15 Outrageous Celebrity Bikinis (Fun In The Sun Or Scariest Thing Under The Sun?)

"Coco in tiny bikini"


Bikini season is stressful for everyone. Add to that the pressure to be a fashion icon, while baring all you’ve got to the world, and things can get messy. These starts took their beach wear a little too far. Too bad they can’t fit their stylists in their beach bag!



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  1. says:

    these women need to put some clothes on.. no wonder its so many freaks and weirdos running around.. every body trying to show thie bootys .. and half of them are fake .. get aa life women and have some decency!

  2. says:

    I’m not a fan of Paris Hilton, and that bikini looks uncomfortable, but I approve of anyone channeling the Mother Monster’s style if they can pull it off – and she can.

  3. says:

    Hey, I like her bikini top! Look even better on a Brunette, or Redhead.

  4. says:


    Bathe her and bring her to me.

  5. says:

    For Kesha, looks like there is a Spongebob Squarepants joke in there, just below the surface.

  6. says:

    Heyyy. Paris. Quite fetching.

    Just don’t forget your Valtrex.

  7. says:

    Wtf am I looking at it wrong or does Nicki look broken?

  8. says:

    I love Coco but I don’t want to see her coo coo!

  9. says:

    Ilike them kind a parts, if they are going to flaunt them I’ll look.

  10. says:

    Lucky that nobody called Greenpeace to re-float her.

  11. says:

    I Really hope WHOEVER put this together is a “Perfect 10″!

  12. says:

    whoever wrote this article needs to find a dictionary…fast

  13. says:

    Re: Nicki: Starships were meant to fly, and big hips make thunder thighs.

  14. says:

    Yikes, Kesha really does look like a new mom, and what is with Nicki’s hips she looks like a toy I had as a kid where you could turn the peoples heads, torsos and legs and create funny looking people.

  15. says:

    I totally agree with him about the ads but you website is really good I liked it.

  16. says:

    Kesha I think I am going to be sick.. yuck!

  17. says:

    I love Coco. And I see nothing wrong with her bikini. She’s beautiful, so why should she deprive the world of what she’s got? If she wants to go bare, that’s fine with me. Prudes.

  18. says:

    looks like Bridget’s wearing a diaper under the bathing suit

  19. says:

    Who the blank are most of these people anyway!!?? Wow who counts as a ‘celebrity’ sure has changed over time hasn’t it.

    • says:

      Not really, it’s just that we’ve forgotten the forgettable B-listers from the past. If you ever find a fashion/ style magazine from the 40’s or 50’s (at the library, or a thrift shop), the gossip columns and photo spreads are full of people who were famous for fifteen minutes and then vanished off the pop-culture radar.

  20. says:

    high-WAISTED…w-a-i-s-t-e-d—not that lots of swims-suits aren’t wastes…

  21. says:

    Nikki looks great in that suit. And seriously She’s not fat. She doesn’t have thunder thighs. She looks better than all these chicks. She shouldn’t even be on this list. You put her on here cuz her suit is neon? Uh get with the times loser.

  22. says:

    Cortney Love makes me want to puke, yuk,yuk,yuk know wonder Kirk kicked the bucket
    so didn’t have to wake up next to that sea monster. I’m going towash my eyeballs now.

  23. says:

    It’s amazing how people can demand that celebrities get over themselves while also harping on every flaw. Most of these pictures are just people hanging out at the beach, sans photoshop. No one looks like a sports illustrated model when they’re just being themselves. Except Stephanie Seymour; I was right to be obsessed with her in high school.

  24. says:

    I thought about saying something like this, decided not to waste the time, and then found Reginald’s post! He is absolutely right. With a 40mbps connection this page is incredibly annoying. I can’t imagine what folks with slow DSL experience, but it can’t be good. I won’t be back again, to quote The Who…

  25. says:

    I love all the comments here. They have obviously used the worst pictures they could find of these people. Those who slag the women off are a joke. To the men you all must be married to supermodels to slag these off, I bet the likes of rhianna, kesha, etc are still better looking than your wives in a bikini. To the women, I’m guessing your all perfect eh…..I bet your all fat honey monsters with nothing better to do than direct your jealousy towards these people. I agree with didgit, I bet if these were photo edited it a mag you’d all be be playing with yourselves over them….this is the real world people!!!!!!!!!!

  26. says:

    totally agree with you about that. I mean it’s called AJAX and has been in common web design use for at least 7 years now, use it.
    On to the pictures, OMG Ke$ha looks just beat to hell. What is going on with that? I swore she was preggers in the first pic.

  27. says:

    Well how could Coco look better? For me that would be very hard! I am sure other women who criticise her are just jealous!

  28. says:

    Allways a fan of IceT. Lately Ive been jealous. Lucky Sucker.

  29. says:

    Looks like she’s really getting off on her Fakies!

  30. says:

    She’s Chubby, no doubt about it!

  31. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Curt Cobain probably looks better than Courtney Love presently?

  32. says:

    Right, because only ugly women have modesty/ dignity?

  33. says:

    Personally, I would not mind a Coco…. with all that milk :)

  34. says:

    This snarky site should be renamed “making women feel bad about themselves as they go about their daily lives.”

  35. says:

    I would let Uma breast feed me too!!

  36. says:

    Well…them need learn to use bikinis with brazilian girls

  37. says:

    The word is “waist” not “waste”.

  38. says:

    i really liked Riahnna’s “cat suit.”

  39. says:


  40. says:

    OMG! That is the Ugliest bathing suit EVER!! and she looks like a Fat Pig. WTF!!!

  41. says:

    Nothing what-so-ever wrong with Cocos, bikini!

  42. says:

    #11: has the author ever seen a cheetah? They are lean and long-legged, not short and rotund.

  43. says:

    Your site is bad, and you should feel bad

  44. says:

    Coco part 1 is the best; all the others are crap. ‘Nuff said. ;)

  45. says:

    Right, just in case you SB idiots DO NOT see that there are 121 agrees for the above post I will let you in on it. YOUR WEBSITE SUCKS, NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN, I AM POSTING ON FB THAT NO ONE SHOULD EVER FALL FOR THIS BULL CARP WEB SITE

  46. says:

    Half the pictures dont come up and you have to completely load each and every page, you cant go from one page to the next seamlessly and this page is irritating at the least! Wont be back here.

  47. says:

    Yeah…… This page sucks with too much advertiment. Get better web designers or get out of the business.

  48. says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  49. says:

    Last time i checked, Snooki was NOT a celeb. Stop calling her that!

  50. says:

    AMEN worthless POS site get the friggin ads the F off here its the worst to navigate and your content is the worst!

  51. says:

    This sh__t is crazy! Trying to look at this crap is insane!!!!! Fix this for God’s sake…….

  52. says:

    Ummm… I never quite understand why these articles are created in the first place. 1) These people can dress any way they want; it’s their right. 2) Regardless to how much money the outfit costs, or how bad it looks, they can afford it. 3) At the end of the day, most of them still have more money in the bank than all of us here.

  53. says:

    Ahhhhhh… to be human.

  54. says:

    Still too much covered for me.

  55. says:

    i just threw up over trashy minaj

  56. says:

    Uh, jeez people – this is what all humans start to look like when they get old. Or haven’t you noticed? You act as if there is something shameful about it. This is what is known as being “callow.” And really just plain old mean.

  57. says:

    What clever critique. What’s uglier than the photos is the writer’s attempt at humor. can’t look anymore – too dumb.

  58. says:

    Wow, ads that take you to a separate page, invasive ads that blast your speakers,reloading for every picture…never coming back to this crap site again

    • says:

      I hate to advertise for anything at a time like this but Google Chrome has AdBlock…and it works…at least I think it’s through Google. Either that or Windows. LOL, I’m such a computer expert *eyeroll*. It does work great and doesn’t interfere with anything though! Good luck!

  59. says:

    I was really relieved to read that so many other posters were annoyed at the slow response and sluggish load-time on this website. I had seriously thought my computer was on the blink again or that someone had secretly switched my high-speed cable internet to DSL! As to the content of the article, those are some very scary pictures!

  60. says:

    Paris Hilton could dress in a nun habit – covering every inch of her body – and she’d still be a skank.

  61. says:

    Google Chrome, Ad Block… You’re Welcome. And possibly SpeedBit Video Accelerator (Helped make it and so far works like a boss.

  62. says:

    Slowest site I’ve ever seen.

  63. says:

    I think the best part of the Courtney Love photo is the over the counter plantar fasciitis NIGHT splint on her left foot. Those are designed to be worn ONLY while sleeping.

  64. says:

    Rhianna’s suit? Finally, eye contact that I can maintain.

  65. says:

    Re: Kesha. It’s BANDEAU for one, and a high WAISTed bottom. Proofread.

  66. says:

    Fu*k your website…

  67. says:

    Snooki looks stink, good stink though…

  68. says:

    Julia, you have made some funny observations, but you also stink as a writer. Snookie wears leopard prints, and she’s short and round, so she looks “too much like the real thing”? I challenge you to find ONE INSTANCE in the HISTORY OF WRITING in which a leopard was described as ‘short and round’. Keep writing, but don’t toss off crap just to finish your piece.

  69. says:

    The top on Kesha is a “bandeaux”, not a “bando”. Or is that just characteristic of all the comments attached?

  70. says:

    “High-wasted,” my a$$.

    How do you spell that part of the human anatomy? It’s “high-WAISTED,” folks. Get your act together.

  71. says:

    i totaly agree with him

  72. says:

    A swimsuit, no matter how well designed and constructed can never make that figure look good.

  73. says:

    I was entertained by the ‘celeb’ swimsuit photos, despite the horrible spelling in the captions (good job, all!) but you crossed the line with Uma. Breasts are intended for nourishing offspring. I’m sure this is a shock to you, but some women do not prefer the route of the human ‘Barbie Doll’.

    Uma is also hunched over in a very awkward posture in the photo you chose. I’m sure you much prefer Nicole Kidman who used to be pixie-cute, but over the decades has done everything short of pre mortem cryogenic preservation, including obsessive plastic surgeries, Botox (to the point of face-freeze!), fillers, and literally avoiding smiles and sunlight–in other words avoiding LIFE–for fear it may ‘age’ her!

    Give me Uma and her natural–everything–any day! At least she’s living and giving her life!

  74. says:


  75. says:

    Kesha’s suit looks like the mesh panties you get from the hospital after having a baby.

  76. says:

    why not do slideshows, so we don’t have to change the page? not slideshows like this one, i mean the ones where a little black bos comes up and you just scroll thru the pics.

  77. says:

    Why is paris still relevant? she doesn’t do anything, she didn’t in the first place but then at least after the infamous night vision tape she did some TV and movies. now she just does nothing and yet she’s still all over the place.

  78. says:

    Snooki looks sexi, don’t know what you are yapping about

  79. says:

    Dang I envy Ice-T for Coco.

  80. says:

    Adrienne Bailon is sexxxy in her bikini

  81. says:

    Nicki Minaj looks like a Barbie doll in her swim suit. She really has a nice body

  82. says:

    “These starts took their beach wear a little too far. Too bad they can’t fit their stylists in their beach bag!”

    These starts?

  83. says:

    Am I the only lady who feels better wearing a bikini after looking at these?

  84. says:

    It’s sad that Snooki is probably one of the best looking ones in these photos.

  85. says:

    Brigitte Nielsen is an old lady now wearing an old-lady style swimsuit. WTH is wrong with that? Is it because she don’t look 20 anymore?

  86. says:

    Stephanie Seymour looks really good. What’s “outrageous” about her suit? I don’t get it.

  87. says:

    Ads, what ads? If you don’t like the ads on any website, do yourself a favor and install Ad Block Pro extension to your browser.

  88. says:

    Is this really what you do with your time? You bash celebrities on their bathing suit choices and talk about how horrible they look?

    You should consider what you write as it’s a representation of yourself and your personality and right now, you seem like a very jealous, self-loathing, boring person who can do nothing except talk about other’s flaws in the nastiest way possible in order to make yourself feel better.

    Let’s see pictures of you in your bikini, from every angle. No? Probably because you’re very insecure with yourself and how you look. One would have to be in order to not feel shame putting this trash out and calling it an article.

    Learn to love yourself. And take courses in writing and web design.

  89. says:

    These women are all beautiful, and the people who wrote this article should be ashamed. None of us would look like this on the beach in a million years. Also, the speed of this website blows and the comment buffer was written for someone who types less than 10 words per minute… the end.

  90. says:

    google ad block plus, install it and you’ll never see an ad again

  91. says:

    hey dont i know u from facebook

  92. says:

    “Bando” top?!! It’s Bandeau/Bandeaux, dumb*ss.

  93. says:

    So sad. How desperate these woman are. Bowling balls for a chest, fake hair, makeup like a clown. No wonder a lot of men are turning gay.

  94. says:

    this is a bullshit site that does not allow you to view comments; merely showing a 404

  95. says:

    More bullshit as they have my name

  96. says:

    To Editor of this website”. I do not know if it is my computer or your photos. I think it is your faulty website?
    Each time I look at a “booty” photo and click to observe the next photo, The photo jumps partially out of view and only half the photo shows. So, I have to scroll partially down to view the next photo. Please fix, if possible.

  97. says:

    Coco is DISGUSTING

  98. says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. See your comment.” Hey, I have to put up with your lame ads. POST ALREADY!!

  99. says:


  100. says:

    The author of this sounds bitter…maybe they’re just upset that these celebrities can actually wear a bikini.

  101. says:

    Yeah you’ll be back!!

  102. says:

    sucks BIG TIME goodbye for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. says:

    “Actually, the man behind her (Hilton) looks like a young Spielberg” Has this person never seen Steven Spielberg ?

  104. says:

    Snooki Part ll – “…She’s already short and round…slap cheeta print on her and she looks too much like the real thing.”

    Cheetah’s just got insulted.

  105. says:

    Ke$ha was wearing a “bandeau” top, not “bando”. What kind of morons write these blurbs?

  106. says:

    Yes, site sticky, clogs w/ too many pauses. Direct to the content though , is difficult to be judgmental when so much today is triggered w/ sexual appeal. Granted, some scenes more obvious than others but in truth the womans body is perhaps one of the most beautiful images . Perhaps a bit more discretion could hav been presented but overall the self images of each lady is something she is proud of & in todays society, n todays time certainly sandards have been stretched but its up to the lady however she chooses to project herself. Perhaps some of these ladies were not aware they were being photographed much less displayed all over the internet?? Certainly a lot of honey that would attract all kinds of bees?? Probably drew a lot of mixed opinions from admiration to envy to jealousies, & some discust.
    To ach his own, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!!!!!

  107. says:

    The way Coco exposes herself, the Iceman better put a leash on her and/or lock her up!

  108. says:

    Reggie, that could not have been said any better! This Bud’s for you!

  109. says:

    just looks like a bunch of no names, no talent third worlders looking for attention

  110. says:

    I Like them boobs and i have no problem with that iam not even offended!

  111. says:

    The style of the suit we get: the bando top is great for small-breasted women, and the high wasted bottoms are back in via the 40’s. But, high wasted bottoms do one of two things: 1) Accentuate your hourglass figure or 2) Accentuate the fact that you don’t have one! Kesha looks square in this suit. And kind of like a mom. That’s bandEAU and high-WAISTed

  112. says:

    ok people complain about the looks of the page but do not complain so disgusting that are the posts must be that the chick who writes this is PERFECT, No woman should ever speak thus referring to another woman, we are free and we look like can we please

  113. says:

    The person who wrote this has so much hatred and venom in their comments – and that is a million times more unattractive than any woman in a bathing suit.

  114. says:


  115. says:

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  116. says:


  117. says:

    julia, don’t know if you seen any of uma thurmans old films like kill bill etc.. she was nearly flat chested.. those boobs she’s got now are naturally enhanced

  118. says:

    wow Kesha actually looks like a pig too. You know all those songs she talks about are fiction obviously, nobody touching that with a ten foot pole

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