15 Light Skinned Guys Running It Right Now (Drake, Chris Brown, Tyga, & More Caramel Cuties!)

Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, light skinned dudes like Christopher Williams, El DeBarge, and Shemar Moore reigned supreme. That reign ended when a pre-tax evasion Wesley Snipes swooped in and had everyone declaring “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. Since then light skinned guys have been catching flack for poor stereotypes based on their complexion. So to show the haters what’s up, here’s a list of light skinned guys running it right now.

Check out 15 light skinned celebs who are doing it big.


Chris Brown

He may need to sit in anger management for a few more months, but there’s no denying that Chris is running the charts. His latest release, Fortune, hit number one on the Billboard charts, and continues to perform well in 22 countries.


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  • Jane Doe

    I am not clicking thru this. I just hope my baby Blake Griffin is on here.

    • http://twitter.com/MsRedboneBrite Tee Elyse

      Sadly, he’s not! They put “Joseline Hernandez” as number 15… so disrespectful! When will the rumors about her being a man stop?! I thought we got past that!

  • chibi

    First off, may I say you people are ridiculous to use skin color as a determinant for being on a list|
    Secondly, Terrence J, Diggy are not caramel
    Tyga is hideous, so is Chris Brown and that Otunga character….stop the madness
    and you guys are sooo wrong for putting Steebie J’s man up there..lol

  • me

    dont even care about the article i saw j.cole in it the rest is irrelevant

  • PlatinumPR

    You guys sorely missed out by not adding TERRELL TILFORD – the brotha who is currently killin’ it on Single Ladies right now and has had prominent roles on a host of shows like Soul Food, One Life to Live, Bones, etc! I don’t even represent him, but y’all slept on this one!

  • mischa34

    Where has J. Cole been? He’s cute,educated, and a great rapper..Jay-z really needs to invest in him for real!

  • Donthateme2012

    Thank you for this post! Men USUALLY prefer light-skinned women and put them on a pedastal so why do ppl get mad when women put light-skinned men on one? I love men with light eyes and light skinned, those r husband material. everyone has the right to have preferences.

    • http://twitter.com/chandlerwindham chandler windham

      Sounds silly…….Next!

    • CJ

      So according to you the color of a man’s skin defines wether or not he’s husband material? You should get off this website and probably go read a book.

  • Donthateme2012

    the ppl on here getting upset r insecure men. now u know how it feels when u praise mixed looking chics like Halle Berry and Stacey Dash, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lauren London, Lisa Raye, etc. we like them mixed dudes too. u contributed to this “ignorance” so don’t get upset about it now.

    • CJ

      very silly lol

  • http://twitter.com/chandlerwindham chandler windham


  • http://twitter.com/chandlerwindham chandler windham

    Thank you!

  • Talk313

    most of the mf’s not even light skinned: diggy, terrence j, ludacris

  • cheryl

    drake isn’t just the lightskinned guy in the black community, he’s biracial.

  • DUMB as hell article

    What kind of site is this? Stupid article, very ignorant.