15 Of Rihanna's Most Memorable Hairstyles

15 Of Rihanna’s Most Memorable Hairstyles (Check Out Her Image-Transforming Hair Evolution)

In a few short years, Rihanna has burst onto the scene as a pop icon, and a leader in hair trends. The saucy fashionista’s fans follow her every move on Twitter and Instagram, looking for inspiration as they hit nail and beauty salons all over the world. What power! Let’s take a look down memory lane and reminisce over Rihanna’s hair evolution throughout the years.

Here are 15 of Rihanna’s most memorable hairstyles. 

Around 2004

At first, Rihanna looked like a packaged up pop-tart celebrity on the rise with no real distinction from the other singers around during that time.

Around 2005

As she became more acclimated to fame, her style toughened up to match her “bad girl” steez.

Around 2006

Completely warmed up, Rihanna was about to change her overall style for the world to see in just a few months.


With the release of Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna took the plunge: she shortened her hair, got sultry with her style, and almost instantly became a pop phenomenon.


In her new role as pop music’s official “bad girl,” Rihanna played around with different styles, setting many hair trends at the same time.


Rihanna’s new cropped style put her on the map, and all the fashion editors gushed over her ‘do. But the question always remains: was this always her style or did her record label make her switch it up? The mystery remains unanswered.

Late 2009

After Rihanna’s infamous brawl with her ex, Chris Brown, Rihanna lightened up her hair. But the mood of her music remained dark on her album, Rated R.


Rihanna didn’t stay down and out for long. She played with different styles and cuts, only having us yearn for more!

Early 2011

Rihanna made the reddest of hair fashion forward with the release of her album, Loud.

In all white everything, Rihanna’s flaming red tresses stole the show at the Billboard Music Awards.


Rihanna certainly wasn’t the first to wear red hair (Janet Jackson, anyone?). But only Rihanna can make Ronald McDonald hair look this fabulous!


Rihanna’s long braid at the 2011 Met Gala was simply gorgeous.

Early 2012

Rihanna traded in her red hair we all grew to love for golden locks once again, but this time in a longer length.

Sure enough, Rihanna grew tired of her blonde hair and within a couple of months she dyed her hair black and shaved one side off.

  • LeeLeeC

    A few of these styles I rocked in the 90s in high school…nothing new…just recycled

  • PaulaD

    I surely do like Rihanna with black hair. That’s all. It sweetens her. The red or blonde hair gives her a mean look.

  • Dinnyq

    She’s gorgeous! One of the few women who can pull off any hair color. Black suits her best though, really brings out her features and it’s edgy. I’m glad she’s back to the short black crop.

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