it comes up every time you go to a new page

  • Prosaic

    These pages load ridiculously slowly even WITH a fast connection. Style Blazer??? By NO means.

    I won’t bother attempting any other articles. As other posters have already said, with before and after photos, it makes NO sense to have them on separate pages, and simply adds to the overall aggravation and frustration with the site.

    I won’t be back. Get some decent programmers or don’t bother. This site sucks and is a monumental waste of time.

  • Ashley Jade

    Didn’t think it was possible, but Howard Stern is now uglier after new teeth, lip injections, a few nose jobs, and a chin implant.

  • mikosmikarma

    You forgot Bruce Jenner. Both facelifts were failures. He use to be really cute.

  • T

    At the end of my life, if I am regretting not having time to do all the things I would have liked, I will try not to remember this time wasted looking at people who’ve so sadly effed themselves up trying to look “beautiful” or “attractive.”

  • rgrant942

    This website is as monstrous as Wildenstein’s facelift!! Oh my god the woman looks like an alien…a monster!! AND she’s nuts! I can’t believe she had nerve enough to go outside again…and showing up on a red carpet?!! Looking like THAT?! She’s obviously on some very, very good drugs…

  • Marissa

    WOW! The part that gets me, is that none of them even needed it!

  • Marissa

    PS. I didn’t like having to scroll through fifteen different pages either, would have been nice to see the pictures side by side! 🙂

  • Adam Curry

    That Wildenstein chick is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Deb

    WHAT THE HELL! Please people, leave your faces and bodies alone! All of these famous people look like monsters! How sad!

  • rubylass

    Annoying I can’t see the before and after without seeing a bunch of stuff I’m not interested in. Not a good idea!

  • v e

    Bruce Jenner…of course1

  • What’s with cheek implants??? I don’t get why people want them

  • MJ was such a handsome brotha. Why people cut into their faces, I will never understand. And that Jocelyn lady, I hope she sued her surgeon. She looks like the Beast rather than the Beauty.

  • Mochipants

    WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO SHOW CARROT TOP…no…no it’s okay, it’s cool, I didn’t want to sleep for the next two weeks anyway.

  • michey

    before and after only works if they’re side by side on the SAME page-not SEPARATELY on over 15 pgs. and if some one up there is dead, u should give respect where respect is due, whether u r a fan or not, and take it down and/or stop featuring their pic in a disrespectful way-there’s enough celebs 4 that. lastly u should scream from the rooftops all u really want is page views.

  • Kelly

    In reponse to the question if there are others that should be on this list, how about Burt Reynolds or Joan Rivers?

    Also, I agree with several other commenters…the before & after pictures should be on the same page. I have to use an air card for internet service, which isn’t very fast, anyway…but the load time for each page was ridiculous!

  • Arti K.

    WHOA!!! Michael Jackson had Plastic Surgery?!!!

  • Karenindixie

    Wildenstein is by far the scariest person on this list!

  • Karenindixie

    Why would anyone as lovely as Priscilla Presley look in a mirror and think that she needs improving?

  • TouRaFahMeh

    Oh come on! Where is Kenny Rogers? As bad if not worse than Presley!

  • The web page layout is a waste of time. These people looked great before the surgery, the after pics look like they are monsters!

  • Jules

    Yes…you forgot Bruce Jenner.

  • this has been done a million times all over teh internetz

    • and done better I might add with all the pictures on one page

  • Lyn

    I will not click these pages.

  • who is Jocelyn Wildenstein?

  • livrod

    This is crazy!! think I’ll just leave this waste of time page ARGH!!!!you get the PLANK!!

  • Mockingjay

    Good god, some of these people look monstrous!

  • And to think of all of the homeless who could be fed, or the sick children helped in hospitals, with the money wasted by people using it in stretching their faces a tight as a trampoline…

  • Sally 122345

    I had to laugh when Kenny Rogers- who by the way was so handsome before-and he’s a man- and who cares about a few wrinkles!- had his face pulled SO tight, he couldn’t even shut his eyes!! How sad is that? These people look horrible!!! The wrinkles would have been so much better.

  • Dawn

    Kenny Rogers! I would sue some of their doctors….ALL of them look a Plastic mess!

  • nanner52

    I can only hope the didn’t have to pay for these. Every one of these celebs took what were beautiful exceptional God-given features, and turned themselves into a mockery of humanity. What a shame they believed that throwing money at an image would create something better than God had to offer.

  • Susan

    I actually came to the comments section to see if anyone else complained about the ridiculously awful layout of this site. As much as I love snarking at poor plastic surgery choices, navigating through these pages isn’t worth it.

  • oldcrankyyankee

    completely messed up site,waste of time.

  • omahaandy

    the after shots —scare the hell out of me. I would hate to see one in a dark alley

  • NellineBarrow

    Holy hell!!! Versace looked horrible both times around!! Wilderstein… ugh!! Why the hell would Priscilla Presley imagine herself looking better?!! Carrot Top.. Tara Reid??? Really?? Why?? Celebrities are dumb humans

  • mylow

    They missed Mickey Rourke what a mess…male version of Jocelyn Wildenstein. What a pair!!

  • Just askin’

    All I can say, Jocelyn, is how much did you get in the lawsuit???

  • keli28

    There is like a 20 plus year gap in the before and after pictures. To me many just look worse due to aging and not surgery!

  • Alex Bond

    didn’t finish it…for the same reason. stupid

  • I knew I was going to see Michael Jackson’s face in this!

  • foxblue

    Because of their over wn consuming vanity, this may be their individual karmaic pay back and lesson as explained by the Buddha.
    “And try as they may, all the kings men could not put humpty dumpty back together again”

  • How on earth did they omit Mickey Rourke?!!!! He had one of the most drastic plastic surgeries of all time in my opinion. I’m sure others would agree with me.

  • Melimo

    Sucky site. Will NEVER come back, and looking at the other comments, you’ve got hundreds that agree with me. Still glad you laid it out this way? lol jerks.

  • Listen here dumb-ass! Michael Jackson had a skin disease called vitiligo which destroys the pigment of the skin! he did not bleached or lightened his skin.

  • Faaah-q

    I can’t believe you people are complaining about “wading through pages,” of absolutely utter garbage in the first place!!! You’re already wasting your life by caring so much about these so-called celebrities. I happened to click a link on accident and it sent me to this trash!!!!!

    I think a lot of you folks should find something better to do with your time than get angry when a sh-tty webpage makes you do more than drool over useless media icons.

  • HairyGuy

    old people are ugly. wow, what a shocking bit of news. not. -signed, borat.

  • PDD

    I agree with Jamie. I don’t have time to look at all the other c***. Just show the pics!!

  • Anonymous

    Joan Rivers

  • blackcurry

    She looks like something from the Island of Dr. Moreau

  • Judy Pennington

    That second woman looks just like the puppet Madame!!

  • Johnny B.

    Mickey Rourke!

  • jazzypie

    lil kim was cute…smfh

  • Camjoe

    Have you ever seen before and after for Halle Berry, Heidi Montag, or Catherine Zeta Jones? Its remarkable.

  • oyeevay

    Black, human Michael Jackson was so cute!

  • Asusu

    this is a crap site to navigate. look at somehting go to next item and you are back to top of page. Badly laid out, wasting time jumping from one item to next. .Only got on this site by accident and i tell you, I will never intentionatly come back here.

  • LunaJ

    May I just point out, MJ had Vitiligo, a disease that strips pigment from the skin.
    May I also point out, his autopsy showed signs only of Rhinoplasty and chin work (mentioned in his autobigraphy, Moonwalker) and none of the other things mentioned such as cheek implants.
    Priscilla Presley was unfortunately caught by bad fillers, and I do believe the bloke in question was sued and barred from practicing ever again,
    My final point, is Jocelyn Wildenstine is not a fail, she WANTED to look like that as she is happy.
    In conclusion, this list is atrociously written, full of non-facts and downright lies to try and boost your page.

  • lovliest.brown

    Mickey Rourke completely destroyed his face, too. That guy used to be beautiful…smh.

  • FlopsyButton

    I agree, Jocelyn Wildenstein looked so much better before, now she looks like the stuff of nightmares

  • Brian of Nazareth

    Post-surgery Wildenstein looks like a creation of Brando’s Dr. Moreau. The horror! The horror!

  • cynthia

    This article is a protracted, tedious POS.

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