15 Celebrities of the Past & Present with the Worst Teeth (What Happened to the Million Dollar Smile?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/bajan.l.danielle Lyndsay Stevenson

    I felt like there was a “lack of” a gallery wrap up. Maybe at the end of the slide show you could have recommended a few products eg: Floss , toothpastes , tooth brushes..ect that would help your readers stay on top of their grill game. Just a thought.

  • Spudmuffin

    Most of these folks have good teeth that could probably use a good cleaning. The obsession with teeth whiteness nowadays borders on fanatical and these people look like most regular people, probably cigarette smokers and coffee drinkers… gee, what a sin

  • Goober

    I really cannot understand why these people with enough money to buy 50 sets of crowns or caps go around with bad teeth. Teeth are the first thing that I look at on a person. This new guy on Kelly Ripa’s show definitely needs dental work. He just cannot believe that he looks attractive with the Lincoln Tunnel in his mouth!

  • JetSet

    Who came up with this list? A few of these celebs have gaps, I don’t see how that’s considered “bad” teeth. Seal and Anna Packwinn both have beautiful smiles with white teeth. I don’t see what’s ugly about Kierra Knightly’s smile. Come up with a better list!

  • one for the money

    How could they have a list like this and not include Steve Buscemi? lol

    • sydney

      or Will Ferrell…

  • Barryo

    If you ever do a 15 crappy bloggers you could put your name at the top of the list. These people all have normal teeth! Not some hollywood ideal of a perfect plastic smile.

  • gallinas

    Really? Miley syrus or whatever her name is…….she is not on this list I find it quite amusing cause she got some fucked up and I mean fucked up teeth.

  • aff

    This is ridiculous. Most look great, and individual not like some fake wannabe.

  • tbaby2

    Yet, they still make LOTS of money- probably more than the author of this ridiculous article. And it shows that most of us aren’t perfect but still making our paper!! Isnt life grand for the average or even ugly people-per some noboby’s opinion- who didnt have to make an X-rated movie to make it (any guesses)?

  • Amy

    I’d like to see a list of the 10 shallowest writers on the internet…

  • g.p. little

    I’m looking at kirsten dunst’s smile…it is perfect…who made this list? did someone give them money for their work?…fire them all

  • frrzal

    Stupidest list ever. You should do a list of 15 bloggers without any original ideas. You can put yourself at the top.

  • Steve Buscemi?!

    Steve Buscemi?!

  • lisa Westrope

    this list is totally ridiculous! first of all, tom cruise has had major work done on his teeth….just compare his teeth now to the movie legend. several of the folks on here have fine smiles…and what kind of a list would leave off steve buscemi? (a man who makes a living with his quirky look…Love ya mr Buscemi!) :)
    im sorry i ever clicked on this sad article!

  • jenness18

    Ya… no a lot of people like there natural teeth it makes them who they are this is a stupid artical

  • AccessTech

    Gotta be kidding me. 11 of of 15 are Republican/Conservatives. I suspect that this website is run by the IRS/Democrat Party. What a bunch of nonsense. Who reads this besides Chris Matthews and Al Gore?

  • Ivy Ruonakoski

    What? You mean Seal’s gap? Why does everyone need to have identical teeth? Come on! I’d never want the fake looking “perfect” teeth that we’re “supposed to” want.

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