15 Celebrity Odd Couples: There's Someone for Everyone (Couples Who Are So Wrong, They're Right!)

15 Celebrity Odd Couples: There’s Someone for Everyone (Couples Who Are So Wrong, They’re Right!)

There’s no real science to matchmaking, but have you ever seen a couple and wonder how they seem to fit together? From the outside in, they seem pretty happy and their chemistry is off the charts. Hollywood is full of couples who prove that there’s a significant other for everyone, no matter who wacky, weird or eccentric they may be. For every Wiz Khalifa, there’s an Amber Rose, and for every Mariah Carey, there’s a Nick Cannon. These opposites seem to attract and they make it work…at least for now.
Check out 15 of our favorite celebrity odd couples, past and present.
Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

  • theNewDanger

    Jermaine and Janet been broke up

  • CE2015

    I don’t think most of these couples are odd couples!

    • goddess8281

      Me either.

  • Dea Shay

    Who are half of these couples?!?

  • mrsmeka73

    Eddie & Rosci ODD, isn’t she too young, she looks like his daughter

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