Kim Kardashian's Changing Face Over The Years

Kim Kardashian’s Changing Face Over The Years (Check Out 15 Moments In Kimmy’s Transformation!)

Of all the gossip surrounding Kim Kardashian, her ever-changing face seems to be a topic that will never fade away. Though some may describe her as one of the most beautiful women of this generation, others doubt the authenticity of her “beauty.” Do you think Kim K.’s had a little n*p-tuck done on that gorgeous face of hers? If so, does it take away from her beauty? The plot thickens when we take a look back at photos from before she hit the spotlight. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians,you’d know that  her family is open about the procedures they’ve had done, from breast enhancements to facelifts. Why would Kimmy be the only one to deny going under the knife?

Check out 15 photos of Kim, from childhood until today. 


 StyleBlazers, what do you think of Kim K.’s transformation?


-Neijah Williams


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  • CoCo

    The only area I think she may have actually had plastic surgery are her breasts and butt, face wise tho? I think people either forget or have no clue the extent to which an improvement in makeup can alter a persons face. Her makeup game has gone from DIY ameteur to having the best makeup artsists in the biz fighting to work with her, believe me, makeup can do WONDERS!

    • Jackie

      Those are her breast she must not pay attention in the pictures she had breast a 14 years old those are real

      • DivaG

        R u kidding! Of course she got her breast done. Just look at her old pictures. So gullible!!

    • Blind People

      You really can’t see she had her nose done? You really can’t see she had her skin lightened? Also, look at the contour of her chin compared to the chin she had in the pic with her dad. Not to mention the botox and fillers in her cheeks. You people can not possible be serious and think that’s ALL make up and no plastic surgery.

    • WTF

      We all know makeup can do A LOT but I never seen it make someones nose look smaller and bone structure look different

  • claire

    Kim is a beautiful woman, I don’t think she’s had surgery on her face, only the botox she admitted to.


    She had her nose done

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      It looks like it doesn’t it?

  • kia

    Its the makeup…without makeup she looks regular

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      Some people look horrible without makeup……Kim K. is not one of those people in my opinion. I do agree with you that without her makeup, she does look “normal.”

    • WTF

      Everyone looks regular with out makeup but anyone can tell the difference between natural beauty and surgery “Beauty”

  • killag

    i don’t think she’s had work done….. i just think she’s aging and wears a hell of a lot of make-up!!!

  • KaliIce

    All the makeup in the world dont change your bone structure. Coons will always defend their queen lol.

  • fabsos

    Definitely had the under eye area done. Either fillers or skin tightening.

  • Yvette

    It’s makeup. Makeup can create illusions….. Her face has been extremely contoured.

    • moi

      i agree

  • yomama

    You fools she had her nose, breasts and booty done… It’s obvious I know people grow and she had boobs since she was 14 blah blah blah but she didn’t always have a behind nor a slimmer nose.. Look at her pics when she was with her first ex husband then compare them to know… Come on!

    • jusme

      fat injections in the butt won’t show up in an x ray only implants. most people don’t do butt implants they do lipo in one place and inject the fat in the butt. she did have breast implants and a butt lift that her first ex-husband paid for.

    • Too bad she cant do something about those hips they are as broad as a doorway! Booty is getting bigger by the day too. She is concerned about her weight gain most of it is booty and breasts. I hope she continues to gain that will keep her out of the camera’s focus

  • She looked more ethnic in previous pixs just like J-Lo but now look very different.

    • SUN

      I agree,I dont think any of the sisters actually even look white

      • shes not white she armenian!

        • FFTV

          She’s half white, half Armenian.Her Mom is white.

          • her dad was def. armenian too. he died a years ago, bruce jenner is not her dad. so she’s full armenian.

          • Megan

            Kris Jenner isn’t Armenian.

          • Nab TL

            she is not full armenian her mother Kris is white and her father is armenian

          • Faithz

            This is true.

          • LisaJeane

            Her mother is “black dutch” which isn’t really white, or at least not pure white.

          • Nab TL

            she is white. ok she has English, Scottish, French, German and Dutch ancestry.. not black dutch

          • LisaJeane

            Her mother claims to be black dutch.

          • LisaJeane

            Her Mom is black dutch, which is basically a euphemism for “not white but trying to pass for white”. Could be native american, black or a mixture.

          • Nab TL

            she is dutch mixed with english, scottish, french, german

          • LisaJeane

            Kris’s matrilineal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Martha Isabella Charlotte, was from Saint Thomas (now part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, then owned by Denmark). Virgin Islands Ethnicity/race: West Indian 74% (45% born in the Virgin Islands and 29% born elsewhere in the West Indies), U.S. mainland 13%, Puerto Rican 5%, other 8%, black 80%, white 15%, other 5%, 14% of Hispanic origin

          • Nab TL

            she is not native american.. she is white.

          • Nab TL

            Armenians are white, just like Italians and Greeks.. she is all white

        • Armenians are caucasians from central Eurasia. Takes like a minute to research.

          • iHM

            Caucasian doesn’t mean white. There are Caucasians of all skin types, including black Caucasians. It’s a mountain region. When people talk of “whites” they generally mean Anglo type Europeans. She is half white and half Armenian because Armenians aren’t white, they are Armenian and that’s as deep as they really need to explain themselves. It’s not up to white or black people to define other people’s races for them. Armenian culture shares nothing with traditional Anglo-European culture, it’s trying to box everyone in together to claim her as white.

          • thank you please educate, its so sad!

          • John Fowler

            Yeah, it’s so sad iHM was making a huge deal arguing against a wholly factual statement. Well done–you’re both idiots.

          • Marco Plo

            shut up. all whites are Anglos?….just shut up!

          • iHM

            Disgusting, and ignorant. What a surprise.

          • Marco Plo

            Why are you calling me that? This whole board is a mess of idiots.

          • blueink

            American government lists white middle easterns and eastern europeans in the white category for disambiguation.

          • Heidi

            there are no black caucasians hahaa. I’m from the Caucasus, and you reek of ignorance.

          • BlackVeggieVegan®™

            Negroes will accepted anyone because of self hatred. She is white. There’s no such thing of a Black Caucasian. Ignorance and misinformation at it’s best.

          • Kai EL Zabar

            I hear you and totallly agree.

          • Kai EL Zabar

            First let’s define what group you want to distinguish one by: Racial, ethnic, nationality, or religion etc., If we are speaking Racially then we include Caucasian, Mongoliod, & Negroid. Kim falls under Caucasian. There are more than 5000 ethnic Groups of which Aremenians are one. Nationality includes America, France, Canada, China, Nigeria, England, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, etc. So to speak intelligently we have to come from an informed space.

          • Andrea Maklari

            Oh I am sorry but you r really misinformed.

          • all caucausian means is near the caucus mountain, it doesnt mean white I lived in europe!

          • Ann McDonald

            Armenians are NOT caucasians!

          • Marco Plo

            Yes they are. East Indians & Arabians & Jews are also Caucasians, read a book! & Not PEOPLE!

          • heidi

            If anyone is Caucasian, it is the Armenians.

            Armenia is the origin of all white people, fool.

          • BlackVeggieVegan®™


        • Guest

          Old Armenia took over almost all of the Caucasus mountains, thereby making Armenians CAUCASIAN which is WHITE.. education is a wonderful thing

          • Lynn

            Whether or not Armenians are white is kind of moot in this situation. Kris Jenner is not Armenian in any way. Therefore either way they are only half Armenian

          • andy

            you my friend are an idiot

        • Christina J. Nasri

          Old Armenia took over almost all of the Caucasus mountains, thereby
          making Armenians CAUCASIAN which is WHITE.. knowledge is a wonderful
          thing =)

          • please educate yourself, i have lived throughout europe and Caucasian is the region i am a celebrity makeup artist who knows the family and they dont consider themselves White they say they are Armenian! look at her skin how many white people have skin like that? her skin isnt pinky she has color to her skin! and who cres anyway! anglo means white! and she aint no anglo!

          • Nab TL

            wrong i’m european I should know I am white and my father skin was dark and he’s white, so it doesn’t matter the color of anyones skin. people use to approach me and ask if my father was a black man, I would say No. but what does it matter we are all from the human race and God created us all.

          • dena

            mother fucker god created nothing

          • Nab TL

            you need a reality check your ignorance goes beyond stupidity.

          • Hasmik

            Armenians are white.

            Just because she tans, doesn’t mean she isn’t white.

            If you put a little thought into your ignorant comment, you would look back at her white parent: HER ARMENIAN DAD.

            Look at his white skin color, his mom’s blue eyes and white skin, and even Rob Kardashian who looks just like his dad ======= WHITE. ARMENIAN.

            Go to Armenia and come back and correct this ignorant comment of yours. By the way, I am Armenian, going to school in the U.S.– I have paler skin than everyone in my class and I have golden hair.

            I am Armenian and white.

          • Marco Plo

            “look at her skin how many white people have skin like that? her skin
            isnt pinky she has color to her skin! and who cres anyway! anglo means
            white! and she aint no anglo!”

            GOD Americans are so dumb sometimes. ANGLO means of English Ethnicity, as in ENGLAND. Angleterra!! You guys really need to go to real school not just fake GDP having the answer sheets & cheating.

            “White” skin ranges from see-thru to Caramel. with many shades in between.

            Kim K is most definitely a White Girl.

            Stop just stop.

        • Alley Oop

          She’s white. Don’t let the orange spray on tan fool you.

        • ScreenNameEmpty

          Kim is totally Caucasian. I see alot of people don’t know how to differentiate between race,nationality,ethnicity,etc.

          First, a race is a population that has been isolated long enough to have developed characteristics that distinguish its members from those of the same species, but different ecosphere. The Europe-Near East area is generally defined as the white race or Causasians.

          The white race is now divided in 6 major sub groups. Indo-European, Semite, Hamite, Finn, West Mediterraneans, and Caucasians. Understand that there is too much overlap between these sub-groups to continue basing these groups on physical alone. Also do not think of these terms in too modern social, political, and national lines.

          The Indo-European group was the most expansionist group and ended up overunning the West Mediterraneans and Caucasians. Some of these people include the Thraco-Phyrgians, Illyrians, Hittites, Iranians, Slavs, Celts and Italics. These in turn became the countless various tribes migrating across Europe and the Near East from nearly 5000BC onwards.

          So as far as the current Armenians, they are part of the Indo-European linguistic group. The area where the Armenian empire started had its inhabitants go through waves of migrations and invasion from all directions. The native inhabitants of the area thousands of years before the ancient Armenian empire were most certainly part of the Caucasian sub group that got overun by the various Indo-European waves.

          The Proto-Armenians may have been descended from the Thraco-Cimmerians and Phyrgians (Indo-European) that migrated West through Anatolia and South through the Caucusus, or may have been original sub group Caucasian that assimilated with the Indo-European invaders.

          Arabs and Armenians are both Caucasian. The original Arabs were of the Semitic sub-group. Unless one has their own pedigree for 2000 (give or take) years though, with the constant influx of the Semitic and Indo-European migrations on top of the Caucasian sub group, you cannot say for sure the exact sub race you belong to now.

          Kim Kardashian’s RACE Caucasian and Caucasian is WHITE! Sorry darling. It’s true.

          • blueink

            Nice post.

          • courtney king

            Lok it up dumbo, kim is not white. . .She is Armenian jeez

          • Marco Plo

            Armenian IS White, Dumbette.

          • Nab TL

            Armenians are white, just like Italians and Greeks

          • Laura Lee

            ROFLOL – And just what do you suppose Armenian is? Jeez! It’s an eastern EUROPEAN country! LOL

          • Jala

            Caucasian is used in the US for white people but that´s totally wrong. Caucasian people come from Caucasus (as the name suggests) and this area includes the following countries:Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. So Kim Kardashian is Caucasian. Caucasians compared to other European white tribes have a very different darker yellow based skin tone (because of the asian influences). They look nothing like the other European white tribes.
            So not all white people are Caucasian. European people derive from different tribes like Celts. Teutons, Gauls etc. etc. and these people are white too but look completely different from Caucasians since they come from a very different area and tribe.
            And while it may be politically correct in the US to call a white person Caucasian it really is very very wrong indeed as I just tried to explain.
            And to put Arabs and Armenians into one “pot” and call them both Caucasian is really idiotic. Arabs come from a completely different tribe and Arabs are not Caucasian in the sense of “white” at all.
            As usual it shows that people in the US know nothing about history at all. Why is that? Because the politically correct idiots at schools are forced to teach these lies so that “ethnic minorities” don´t feel bad and people loose interest in nationalities and tribes. As we know the ruling “elite” are communist globalists who want to wipe out all national and ethnic pride except black pride………….. which will be a surefire way for a future of a highly intelligent peaceful society…………

        • Ocrisia

          should i say i’m not white i’m russian? what box do you think she checks when they ask whenever u fill out crap for the government, or take a test, or get a loan? armenian isn’t an option.

        • Marco Plo

          Her mother is a mixture of various white European ethnicities & her father is Armenian, which IS white….Armenian is Middle-Eastern & Middle-Eastern, like Jews & Arabs & East Indians, are Caucasians, take a basic Anthro class….maybe get out of the U.S of A for a while too!

          • John Garcia

            there is tons of armenians who look 100 percent “white”, blonde hair ones, tons. Not all armenians look arab, not even *close*, many families will have traits of both sides. She is definitely white, she might be a shade darker than many english people but that doesn’t make her non white, Also she is always tanned up. Stop making this a race argument.

            @facebook-831831854:disqus armenians definitely consider themselves white, the closer you look to a swedish person the better (at least by some people). The whole word caucasian usually doesn’t refer to the region. The reason its mentioned is because all european languages have had that word as a place of origin. All european DNA markers in europe go to that region. Many people call it the home of indo-european langauges. Regardless, that region, is the only region in europe where you can find super pale blondes and tan brunettes in very equal portions all living in the same place for thousands of years.

          • Jenna

            Exactly. anyone who says Armenians aren’t white has obviously never been outside of the USA. pure ignorance.

          • LisaJeane

            Her mother is black dutch mixed with white.

          • Marco Plo

            there is no such thing. Stop. Dutch are mostly very fair. There is not 1 single drop of Black DNA in any one of that girl’s ancestry…but everynight she is filled with lots of Black DNA drops.

          • LisaJeane

            Google it. Black Dutch is what non-whites trying to pass as white called themselves so they could fit in.

          • Jenny Camilleri

            your wrong. Black Dutch is an American slang word for European countries

          • LisaJeane

            NO, you’re wrong. Google it and read up on it. I am an American and it is NOT slang for “European countries”. There is no slang for “European countries”, we just call the countries by their actual names. Black dutch refers to people who either are part black or native American who were trying to make themselves sound European so they could fit in with white society and obtain the privileges therein such as land ownership etc.

          • Jenny Camilleri

            Lisa Jeane I looked it up. Never heard the word before. I googled it and it gave the explanation as I said in a previous email it is a slang word used by Americans …i just read it

          • LisaJeane

            Yes it is a slang word, but you got the meaning of the slang wrong. Maybe read Wikipedia. Here’s an excerpt- “it became adopted around 1830 and afterward among certain Southeastern families of mixed-race ancestry.” You must not have read very much.

          • LisaJeane

            I had a black dutch friend and even she said that in her case it was because she had black slaves in her ancestry.

          • Jenny Camilleri

            Lisa Jeanne yes I read the article on Wikipedia. It states it does not refer to people of tri colors and includes Afican Americans etc. I read the article thrun with its history etc. But it doesnt matter really. Never heard the word before and Im a journalist, so its got me baffles. Anyway unlike most Americans I like Kim

          • LisaJeane

            1. If you’ve never heard of it before then why do you feel qualified to argue about it?
            2. What kind of journalist are you when you can’t even get a name right when it’s spelled right in front of you?
            3. GO AWAY TROLL!!!

          • Jenny Camilleri

            Lisa Jeane u make me laugh. Yes I made some typo errors at 2am here in Perth Australia, sorry. The info I researched regarding Black Dutch part of what both you and I say is correct, but it is stipulated it is a SLANG word used only by Americans for certains descendents of people from European countries, and then the Cherokee’s are brought into the discussion and people living in Tennessee and Southern USA.

            Next thing – Ive read all the things you have written out of curiosity…oh your royalty, good on you. My official title is Lady Jennifer Camilleri as I own land in Scotland and a descendent of the Glencoe Earls, Ladies Lords blah blah. But u seem so anti Kate Middleton and Prince William??? They are good people and its not me saying it as Australia is part of the Monarchy, but they actually are down to earth decent people and I know personally. How old are you…you are so ignorant opinionated and ridiculous in comments u make. I thought it was funny at first til i read all your derogatory remarks to EVERYONE. are you educated? I only came across this forum last nite to do with the Kim K stuff and sure your info was interesting to me, but Ive spoken to people today who have never heard this term Black Dutch – an American euphamism – and these are well educated media people.

            But your comment about Rhianna, Miley, this person and that…sure Miley is trashy now but is a good singer. But hopefully in time she will pull her head in. Rhianna is talented and a young girl like that with a great body can wear something risque and look amazing. Im 45 now and I was a top model in Perth, nothing compared with USA models Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, Elle, Cindy Crawford etc. But if u look hot and u can flaunt it tastefully im all for it. Yes Miley is quite disgusting and the reason I didnt take my daughter to her concert here recently although she loves the Hannah Montana thing.

            Then the TROLL comment. Oh so funny. I have a massive collection of trolls from the 90s. Now my daughter collects the Australian made version called ZELFS sold worldwide. Can you by any chance find her one called Garny or Angelala over there for her and Ill pay you the money. Thanks from one Troll to another. Happy New Year

          • Nab TL

            her mother is not black dutch.. never was. she is dutch mixed with english, scottish, french, german.. thats it no native american

        • blueink

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to race classifications in America, Kim is indeed listed as “white.”

        • Heidi

          Armenians are the definition of Caucasian (aka White). What an ignorant comment. Do you know Armenia is the origin of all Whites? Go to school, fool.

        • BlackVeggieVegan®™

          Armenian is white..duh!!

        • MPD

          Armenia is in EUROPE…duh….

        • Andrea Maklari

          Armenian is not a race, there are only four races.

      • BiggieSmalls

        Who cares….I’d still tear it up!

      • Marco Plo

        She only has 1 full biological sister. & that sister is just as swarthy as KimK.

    • krepthin

      She grew up, got extensions and a good makeup artist. Also, she doesn’t open her mouth very much when she smiles

    • NegRican24

      Exactly they have gotten the old “white wash” to move up to the next level and feel more accepted by YT and his lot…….that’s is why the Hobbit/ Photo Shop episode of South park will go down in history

  • tee

    Her mom has a huge butt khloe has a huge butts…kims butt could be real but not that nose…and the botox she gets

    • yannii

      I don’t doubt that it is her butt but she strategically has lipo done to her thighs and her lower back. Thus, giving the illusion that her butt is so round.

      • YHall

        Kim K’s butt was real flat at one time. She didn’t get butt implants, but she does get butt injections. That’s why nothing showed up on the x-ray that she had done. You noticed that she didn’t want to get her chest x-rayed because that would’ve revealed breast implants. Yet she claims those are her real breasts also. Kourtney admitted to getting breast implants. Tyra had an x-ray and a doctor examine her to prove her breasts were real.

    • Tany

      They all got lipo and injected it into their butts, even Rob. Her mom has a butt? Funny, because Kim claims she has curves from being Armenian, only her dad is Armenian, her mom is white. Plus they are more Armenian women w/o butts, then with them. People are so gullible.

  • What?

    She transformed her face into an ugly man made rubber face, like her mom’s.

  • mrsboggs

    I really don’t see where she’s had any work done, If you look she’s evolved in terms of weight loss/gain. As you age your face does change. She’s more focused on her health now, not mention photo shop. Not a hater or congratulator, just observing

  • AnnelliDAREAL

    Ahh….such a cute child! It seems like Kim K. has gotten more beautiful and attractive as time passes.

    • colloctor

      Hairy Armendian, reality HO.

  • amberfierce

    Kim has had a ton of work done that’s no secret. The breast are fake just look at Kourtney’s who has admitted to a boob job. Kim’s look totally identical!!!

  • ifyousayso

    ok lemme break it down.

    nose job – bump shaved down slightly
    Botox or Restylene (sp)- under her eyes, smile lines, forehead
    hair removal or threading on forehead to increase forehead size (marilyn monroe had this done.)
    boob implants (good ones too)
    liposuction on stomach and thighs
    lipo fat put in butt (very common procedure)

    And uh…thats about it. btw she looked better before. in the face anyway

    • KaliIce

      You forgot that she’s wearing a lace front wig in some off those photos because her hair is thin and short. Thats why the parts look like mess

      • Miracle

        Shes not wearing a lace front…extensions maybe, but definitely no lacefront

        • YHall

          Kim wears both extensions and lacefronts. Her mom on RuPaul Drag Race said you be surprised at how many wigs they got in their home. They’ve always been wore by most of Hollywood for a very long time. Everybody from Marilyn Monroe to Gwen Stefani rocked/rocks them.

        • Nola

          Of course she’s wearing a lacefront go back to slide 13 you can even see the white lace. Can’t really hate on Kim her body is sick but she really messed up her face she should quit now before it’s too late.

        • Baje

          yea she was and it looked awful

        • Precious

          yes she is, in that one pic, that’s definitely a lace front

        • KimmehGee

          That is definitely a lacefront on slide 13. Damn. I wish she wasnt so plasticky these days. I miss her natural self!

        • MissRealuminatti

          It’s one! And it’s not a good one either! You can almost see the lace and glue.

    • jessica

      you forgot to add vineers as well

    • scir91onYouTube

      in slide 13, she looks like a CAT like jocelyn wildenstein, the catwoman on youtube

    • Rose

      I don’t think she got breast implants, even in her early pictures she is well endowed.. some women are built curvy..the shame is what she did to her face, she was much prettier before

      • She went back to first husband just long enough to get him to pay for her boob job. Believe me they are prosthetic just like her-fake!

        • MissRealuminatti

          Right! Real breast are just not shaped like that, especially if you are a c-cup or higher…it cannot defy gravity.

          • Its call a good bra and posture. Not all women the big boobs sags trust me I know. I know women with smaller breast that sags due to having bad poster believe it or not I am a 42 F and my breast with a good bra sits high and I don’t have breast implants its about getting a right fitted bra and having good seating posture

          • Ann McDonald

            I have REAL size 36D Breasts and you can tell from their shape. They don’t look like grapefruits!

        • Ocrisia

          maybe she just had them lifted. they WERE big when she was younger.

  • Kimmie had her teeth done too, those are all veneers, and not her real teeth…

    • babygirlll

      i knew it ! finally somebody said it , her teeth look soo diffrent and that is why it even makes her lips look diffrent , in my opinion , she is gorgeous but she needs to stop doing so many cosmetic procedures because she is going to turn out looking terrible .

  • iloverealitytv

    what about her bottom lip. it is almost non-existent now. i don’t know what you can do to a lip but something has been done.

  • JohnC1111

    Kim had a nose job, breast implants, butt injections, botox, liposunction, collagen injections, extensions, lacefronts, etc. She started with a nose job and breast implants when she was very young. She’s plain lookin without all the help.



  • shae

    I actually like Kim, but pic #13 she looks like Mortcia Adams lol

  • SUN

    She looked cute before and I will still say this then and now she dont even look white.All the sisters especially Kourtney have always looked latina

  • FakeA$$Kim

    i KNEW that butt wasnt natural. after all these years. smh. no wonder it looks like a baby’s diaper.

  • Tany

    You people really don’t think she’s had work done on her face? You say it’s all just makeup. I’ve seen pics of her without makeup recently, after all her facial work, and her cheeks and nose still look that way. Contouring doesn’t alter your face from all angles, lol. Kim’s way messy with her lies yet people still believe her. LOL

  • latino

    she looks retaded, i always thought there was something really odd and unnormal about her face, like a badly done Photoshop creation

  • Marilyn

    She looked more ethnic before the surgeries. She looked better before the surgeries.

  • pwoodward

    I agree – I’m not even a doctor and I’ll give you the breakdown on the things I’m SURE about:
    nose job
    face fillers
    brow lift or botox
    something to remove the fat from the sides of the waist/obliques
    fat or another filler added to the back of the buttocks. Yes, this is successful and done by most plastic surgeons (we’re not saying “implant” here, so Kim, stop thinking that just because you had an xray done on your show demonstrating you have no implants anywhere, we’re going to assume your everchanging body shape is god-given and the result of only diet and exercise! Can we say “NOT.”)
    I think plastic surgery is fine, great in fact if you get it for the right reasons. And I even think that it is a personal and private thing and not something you should have to divulge to the whole world. But for goodness sakes, you can deny you’ve had anything and say it’s your own business without being a real liar by taking extra steps to falsely proove something that isn’t true! That’s when it gets bad and one deserves all the backlash they get!

  • Katie

    She just has LESS filler in her lips now. Otherwise she looks the same

  • I guess you like plastic…. lol sad

  • Stella

    No it isn’t. You can see where the makeup is covering the mole on her forehead.

  • My God she was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the one pic of her in the white dress on the red carpet. Kim what have you done?

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    She seems much the same to me. She had high cheekbones, she had large lips as a child. she has grown into her nose. the hair is farther back now but that is natural. I don’t know about boobs as she didn’t have any back then.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    I think she looks lovely here and has the boobs at whatever age she was. I’m not ure she did have any surgery. She has been lovely. Too materialistic and too haughty, but beautiful. not a fantastic combination.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    She looks less like herself here than she did in her previous even younger photos and compared to today. Hair done differently. But see no surgery indications.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    Makeup is outside the lines here so makes the lips look larger, but they aren’t or not much.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    Showing underware as outer ware is slum ware. Looks trashy. Remove bustier or if too much shows, fix dress.

  • Carolyn Wilkerson

    How can you look at that nose and think she had a nose job? No way.

  • scir91onYouTube

    i liked her when she was in her early 20s. i don’t like old women. college-aged girls are the best. wish she could have stayed young forever!

  • ariadne

    She had a very natural beauty when she was younger, even though you can tell she had breast implants at a young age by looking at slide 4 (naturally large breasts do not have a canyon between them). Now she just looks plastic – like a special effects mask.

  • be real

    faker than a $30 dollar bill

    God made is Best!! All else is from the Devil- vanity..

    thank God I have my own

    hair , eyes, eyebrow, eye lashes, ful lips, real cheeks natural curves brown tanned skin, natural plump rear real boobs, no need to be skinned like a racoon(laser shaving).. come on.

    That is what yt media calls beauty it is all fake.

    so funny- men who dat chicks who are fake from head to toe- borderline gay. not dating a real women withreal body parts..

    like ice t and coacoa she makes me wanna barf.. ewwww all that fat yt/pink pigggy- she is hugely obese and her face is hugely square and manish– -yuck.. but that is yt media vision of beauty— HAHAHAHAHa/

    fake beauty and booties…lol

    as fake as kim is Kanye minus well be dating a man…lol trannies got more real body parts than KIM.

    • pairunoyd

      you NAILED it!

    • boondock

      I agree that Kim is very fake, but your remark that Kanye “minus” (which should say “might as”) well be dating a man doesn’t make any sense. How do her modifications make her more like a man than a woman? It doesn’t make her more of either; she just has a ton of body modification.

    • MissRealuminatti

      Kanye is kinda gay with those skirts a.k.a.Kilts that he wears

  • SEM

    Ifyousayso, If you look at her first childhood photo you’ll see her forehead was HUGE, and she fo’ sho’ doesn’t need to make it bigger. It’s magically gotten smaller.

  • She looked way prettier in the begining

  • Mulberry Outlet uk

    She’s half white, half Armenian.Her Mom is white.

  • Mulberry Outlet

    Of course she’s wearing a lacefront go back to slide 13 you can even see the white lace.

  • Wicked Windy

    Same face…no surgery. All she did was stop tanning, lose weight, and stopped piling on extra hair. Look closely. She has NOT been under the knife. Botex (as seen on her reality show). She is pale now (because she stopped tanning), and she wears waaaaay more makeup.

  • Eureka’s Moonchild

    She should have left her nose alone. She no longer looks authentic

  • Bijou

    Looks like Michael Jackson in slide 13

  • Dinnyq

    She’s prettier now. Her plastic surgeon(s) are fantastic!

  • Kate

    I am no doctor, but it looks to me as though nothing drastically changed. I believe this is a difference between a young woman doing her own make up and having a professional do contouring everyday. She is a gorgeous woman who doesn’t need to do much work to look amazing!

  • God

    Without makeup she’s average at best. I am so sick of seeing these damn Kardashians. Vapid money grubbing people…the entire family bugs me.

    • pitszal

      Do not really like her look. She wears too much makeup. I think Kim’s sisters are prettier than her.

  • Ronda

    she is beautiful without all the stuff she did to her face, why did she change?

  • Gavin Winship

    Where the hell are the pictures? I can’t find the link anywhere.

  • Rianoa

    Before the surgery she looks like a mix of Shakira and Penelope Cruz, it’s a shame she has turned herself into her mother and looks miles older than shes meant to be.

  • Myrtu

    Parting her hair down the middle like that is also making her face look weird. She looks a lot prettier with bangs, or when her hair is parted to the side, or pulled back. Down-the-middle hair parts styled like THAT (I just really hate how some girls ‘fluff’ it up and ugh no) do not make her face look good.

  • sawthelight

    Boob Job , when you can see ridges or outline , it’s a breast enhancement ! last pic !

  • justsayin

    its only her makeup that make it look different

  • got to love all that Fakeness. whats next..cootchie improvement.if i wanted plastic i would get a blow-up doll..cant wait to see her if she ever goes broke.

  • Simon Monroe

    I’m confused as to why we continue glorifying this harlot? Who gives a damn, KK has done nothing for the greater good of entertainment, the world, the youth or otherwise. Geesh!

    • Yes Simon I agree 100%-she has no talent what so ever. Her only talent is smelling a dime a mile away whether it is through a law suit or otherwise.We all know what is her call to fame-if you want to call it fame. Yet MSN and TMZ watch her every move. I just emailed MSN and aaked what is up with that. The article on her wanting a star on Hollywood Blvd-I went through 3 pages of comments -not one and I mean not one comment was positive -no one likes her she is a publicity starved prosthetic skank that will stop at nothing to get attention. I can’t stand her or her family. She came out and said her ex husband to be Kris Humphries was gay because he was watching NFL on TV and was not interested in her. Come on, just because he is waching NFL goes to show how self absorbed she is-God forbid show a man not show her attention 24/7. He is so much better off to be away from that skank. She was probably fooling around with that fool she is with now. I wouldnt doubt she is screwing around on him too.

      • Ocrisia

        she won’t get a star. you have to have talent to get a star (i think). i don’t even mean that in a mean way, i just mean she doesn’t act or sing, or anything like that. she does appearances at parties and got famous from a leaked x rated tape

        • Marco Plo

          “leaked” HA! totally released by Kris (whom made her do a retake before release!!) They dont give “stars” to Pornstars, its not a category on the walk of fame, BUT, she can walk the boulevard to make some money, ya, thats as close as she gets.

    • Marco Plo

      Exactly, since when do Pornstars get so much mainstream media coverage?

  • The Kardashian girls look as though their mother put their heads in an apple press at birth to give their faces that elongated flattened look.

  • Shane

    Idk about her body but when it comes to her face, for sure she’s done botox before — she showed it on the show. But aside from that I honestly believe the only change that has happened is that she could afford a great makeup artist LOL makeup can do wonders for a gal

  • Brandon Campbell

    Her natural look was so much better! Why do women keep doing this crazy crap to themselves?

  • really… you couldn’t just put them all on one ore two pages?

  • Mary Mote

    she is all Kim, no changes, just the best make-up artist and hair dresser..

  • Amy916

    I’m sure y’all be doing the same, I’m sure most of y’all would have gotten a whole entire body JOB with all that money so stop hating 😉

  • Amy916

    One more thing, stop hating !!!!!!!!!!’

  • She looked prettier before and natural. Now all that plastic surgery makes her look like bad s****.

  • u r idiots

    i find a common theme to almost all ur comments. jealousy jealousy jealousy. mainly by saying “she hasnt done anything so why does she get so much attention”. its sad ur so upset by this fact. the fact tht u care and are reading about her just feeds her fame. so congradulate urselves for making her even tht more famous.

  • Pdidit

    20 years from now she’s gonna look like a Muppet

  • Sickofthebitch

    I don’t like her because she loves negros and rarely dates whites?

  • the CO

    The world is full of jealous haters that spend waaaaaaay too much time analyzing people they have NEVER met.

  • Denise

    She looks a lot like Kourtney in that before pic. Now I can see the resemblance. She’s had a lot done and she’s barely 30. I just realized how insecure she really is.

  • wow pic number 13 is terrrrrible!yikes she should have not gone outside that day!

  • she just grew up doesnt look like any surgery to me.

  • She got old that’s the biggest change. I doubt she got anything except botox, she is in her 30’s plus she gets fake tanned all the time and wears a ton of makeup. Everything about her looks the same except for her laugh lines but again she is old and everyone ages differently. If I posted a pic of my mom from 94′ and then now you’d swear she had botox but her face just got fatter.

    • stopkidding

      Well, Ms Brains, apparently yours isn’t working or you just cannot see. The most obvious and significant change is the nose job. She has had botox, she has had her eyes done, and has had a little bit of something injected into her top lip.She has also had extensive dental work. And yes, she has had at least one breast augmentation. I do agree that she has gotten a lot fatter. Her stomach, thighs and *ss are disgusting.

  • Bill

    Al I want to know is how many more “touchups” ’till she looks like Michael Jackson ?

  • Lisa Z.

    Too many Botox injections

  • She is not beautiful, she looks like plastic!! She was much prettier before she felt the need to enhance herself with botox and plastic surgery!! She is NOT the most beautiful woman of this generation, she is trash with money. She has no real talent whatsoever! I wish this entire family would go away!!

  • Gloria

    She looks very natural before now she looks like her face is stretched From cheek to cheek and not to mention her boob job and skin lightning

  • lola

    and u believed her!

  • lola

    i hope she doesnt turn into the horror movies of the likes of donatella……………she looks like cher!!!

  • babygirrll

    agreee ! wow she has done everything to herself , and absolute transformation , talk about low self esteem

  • imredi2003

    All this talk about race…….it really doesnt matter but I would wager I know what race her children will be………….

  • MissRealuminatti

    JLo and Bey are exotic looking too. Any woman that is not white is exotic looking.

  • MissRealuminatti

    She has a boob job too. But, I get what you are trying to say. The media always overlook sistahs’ natural beauty and praises the big lips that celebs like Angelina Jolie possess or the big butts that Jlo and KK has. Black women have had big butts and big lips since the beginning of time but we never get praised for it.

    • Ann McDonald

      That is SO true, about black ladies. Why aren’t they thought of as beautiful when they have those assets naturally? Why do men prefer plastic?

  • ss


  • ihm

    She is so beautiful. Actually flipping through the pictures, you see she hardly changed at all until the obvious botox there at the end. No lip injections, she always had lips. No nose job, it looks completely identical. No chin implant, the chin is the same too. The major differences you see is a new eyebrow shape, lighter skin and the fillers she had injected in her cheek area. But those wear off, they aren’t permanent, which is why she looks like her old self sometimes, and why she looks like her face is made of plastic sometimes. All botox and fillers, nothing else.

  • ok, Armeniam, Caucasion, Who cares. She is American – she was born in America! Honestly, she looks more plastic than Barbie. She has to be with a man in order to be complete. She is not picky either (apparently) – she just needs to make a choice for god sake – pick one – stay with one. Why bother with whatever BS she does – just let her do her thing, but if she messes with my thing – that is a whole nuther story!!

  • Amanda


  • Alyssa M

    I think she just lightened her skin and obviously ur face changes over time and she wears like bucket loads of makeup now.. hmm idk

  • jc

    she’s a pig

  • I think she’s beautiful!

  • Polly

    don’t know how anyone else feels but I am tired of seeing their big stomach and their big fat A$$$$

  • richard head

    She looked better before. Now she just looks like a poorly drawn cartoon plastic surgery nightmare.

  • Whatever she is she still has a Big @$$.lol

  • Whafe

    Kloe looks like her dad.

  • ScreenNameEmpty

    #13 Wax dummy looks alot like her. They did a fine fine job. Must be at Harrods? QQn

  • Yeziam12

    Hard to imagine anyone calling her a beautiful woman – inside or out.

  • christine brincat

    why do people always have to mention mj.if someone don’t like the way they look and they have the money,let them fix what they don’t like.better if you look in the mirror,cause no one is perfect.and leave michael jackson alone.

    • Faithz

      I Know that is right let MJ RIP.

  • Theycallthewindmariah

    Let me jump in here with the discussion of Kardashian’s race. She is Caucasian.
    Her mother is a Caucasian American as is her father but he Is of Armenian Ancestry, but still Caucasian. I would say they are of cultural heritage of Armenia but there is nothing of their culture, life style or anything else that even resembles Armenia. They are fake Hollywood people who will do anything to make a dollar.

  • Emily Minasian

    I’m 100% Armenian from both sides, Armenians are Middle Eastern, we have dark hair, dark eyes, very curvy women, and olive to tan skin. The dad is a typical Armenian looking guy and is only Armenian (he looks like my dads twin actually). And her mom is Scottish, Dutch, and English. Which makes Kim 50% Armenian, and she is 50% Scottish, Dutch, and English. I don’t blame people thinking she is full Armenian because her mom actually does look like she would be somewhere from the Middle East, because her three ethnicities are actually very white, so she is very dark for her three races. But Kim hasn’t had surgery to her face, she has done botox once and she showed that in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her changes in her face is just her growing up. If you look at photos of me, my mom, or anyone we all look different but we have never had any bit of surgery. She hit puberty so she started to have a mature look. Her face shape, nose, cheeks, and eyes all morphed just like mine and everyone else’s did when they get older. I don’t know if it’s just an Armenian thing for us to have noticeable difference in our features, but I don’t think so, it’s part of life.

  • disqus_DbYtEZAgIc

    yes, her face has change as she’s aged, just like her mother, Kris Jenner face as morphed into just bigger, it shows that she’s aged and nothing you can hide with surgery or makeup it’s like it stretch out..

  • Faithz

    They look like Greisian and they are all Beautiful to me,
    Including their mom,Beautiful Women.

  • 12Gauge

    Many people get paid for their looks. Kim K. is no different than any other model. Makeup can completely transform your face. The only thing different in all these pics is the way her makeup was applied. I can look like 10 different women just by applying makeup differently. You can make your nose appear thinner with makeup, too. As you age, a woman’s face (unless your overweight) naturally becomes more chiseled and thins out. I find it interesting that most of the people (either male or female) that make negative comments about a person’s looks, are either unattractive or out of shape. Jealousy and envy are truly the route of all evil. Compassion binds us; evil divides us.

  • Kalexa

    I love the fact that she can most definitely pull off those eyelashes. They look good, not fake.

  • WhoMe?

    I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery. She’s matured over the years! That’s about it. No one is going to look exactly the same when they are thirty as they did at sixteen… She’s a beautiful woman, and I hope she enjoys being a mother.

    • Danielle

      You are the definition of denial and stupidity!

  • Marco Plo

    She went from cute Iranian looking kid, to instant-harlot by age 13! Now she looks like she has the same doctor as J-Lo or she is asking for J-Lo features. Her boobs are likely real, but reworked which means she likely has had vaginaplasty as well. In those slides with Paris Hilton, she looks wore-out, drugged-out….she doesnt have Pokerface like Paris motel6 Hilton, Paris can hide her drug abuse, from years of practice, but Kimberley cannot….it shows right away, that she has had a night of drugs & partying. Here we are discussing her like she didnt just have a baby & may be fragile….pornstar or not, we have to give Kim K props for carrying it herself, for real, unlike Boy-once Knowles-Carter

  • Uni

    I wish that celebs weren’t so fake -_-

  • Lulu

    Love the content of your page but it is slow and aggravating to use>>>>>>>>

  • blueink

    She use to be cute. Now she looks like she’s wearing a permanent mask.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Silicone or real, only her plastic surgeon knows for sure. No Kim 2.0 needed. She was beautiful to start with.

  • Cherry Coke

    She used to look happy and smile before. All that work she had done, the money and her life over the years – makes you wonder is she really happy?

  • xijolenekittyx

    Err… How is this news?



  • TXgirl

    She definitely had a boob job and a nose job. It even looks like she had a boob job when she was very young. It had the silicone looking type based on the size. You can even see the bags outline in each breast. And, then she had them replaced when she got older. But, her breast are not naturally large. And, if you notice, her butt was not large when she was younger. So, it appears she may have had butt implants.


    Well some of the lady’s have it all an some should have never had the photo taken you know what ones too!

  • 2ndtime

    #3 is just gorgeous, beautiful!

  • KKL

    dude. make up does allot of work too and spray tan.offcourse she did boto but she talked about it already and in keeping up you see her when she was little like14/15 yeards old she looks exactly the same. people change through the years. even i dont look the same as 5 years ago. fuckedup make and i changed. all o that so.

  • me

    kim kardshian exposed on tumblr showsthe real Kim Kardshian in her teens and 20’s before fame.In those pics Kim always had a wide, butt but very flat.How can Kim even explain the deformed,huge booty now other than Injections?.Kim has many pictures showing a very small booty and very different features.Kim is now the joker or cat woman Jocelyn W twin.Kim can keep denying but the truth is coming out her and her whole family are obsessed with plastic surgery.Kim ruined her beautiful looks thinking she was making herself better and now regrets it.Kourtney very much looks Armenian and Kim must hate her since that is what Kim used to look like and has to look at Kourtney who looks better than her now.

    • carole henrichs

      boob & nose as well.

  • Ann McDonald

    She’s a skank no matter what her race is!

  • Jocelyn Michelle

    She has definitely had at least one face lift, maybe more. I’m wondering if her mom had anything to do with her decision to get plastic surgery in the first place. She looks totally different now than she did when posing with Paris Hilton.

  • Nicole

    People people people arguing over nonsense. Race is a social not biological construct which means it doesn’t really exist! EVERYONE, is genetically linked to AFRICA! EVERYONE’S original ancestry dates back to AFRICA! So if some AFRICANS never decided many eons ago to leave AFRICA EVERYONE would still be black to this day!

    • 1st Amendment User

      The article is not about race.. Africa or anything else but how her face has transformed over the years

  • Wanderer125

    Do you or I look the same as we did 15 years ago, I guess, only in your article.

    • 1st Amendment User

      To go from looking ethnic to not ethnic is different especially with the help of plastic surgery

  • Kai EL Zabar

    About Kim’s race; first let’s define what group you want to distinguish one by: Racial, ethnic, nationality, or religion etc., If we are speaking Racially then we include Caucasian, Mongoliod, & Negroid. Kim falls under Caucasian. There are more than 5000 ethnic Groups of which Aremenians are one. Nationality includes America, France, Canada, China, Nigeria, England, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, etc. So to speak intelligently we have to come from an informed space. However going back to race . . . there are White whites such as the Scandinavians who tend to be blue eyed, & Blond with the paler skin, the anglo whites are also have the paler skin tone than would the French, Italians, Greeks, or Arabs who are definitely considered Caucasian. The Kardashians are Caucasians . . . ask them or check out their legal ID . .

    • 1st Amendment User

      She looked ugly and ethnic before.. and looks completely different in so many pictures.. plain and simple all the rest of that mumbo jumbo you said is nonsense and down not apply to the article

  • Julie Beckstead Pierce

    shes aged that’s all and now she has many people doing her makeup, hair and clothes. Anyone can be beautiful with that many people helping. No one can disagree she is a beautiful woman because she is and so are her sisters.

  • 1st Amendment User

    I don’t blame her for having plastic surgery to her face and lightening her skin.. She looked like a very ethnic ugly Armenian..

  • Dee

    She’s had a nose job, her hairline raised, she gets botox injections in her upper lip and forehead, and she looks as if she’s had her skin lightened.

  • tangledvine

    Nose job. Boobs (shape and very prominent veins gives it away). Butt pads (many sources say this. Definitely wearing a lace-front wig/hairpiece and/or extensions in many photos.

  • schlaumeier56

    The photographs appear courtesy of Ms. Kardashian’s plastic surgeon.

  • Faulty Heart

    She was soooo pretty!!!!……..before she started looking like a plastic barbie doll!!! *sigh* why spoil your face kim???

  • NegRican24

    People PLEASE take some time to LEARN about race, genetics, and history for God’s sake…..

  • Marco Plo

    haha everyone here has talked about Procedures so much that the ads on this page are skin enhancing procedures.

  • olivia

    I can’t wait til Kanye takes the kid away! He’ll say the Kardashian’s are unfit!

  • Katie

    It looks to me as if Kim had some sort of cheek implants,her cheekbones are more pronounced, her nose seems slimmer, and her upper lip seems different! Her breasts, either she had them done very young, or they are natural! I am guessing natural, unlike her ass! Those are implants! I don’t know why anyone would want an ass that big,how does the woman find pants??

  • hanalei

    I liked her look better before the surgery. I think she looks tooooooooo plastic now.

  • Jenny Camilleri

    By the way BLACK DUTCH is an American slang term originally used in Pennsylvania for refering to some European countries. Its not even a real thing. Americans open ur eyes to the rest of the world and read about other countries. I love America and have lived and worked there but by god u r so narrow minded and ignorant.

  • Jenny Camilleri

    Caucasian people are not defined by color. the Caucaus people are from Armenia, Georgia (not USA) and European areas near Caucaus Mountains. Armenians can be very dark skinned. Some o0f u need to read a bit. Tis is the problem in America, u only learn about America, no other country and I know this as Ive lived there, worked as a journalist and have family and friends there. I was once asked do we have kangaroos in our backyards just jumping around. NO. Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge connected to New Zealand …No. Are koalas stoned on Eucalyptus leaves, no. Yes we have sharks attacking people every summer, but there is more chance to be hit by a car than be eaten by a shark. Ive liveon the beach my whole life, never been there when an alert gone off, never seen a shark. Misconceptions. As for Kim leave the poor girl alone. Jealousy is a curse

  • Alana

    Does it really matter though! No need to research these things.

  • Truth

    She was way prettier before her surgeries. Rich people are never happy.

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