15 Of The Worst Hair Trends Past & Present (Which One of These Bad Do's Have You Done?)

15 Of The Worst Hair Trends Past & Present (Which One of These Bad Do’s Have You Done?)

We know that hair can be a touchy subject.  But before you get offended, keep in mind that most of us have been caught with at least one of the bad hairstyles listed. You are not alone!  There’s nothing wrong with trying different styles in your tresses.  And when all else fails, keep it simple.  A simple cut and groom will never steer you wrong, promise.  But to drive this point home, we think it’s important that you reminisce on your horrible hair days, and be thankful that they are in your past.  If your current style is on this list, then be thankful that you read this.

Check out 15 of the worst hair trends past and present.



The Finger Wave

The Jerry Curl

Invisible Braids

Hip Hop Corn Rows

Crimped Tresses


Adult Shirley Temple Curls

Male Perms

The Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

The Oversized Pompadour

The Front-Facing Comb Over

Modern Day Mullet

The “Emo” Side-Swept Long Bob

The Faux Hawk

Partially Shaved Head

Rainbow Dye Jobs



-Neijah Williams


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  • A.J.

    Don’t forget the lace front wig, the rattail, backcombing, Jolly Rancher braids, and shaving a name in your head.

  • curly

    What’s wrong with Jada’s curls??? I think they look fantastic! 🙂 Everything else belongs on this list. lol

  • the ONLY 1 im guilty of if the partially shaved head. And that was for medical reasons.

    • jr1230

      dude, no. i shaved both sides AND the back and only have a long rectangular section at the crown with hair. i get high fives all the time

    • Brivvy

      LOL! Sorry but that killed me! <3

  • Benita

    Dude, the emo cut that bieber is rocking and the two girls before him are both Emo. I know this for fact because I am a rocker and studied rock sub culture.

  • chinchin

    oh lawd…. lol shirley temple curls on here??? :'( And I get a strike two for doing a faux hawk to my son’s hair, i guess. lol

  • T.S.

    a FEW of these defined generations or eras with style….. IF you knew how to rock them;o)

  • AT

    Those cornrows and curls are Jada are banging! I will wear them all Day!

  • AT

    Those cornrows and curls on Jada and that guy are banging! I will wear them all Day!

  • She looks like Rainbow Bright.

  • PaulaD

    Some of these hairstyles are not even that bad….Right? ^^’

  • tt

    nothing wrong w/invisible braids if you use the right hair, a curly do which is a great transitional style for women going from relaxed to natural, or cornrows especially for men past a certain age.

  • gstat1

    The jheri curl dude looks like Jamie Foxx.

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