15 Rare and Weird Celebrity Addictions (Adrenaline Junkies, Baby Hoarders, Email Addicts & More!)

15 Rare and Weird Celebrity Addictions (Adrenaline Junkies, Baby Hoarders, Email Addicts & More!)

There’s a lot of pressure as a celebrity to behave, dress well, stay fit and, oh, to not fall into the usual addictions that come from being in the spotlight.  But everybody needs an outlet! Which could be why these celebrities found odd and rare addictions to turn to when they just need to be imperfect for a moment.

Find out which celeb is weirdly addicted to what below!




Madonna: Adopting African Babies

When Madonna’s application to adopt a fourth child from Africa was rejected, it allegedly sent her into a deep depression. We don’t get it. Who wouldn’t want to hand a kid over to a woman that’s made out with Britney Spears?



Jocelyn Wildenstein: The Knife

"Jocelyn Wildenstein"
Sure, she’s a high-profile socialite, but she may not have been on your radar had she not decided to turn herself into a cat.  Jocelyn received millions in alimony from divorcing racehorse owner Alec Waldenstein. $4 million of which was spent on her addiction—plastic surgery.



Rihanna: Art

Rihanna says she’s not a big spender, but she can’t keep her hands of her pocket-book when a good piece of art comes along. She gloats about her Bob Marley portrait done by Ronnie Wood, saying, “It’s very rare that you get a painting of a legend, painted by a legend…”


Lindsay Lohan: Energy Drinks

"Lindsay Lohan drinking energy drink"
Lindsay is reported to be addicted to energy drinks. Catch any recent paparazzi pic of her and she’ll be lugging around a can or two of some fizzy concoction.  Better than staying up all night with coke! Unless, of course, all those innocent looking cans are spiked…


Selma Hayek: Breastfeeding

Those giant knockers are more than just eye candy.  Selma has admitted to being addicted to breastfeeding, and breastfed her own daughter well past a year. Some women report getting a high from breastfeeding as it releases oxytocin. This could be why Selma has been quoted as saying, “I’m like an alcoholic…I don’t care if I cry, I don’t care if I am fat, I am just going to do it for one more week, one more month…”  On a visit to Seirra Leone to do work on a tetanus-vaccination project, Selma breastfed the malnourished baby of another woman.


Paris Hilton: Skydiving

"Paris Hilton Skydiving"
No, not retail. No, not tanning (well ok, also tanning).  But this heiress is addicted to skydiving.   After doing it for the first time to celebrate her birthday in 2007, Paris can’t get enough. She’s been throwing herself out of planes regularly ever since, and claims to be an “adrenaline junk-ie” saying the activity is “better than s*x.”


Nicole Kidman: Cake

"Nicole Kidman"
This slender Aussie claims to have cake three times a week, but tries to keep it to small portions. You haven’t heard much about it because her hubbie Keith Urban’s coke addiction took a little more of the spotlight.


Ozzy Osbourne: British ‘Sugar Puffs’

"Ozzy Osbourne"
You’d think Ozzy would be grateful to escape the notoriously bland British food, but there was one thing he was still hankering for—Sugar Puffs!  Ozzy reportedly had this sugary cereal shipped over by the mounds from England.  Maybe that’s why he talks like he’s so strung out. “G-g-g-g-GOttt to have my S-s-s-suuuugar PUFFS!”


Jack Black: Green Tea

"Jack Black"

It’s common to jump to a new addiction when quitting and old one, and when Jack walked away from smoking once and for all he must have walked into Whole Foods.  He is allegedly addicted to Green Tea today.


Kim Kardashian: Junk Food

"Kim Kardashian eating ice cream"
This one’s not too shocking since the model and TV personality is known for a curvy—not skinny—frame. Kim is addicted to junk food and after several failed New Years resolutions to quit the stuff, has finally resigned to the fact that she can’t stay away from it.  Hey, keeping a butt that big is hard work!


Michelle Williams: Email

"Michelle Williams"

Michelle claims emailing on her phone is like taking a “dopamine hit” and has resorted to trying to write handwritten letters to help her get over the addiction.  It didn’t work.  She probably misses the simple days of “Dawson’s Creek” when you had to climb in someone’s window to talk to them.


Charlize Theron: Fried Food

"Charlize Theron"

There’s nothing weird about this addiction: anyone trails in the direction of the smell of deep fryers like moths to a flame. What’s weird about it is that Charlize is so thin!  She must have mastered the art of portion control because the actress has admitted she can’t get enough, saying, “I will fry my shoe and eat it!”


Jessica Simpson: Nicotine Gum

"Jessica Simpson"
This new mom is addicted to nicotine gum, though she’s never actually been a smoker.  Jessica had it for the first time when a friend’s mom gave her a piece and called the experience like a “party in my mouth!” claiming it gives her the energy of three red bulls.


Robert Pattinson: Antiques

"Robert Pattinson"

Oh he just needs to stop it. We don’t need one more reason to find him adorable.  He’s already hot, mysterious, a freaking vampire and NOW he’s going to tell us that he appreciates antiques?  Just “turn us” now Robert, because we’d spend lifetimes perusing antiques with you. The Twilight star admits to being addicted to the show The Antique Roadshow, saying that he loves to see the looks on the contestants faces when something is worth far more than they’d expected. Damnit, he’s sensitive too.


  • LoveandHappiness

    Whoever the little baby in the photo above is (next to that Red Bull photo), I WANT HIM! He is so d@mn cute. I love babies and he is just too adorable. Look at that beautiful smile and all them rolls. Awwww….yummy yummy cutie pie.

  • Trisha_B

    What does madonna kissing Britney Spears gotta do w/ her parenting skills? If she is a good mother & can afford another kid, give this kid a good home then so be it. smh

  • Grimm Reefer

    well, I’m hooked on heroin, so….no sympathy for those who can’t put down green tea or stop buying art.
    just being real here. I blame nobody but myself for my problem, and I’m a productive member of society. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet that I did more volunteer work in the last year (while hooked on junk) then alot of these people have done in a decade.

    haha just saying, it’s true!!

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