8 Simple Celebrity Beauty Tips to Improve Your Hair, Skin, & Facial Features (If It Works for Them!...)

8 Simple Celebrity Beauty Tips to Improve Your Hair, Skin, & Facial Features (If It Works for Them!…)

Beauty advice is best left to the pros.  But when they’re not around, they’re top celebrity clients are the next best thing.  From flawless skin to beautiful hair, celebs seem to know every beauty secret that we’ve been digging through magazines to find.  Get beauty tips from some of our favorite starlets after the jump!  Some of their remedies may be sitting in your kitchen right now!

Here are 8 beauty secrets from Hollywood’s biggest stars.




Rihanna swears by drinking lots of water to keep a fresh face.  But the singer also can’t live without…


Rihanna highlights her features by dusting her cheeks, nose, and chin.

Catherine Zeta Jones

You’d never guess how Catherine Zeta Jones keeps her beautiful white smile…


Catherine Zeta brushes her teeth with mashed-up strawberries.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has a lovely smile and legs to match.  But to keep her hands supple she soaks them in…

Olive Oil!

Julia Roberts never skips her weekly routine of soaking her hands in olive oil for a softer touch.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel keeps her skin youthful with a few simple household ingredients…

Sugar, Salt, & Oatmeal!

Biel adds sugar, salt, or oatmeal to her favorite cleansers to gently exfoliate her skin.


Solange Knowles has become a hair icon, so she treats her tresses with…

Argan Oil!

Solange swears by Argan oil to keep her curls moisturized and hydrated.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz keeps a fresh face simply by washing with…

Evian Water!

Cameron Diaz washes her face with Evian, instead of tap water.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland heightens her regal beauty with…

Illuminating Powder!

Contouring  her cheekbones with an illuminating powder.

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman tames her hair with…


    Chanel Iman and I have the same hair regime. =] I thought it would have been something more extravagant.

  • tired

    what a stupid website… you have to keep clickig…. F U!!

  • Trini_Angel

    I wouldn’t take tips from these celebrities to improve my skin, hair,nails simply because most of them starve themselves and crash-diet to look thin, wear excessive weaves and wigs and only endorse products to get a pay-cheque…..so no thanks. I eat healthy (most times), drink lots & lots of water, get my 8-9 hours of sleep, exercise 4x per week and think positive thoughts (most times) and so far its working

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