15 Celebrities Who Lost Weight (And Look DAMN Good!)

No matter if you’ve lost 10 lbs. or 100 lbs., losing weight and keeping it off is no easy feat. Weight loss is something that many consider a goal, but rarely do they achieve it. The fact is that losing weight is hard. It requires a lot of energy and effort, and to be shed pounds you have to be persistent, willing, and focused. Since celebrities are in a world where they’re meant to be perfect idols, they often hit the gym to achieve their perfect bodies.

Here are 15 stars who have lost weight, who look better and more importantly, healthier, than ever.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

American Idol star and well-known Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, has lost more than 80 lbs. in the last few years. Her new slender figure is a vast change from the one we knew back in her Idol days.


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  • KJ23

    I don’t know why, but I was expecting Tyra Banks to be on this list. But everyone looks great!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Uc-Oh/1371160615 Uc Oh

      I think it’s because Tyra gained couple of lbs (compared to those on these list) and lost it quickly.

  • lashon123

    alot of people on this list have gained their weight back

  • mampie

    Most of them looked beautiful and and beautiful now like Jordan Sparks…the best improvement was Raven…J Hood is the only one who looks worst in the face and looked better bigger…

  • mampie

    Most of them looked beautiful before and beautiful now like Jordan Sparks…the best improvement was Raven…J Hood is the only one who looks worst in the face and looked better bigger…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1786215098 Shuga Pie

    I’ve never liked Jennifer Hudson’s personality (still don’t–she’s been full of herself since American Idol), but she really looks the best, inspite of all the jealous negative comments.

  • G-dub

    Johna Hill anyone?

  • PaulaD

    Am I the only who think Oprah looked better before? 😮

  • http://www.facebook.com/gdub520 Greg Williams

    i dont care what anyone says, that pic of jennifer hudson in the blue dress is amazing to me..how can anyone deny those luscious brown..lips…i was looking at her lips lol

  • LovePig

    some people just look better obese 😉

  • LovePig

    Ricky NICE!!

  • Wijy

    Kirstie Alley looks like those fat Walmart women shoppers!

  • toya

    Does Oprah have on the same dress in long and short versions???? Just asking..

  • Rose

    I think Seth Rogan looked better before he lost the weight like in Knocked Up I thought he was cute.

  • Rumpapumpump

    Sorry to say this, but there is absolutely nothing Kelly Osbourne can do to make her look more appealing or feminine. That’s a sad fact of life, all that money, all that energy in losing weight… but she still looks like a stumpy butch action man who’s little more than a dwarf.

    • Marly Duran

      I don’t see how you can say Kelly Osbourne doesn’t LOOK feminine in this pic. I haven’t kept up with her current actions, but on appearance alone, it seems she’s cleaned up her act quite a bit.

  • jjj

    Some of these people did look better chunky, (I agree with whoever said Seth Rogan was cute) but having been chunky myself, I know it’s uncomfortable in a lot of ways other than looks, (Summertime is just awful when you’re fat) so good for them for losing weight~

  • lok

    Star Jones did not lie about her weight loss choice. She felt that it was legally in her best interest to not promote a very risky procedure. She would not comment on what surgery she had- Not a lie. She did not omit anything, she just felt it best to stay mum about her surgery. Kudos to Star for keeping her medical busines personal.

  • Losing it

    I dont see any difference in Rand jackson “transformation” except for his taste in clothes it became much worse lol


    heres the truth….

    eat healthy…do moderate exercise…and your body will find its own weight.

    sounds simple but few do it.
    they eat garbage dont exercise and then starve themselves to lose weight and end up looking like cadavers.

    not everyone should be skinny.

    so..accept your weight that your body gives you….as long as you are eating right and doing some exercise…you will be feeling well and healthy too!

  • curtflirt

    Jennifer looks so damn good ..

  • curtflirt

    Kelly tonight on the Grammys looks like she needs to continue that diet plan.

  • curtflirt

    Jordan sparks look great too.

  • lollipop

    It should’t be about weight and should be about talent.

  • Ray C

    Raven needed to lose it. She had lost all her cuteness. I don’t see how anyone could look at Jordin or Jennifer or Ricki and not see where many of us could benefit from at least a little weight loss and tightening up. I personally think I looked better when I was a little slimmer. I’m thinking of trying knock off 30 pounds or so.

  • Jay

    J HUD had surgery

    • mooney65

      Glad to know that I’m not the only one who feel that way! I’m just not convinced that it’s all because of weight watchers! Losing that much weight results in a lot of flabby skin so just saying……..